Subgenus Scorpiris (Junos) (Tratt.)Mathew

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Subgenus Scorpiris Mathew. (Brian Mathew, 1981) Formerly the Genus Juno of Trattinick, Mathew reduced this to a subgenus in The Iris, first edition 1981.

A subgenus in the Genus Iris. Characterized by bulbs with large fleshy root attached, and channeled leaves in one plane reminescent of corn. They are sometimes referred to as Corn Iris but more commonly they are called Junos reminding one of the old Genus name. See list of species

AitchisoniiAitchisonii Albomarginata 'Atropatana' 'Aucheri'Aucheri
BaldshuanicaBaldshuanica BucharicaBucharica Cabulica CapnoidesCapnoides
Carterorum CaucasicaCaucasica CycloglossaCycloglossa Doabensis
Drepanophylla EdomensisEdomensis FosterianaFosteriana GalaticaGalatica
GraeberianaGraeberiana Hippolyti HymenospathaHymenospatha Inconspicua
SpecKopetdagensisKopetdagensis Kuschakewiczii.Kuschakewiczii Leptorrhiza Linifolia........Linifolia
MagnificaMagnifica MaracandicaMaracandica MicroglossaMicroglossa NarbutiiNarbutii
NarynensisNaryensis NicolaiNicolai NusairiensisNusairiensis Odontostyla
OrchioidesOrchioides PalaestinaPalaestina ParvulaParvula PersicaPersica
PlanifoliaPlanifolia Platyptera Popovii Porphyrochrysaporphyrochysa
PostiiPostii PseudocaucasicaPseudocaucasica RegisUzziaeRegisUzziae RosenbachianaRosenbachiana
Schischkinii StenophyllaStenophylla StocksiiStocksii SubdecolorataSubdecolorata
SvetlanaeSvetlanae TadshikorumTadshikorum TubergenianaTubergeniana VicariaVicaria
Vvedenskyi WarleyensisWarleyensis Wendelboi Willmottiana.......Willmottiana
Xanthochloraxanthoclora Zaprjagajewiizapragajewii ZenaidaeZenaidae

List of species names ---

Additional Junos continue to be discovered and the following are new species: Iris furseorum; Iris hippolyti; Iris linifoliiformis; Iris nezahatiae; Iris pseudocapnoides; Iris wallisiae

According to the Species Group of the British Iris Society's A Guide to Species Irises (1997) The following species are included in this Subgenus; Iris aitchisonii , Iris albomarginata , Iris atropatana , Iris aucheri , Iris baldshuanica , Iris bucharica , Iris cabulica , Iris capnoides , Iris carterorum , Iris caucasica , Iris cycloglossa , Iris doabensis , Iris drepanophylla , Iris edomensis , Iris fosteriana , Iris galatica , Iris graeberiana , Iris hyppolyti , Iris hynenospatha , Iris inconspicua , Iris kopetdagensis , Iris kuschakewiczii , Iris leptorrhiza , Iris linifolia , Iris magnifica , Iris maracandica , Iris microglossa , Iris narbutii , Iris narynensis , Iris nicolai , Iris nusairiensis , Iris odontostyla, Iris orchioides , Iris palaestina , Iris parvula , Iris persica , Iris planifolia , Iris platyptera . Iris popovii , Iris porphyrochrysa , Iris postii , Iris pseudocaucasica , Iris regis-uzziae , Iris rosenbachiana , Iris schischkinii , Iris stenophylla , Iris stocksii , Iris subdecolorata , Iris svetlanae , Iris tadshikorum , Iris tubergeniana , Iris vicaria , Iris vvedenskyi , Iris warleyensis , Iris wendelboi , Iris willmottiana , Iris xanthochlora , Iris zaprjagajewii_, _Iris zenaidae ,


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