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This is a list of resources that AIS newsletter editors may find useful. Thank you to the American Orchid Society which has a page on its website that inspired this page. It has a number of resources for creating a newsletter such as templates, suggestions, and clip art. You can see it at: http://www.aos.org/Default.aspx?id=591 .


Content for your newsletter may come from a variety of sources. One source to consider is other newsletters. Many of the newsletters from various parts of AIS are ready to have you use their articles as long as you provide proper credit. You should either check that the newsletter says it is okay with this or if it does not say anything, check with the newsletter editor.

To help you find newsletters, check this list of Club Newsletters that are available online. At the end of the list are the Regional Newsletters that are online. And if you know of additional online newsletters, please add them to that list.

As an example of newsletter content you may want to include (check with the editor): The Clara B. Rees Iris Society has the Standard Iris Rhizome Marking Codes that they use for their iris sales. See page 5 of their August 2014 newsletter.

Meeting announcements are frequently included in newsletters. The AIS Conventions and Activities page has Conventions, Fall Board Meetings, and Section Conventions listed. Regional Fall Meetings for 2014 can be found here.

AIS Links and other links are useful references to have in your newsletter (or website) and may also point to other items to include in your newsletter. Ones to consider include: Hybridizers and other awardees from your Club or Region. Sources such as the annual AIS Awards lists show the winners, although not where they are from.

Popularity Polls of various kinds are held by Clubs and Regions. There is also the annual Tall Bearded Iris Symposium details and results.


The AIS Irises Bulletin has a style guide begun by Kelly Norris and updated by Kathleen Sonntag. It is available either as a PDF or a Word (docx) document. Eventually we hope to have it as one or more pages on the Iris Encyclopedia so it can be readily updated.


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