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The British Dykes Medal

Several Medals in honor of William Rikatson Dykes are presented each year by the British Iris Society. These are the highest awards in their respective nations and continents. The American Dykes is for the best Iris bred by an American Hybridizer. And in the same way the Australian and New Zealand medals are for their respective hybridizers. The British Dykes Medal honors the best Iris from a hybridizer in Great Britain.

The following is a list of the British Dykes medal winners;

Year Cultivar Class   Hybridizer
2022 No Award      
2021 'Spirit Of Kent' Tall-Bearded   Olga Wells
2020 No Award      
2019 'Hever Castle' Tall-Bearded   Olga Wells
2018 No Award      
2017 'Cloud Over Clee' Siberian   Jennifer Hewitt
2016 No Award      
2015 No Award      
2014 'Iceni Sunset' Tall-Bearded   B. Emmerson
2013 No Award      
2012 No Award      
2011 'Stephen Wilcox' Siberian   Jennifer Hewitt
2010 No Award      
2009 No Award      
2008 'Peter Hewitt' Siberian   Jennifer Hewitt
2007 No Award      
2006 'Alexia' Tall-Bearded   C. Bartlett
2004 No Award      
2003 No Award      
2002 No Award      
2001 'Darley Dale' Tall-Bearded   B. Dodsworth
2000 'Perfect Vision' Siberian   C.E.C. Bartlett
1999 'Berlin Ruffles' Siberian   Tomas Tamberg
1998 No Award      
1997 'Whooper Swan' Tall-Bearded   B. Dodsworth
1996 No Award      
1995 No Award      
1994 'Orinoco Flow' Border Bearded   C.E.C. Bartlett
1993 No Award      
1992 No Award      
1991 'Wharfedale' Tall-Bearded   B. Dodsworth
1990 'High Peak' Tall-Bearded   B. Dodsworth
1989 'Early Light' Tall-Bearded   N. Scopes
1988 'Wensleydale' Tall-Bearded   B. Dodsworth
1987 'Buckden Pike' Tall-Bearded   B. Dodsworth
1986 No Award      
1985 'Roman Emperor' Tall-Bearded   B. Dodsworth
1984 'Bewick Swan' Tall-Bearded   B. Dodsworth
1983 'Dovedale' Tall-Bearded   B. Dodsworth
1982 'Bibury' Standard Dwarf Bearded   J.D.Taylor
1981 'Jill Rosalind' Tall-Bearded   B. Dodsworth
1980 'Kildonan' Tall-Bearded   B. Dodsworth
1979 'Anniversary' Siberian   M. Brummitt
1978 'Cotsgold' Intermediate-Bearded   J.D.Taylor
1977 'Annabel Jane' Tall-Bearded   B. Dodsworth
1976 'No Name' Pacific Native   M. Brummitt
1975 'Tyrian Robe' Tall-Bearded   C. Hall
1974 No Award      
1973 'Muriel Neville' Tall-Bearded   H. Fothergill
1972 'Shepherd's Delight' Tall-Bearded   H. Fothergill
1971 'Cambridge' Siberian   M. Brummitt
1970 'Constance West' Tall-Bearded   A. Howe
1969 'Golden Forest' Tall-Bearded   P. Hutchinson
1968 No Award      
1967 'Blueeyed Brunette' Tall-Bearded   C. Hall
1966 'Ancient Egypt' Tall-Bearded   H. Fothergill
1965 'Mary Todd' Tall-Bearded   H. Randall
1964 'Primrose Drift' Tall-Bearded   L. Brummitt
1963 'Dancer's Veil' Tall-Bearded   P. Hutchinson
1962 'Arcady' Tall-Bearded   H. Fothergill
1961 'Patterdale' Tall-Bearded   H. Randall
1960 'Kangchenjunga' Tall-Bearded   H. Miller
1959 'Headlines' Tall-Bearded   L. Brummitt
1958 'Tarn Hows' Tall-Bearded   H. Randall
1957 'Golden Alps' Tall-Bearded   L. Brummitt
1956 No Award      
1955 'Benton Cordelia' Tall-Bearded   C. Morris
1954 No Award      
1953 'Arabi Pasha' Tall-Bearded   G. Anley
1952 'Seathwaite' Tall-Bearded   H. Randall
1951 No Award      
1950 No Award      
1949 'Blue Ensign' Tall-Bearded   H. R. Meyer
1948 'Maisie Lowe' Tall-Bearded   J. L. Gibson
1947 No Award      
1946 No Award      
1945 No Award      
1944 No Award      
1943 No Award      
1942 No Award      
1941 'Mabel Chadburn' Tall-Bearded   H. Chadburn
1940 'White City' Tall-Bearded   O. Murrell
1939 No Award      
1938 No Award      
1937 No Award      
1936 No Award      
1935 'Sahara' Tall-Bearded   G. Pilkington
1934 'Golden Hind' Tall-Bearded   H. Chadburn
1933 No Award      
1932 No Award      
1931 'Gudrun' Tall-Bearded   K. Dykes
1930 'G. P. Baker' Tall-Bearded   A. Perry
1929 'Joyance' Tall-Bearded   K. Dykes
1928 No Award      
1927 'Margot Holmes' Species   A. Perry
Source: British Dykes Medal Winners listed on the British Iris Society website.


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