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March 6, 2011

Iris Encyclopedia Update;

As many of you know the Iris Encyclopedia hit a 32,000 file limit two months ago; We have been trying to figure out the best way to resolve this problem and now have made a decision. We will be breaking the wiki up into about 20 webs. Once accomplished they will look just like the wiki looks right now but will work much faster. We have already started the process of creating two new webs, one for species crosses and one for Miniature Dwarf Bearded. If you are in either of these topic areas you will notice a link to the Old web, or if you are in the old web, a link to the New web. This may be confusing but if you are on a cultivar page it does not matter whether you are in the old web or the new web you may add pictures to the existing pages. If you are a docent and wish to add pages it is possible to do so now since we have moved over 500 cultivars to the new webs which frees 500 slots old the old web. But one should note that every entry will eventually be moved to a new web, one at a time, so unless you have pictures to put up and there is no page, it would be better to wait until we have a new web for that category before creating one more page to be moved. Presently We have just the two new webs Spx and Mdb and could use help in moving all the old entries to the new webs. Moving a page is about a three step process that is very simple but takes about a minute per page. If you would be interested in helping us move pages to the new webs give me an e-mail and I will explain how it works. If you do the math we have 32,000 pages to move at a minute each page, we are talking about 21 days of work working 24 hours a day, or more realistically, at least 3 months of one person working 6 hours a day. But if we can get 20 people helping we might get this accomplished in a month. Presently if you do a search and check search all public webs it does not matter which web a cultivar is in you will find it. People can use the Encyclopedia while all this is happening and as it progresses the speed will improve also. If you are used to checking the web statistics they will only reflect what is happening in the main web, my apologies that all the administrative tools will not be in place immediately. But once we get the Encyclopedias background webs organized it will have unlimited potential. Thanks for your help and patience

August, 2010

1. There are times when I (Bob Pries) may need to contact a wiki user. If the user has not put their e-mail address into their profile and I do not happen to have it than I can not see their address. Even though the software stores your address it is not accessible. An example of when I may want to reach a user is if a publisher would like to use a high resolution copy of a photo in the wiki and would be willing to pay the photographer for copyright. If I do not have that e-mail address I can not connect the publisher with the wiki-user. If you do not wish to have your e-mail in your profile than please send me a message so that I can keep it on file to be able to contact you. if you do not have my address it is Bobpries3@gmail.com

2. If have been irregularly sending a news update on progress with the wiki. If you would like to see this report please send me an e-mail at Bobpries3@gmail.com I can also include special notes as to problems encountered and new areas developed.

June 6: Photo problem: Please be sure when you upload a picture that the file name is not the same as any picture already on the page. If it is not unique it may cause the other file image to disappear.


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