Mathew’s Subgenus Scorpiris (Rodionenko’s Genus Juno), Section Physocaulon (Rodion.) Mathew & Wendelbo

A group of plants in Mathew’s Subgenus Scorpiris (Rodionenko’s Genus Juno), characterized by the following; “Bulb of many fleshy scales. Flower spike with a tuberous swelling at its base, persisting when the spike dies off. Divided into three series, Drepanohyllae and Rosenbachianae. Section Physocaulon (Rodion.) Mathew & Wendelbo “is characterized by a bulb consisting of a swollen and persistent stem base and with few storage leaves only, non-tuberculate pollen grains and arillate seeds. it comprises about 11 species distributed in the central parts of Asia.”--Gustafsson & Wendelbo 1975.

Figure 515. Iris drepanophylla sp. drepanophylla


Section Physocaulon Rodion.

Series Drepanophyllae McMurtrie.

  • Iris drepanophylla Aitch. & Bak,.
    • subsp. drepanophylla
    • subsp. chlorotica
  • Iris kopetdagensis Vved.
  • Iris porphyrochysa Wendelbo.
  • Iris xanthochlora Wendelbo.

Series Rosenbachianae McMurtrie.

  • Iris baldschuanica O & B. Fedtschenko
  • Iris cabulica Gilli.*
  • Iris capnoidesVved
  • Iris doabensis Mathew.
  • Iris nicolai Vvedensky.
  • Iris popovii Vvedensky.
  • Iris rosenbachiana Regel.
    • var. rosenbachiana
    • var. albo-violacea
  • Iris tadschikorum Vvedensky*
  • Iris zaprjagajewii Abramov.

Series Wendelboae McMurtrie

  • Iris carterorum Mathew & Wendelbo
  • Iris wendelboi Grey-Wilson & Mathew


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