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Subgenus Iris related links... Botanical Classification A Subgenus within the Genus Iris. These are the Rhizomatous Irises with beards. They are what comes to min...
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A classification of Iris by Mathew related links........ Botanical Classification As we gain knowledge new treatments of Classification reflect different authors ...
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Photo Gallery of Seeds (part 2) * Subgenus Limniris (Pond Irises) * Subgenus Iris (Bearded Irises) * Subgenus Pardanthopsis * Subgenus Nepalensis *...
Index to General Iris Information Topics Below is a conventional INDEX. It is a list of links to definitions and topic areas. Click on a word for more information...
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■ (SPEC) Iris falcifolia Bunge 1847, Bunge Iris falcifolia Bunge (Alexander von Bunge, 1847, Caspian Beluchistan); Section Hexapogon; height 4 8" (10 20 cm); 2 5 ...
(SPEC) Iris longiscapa Ledeb. 1853, Ledebour Iris longiscapa Ledeb. (Carl F. von Ledebour, 1853, Kara Kum and Kyzl Kum deserts); Section Hexapogon; height 4 8" (1...
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