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Color Class Amoenas Simply defined an amoena is a flower with white standards and colored falls. It takes its name from Iris amoena which was at first believed to...
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Color Classes Reverse Amoenas These flowers have white falls and colored standards just the reverse of the traditional Amoenas. Examples include the TBs 'Colette ...
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ColorClasses Reverse Bicolors Bicolors have standards and falls of a different color. When the lighter color is in the falls it is called a reverse bicolor. Rever...
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Color Classes/Patterns Bicolors A Bicolor is an Iris with standards of one color and falls of another. It is usually the lighter color in the standards but when t...
Color Charts related links........... Color Classes, Color Codes Describing color has always been a challenge. Through the years various individuals and organizat...
Color Class Squalens This color class was based upon an early hybrid that was thought to be a species, Iris squalens L. . The Latin squalidus means dirty, n...
Color Class Glaciatas Under construction Glaciatas appeared as segregates out of plicata breeding which carried no anthocyanin pigments. The first white ones were...
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Color Class Luminatas Bulletin article on luminatas Topic text. Main.RPries 2010 09 09
Color Class Neglectas Neglectas have the same color in both standards and falls but the standards are of a lighter hue. This color pattern was first exhibited in ...
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ColorClass Plicatas Topic text. Main.RPries 2010 09 09 * plicata Main.KikiShappell 13 Nov 2012
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Color Class Selfs An Iris of essentially a single color. If the falls and standards are of the same color the Iris will usually be called a self even if there may...
Color Class Variegatas Topic text. Main.RPries 2010 09 09
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