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Series Tripetalae (Diehls) Lawrence

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Series Tripetalae (Diels) Lawrence A group of plants within the Section Limniris with standards reduced often to bristle like proportions. Diels in Engl. & Prantl, Nat. Pflanzenfam. Aufl. (1930); G.H.M. Lawrence in ‘A reclassification of the genus Iris' in Gentes Herbarium 8:346 (1953), New York. It includes the following taxa.
  • Iris hookeri Penny
    • forma pallidiflora
    • forma zonalis Eames
  • Iris setosa Pallas ex Link.
    • subsp. setosa
      • var. setosa Eastwood
        • forma alpina Komarow
        • forma serotina Komarov
      • var. arctica Eastwood
        • forma platyrhyncha Hulten
    • subsp. hondoensis (Hondo).
      • var. hondoensis Hara
      • var. nasuensis Hara
    • subsp. interior (Anderson) Hulten
  • Iris tridentata Pursh.


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