Bacterial Soft Rot

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SOFT ROT is a very smelly, soft, mushy bacterial rot which affects the rhizome and the base of the fan. It causes the fan to tip over and can usually be detected by the foul smell. The bacteria which causes this is present in most soils and enters the iris through an injury such as snail, earwig or borer damage, injury from careless cultivation and other openings. Soft rot occurs most often in warm moist conditions. If you find this disease you should dig the rhizome, scrape away the infected tissue, allow the rhizome to dry in the sun and replant in another location. The rhizome may be soaked in an 8 to 1 or 10 to 1 solution of household bleach before replanting. It is absolutely essential to rinse the bleach solution off the rhizome after soaking. If you cannot dig the infected rhizome, clear away the soil, scrape out the infected tissue, and allow it to dry in the sun. You may lose the mother rhizome but you have a good chance of saving the increase. Disinfect your tools after using to prevent spreading the rot.


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