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Novelty Frilled Flowers

These may be the same or similar to Laced Flowers. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between frilled, fringed and lace. The cultivers listed are designated frilled or fringed by references or the hybridizer's description. Laced Flowers are listed at Laced Flowers.

Frilled And Fringed

Aril: 'Desert Nomad'.

Border: 'Another Gem', 'Dual Image', 'Little Gem', 'Missy', 'Petite Siren', 'Sheer Excitement', 'Sweet Love', 'Teapot Tempest', 'Wells Fargo', 'Wily Blue', 'Wings To Heaven'.

Intermediate: 'Abzul Aziz', 'Agnes', 'Bi-Culture', 'Bluestone', 'Comtesse De Courcy', 'Dusky Sound', 'Leda', 'Little Gem', 'Mrs. Reuthe', 'Pocahontas', 'Snow Shower'.

Louisiana: 'A Splash Of Lime', 'Bernice Ikins', 'Fluviatilis', 'Jaws', 'June Clouds', 'La Stupenda', 'Louisiana Purchase', 'Moonlight Cascade', 'Salmonicolor', 'Stylish Socialite'.

Miniature Dwarf: 'Aurea Maculata', 'Buckle Bunny', 'Cyanea', 'Florida', 'Storm Compass', 'Xeon'.

Pacific Coast Native: 'Canzone', 'Ivor Knowles', 'Meadows Magic', 'Mesa Queen', 'Sops In Wine', 'Whitewash'.

Siberian: 'Bellissima', 'Blue Song', 'Calvin Helsley', 'Cream Fresh', 'Frilly Vanilly', 'Exchange', 'Hohe Warte', 'Mad Magenta', 'Nekimi Rose', 'Percheron', 'Sailor's Hornpipe', 'Slightly Envious', 'Visual Treat'.

Standard Dwarf: 'Bee Friendly', 'Blueberry Scoop', 'Broken Halo', 'Early Look', 'Giggles And Grins', 'Gray Poupon'.

Tall Bearded (A-E): A. E. Kunderd', 'Abby's Fire', 'Ace Of Diamonds', 'Acquackanonk', 'Admiral Togo', 'Adonis', 'Aegidienturm', 'After All', 'Afterglow', 'Agathocles', 'Schaatz', 'Anne Gaddie', 'Anne Newhard', 'Antoinette', 'Appalachian Spring', 'Apricot Fringe', 'Apricot Jubilee', 'Arland Freudenburg', 'Atlanta Belle', 'Atonement', 'Aurora Frost', 'Australis', 'Autumn Explosion', 'Azure Glow', 'Ballet Girl', 'Baroque Garden', 'Belgium Blue Diamond', 'Berggarten', 'Bertrand Russell', 'Beyond Borders', 'Beyond Riches', 'Big Dipper', 'Black Magic Woman', 'Blended Frills', 'Blizzard', 'Bluet', 'Blushing Venus', 'Born Blue', 'Born Yesterday', 'Brandon Rose', 'British Blush', 'Buchholzer Romantic', 'Buckskin Cowgirl', 'Buffawn', 'Buffy', 'Buriensis', 'Cabbages And Kings', 'Camera Ready', 'Canary Frills', 'Carissima', 'Century Bound', 'Champagne On Ice', 'Chantilly', 'Charmian', 'Chiffon Bonnet', 'Christening Party', 'Citrine Charm', 'Clara Noyes', 'Close Shave', 'Conquistador', 'Cookie Combo', 'Coral Artist', 'Coral Flush', 'Cornamusa', 'Corrida', 'Cozy And Warm', 'Cream Flounce', 'Crepe Paper Artistry', 'Crimson Glow', 'Delicate Creation', 'Denver Zephyr', 'Desert Fox', 'Desert Glow', 'Dewy Morn', 'Diamond Broker', 'Diane Cella', 'Doehrener Turm', 'Dragon King', 'Easter Finery', 'Edouard Michel' 'Elsa Sass', 'Evergreen Hideaway'.

Tall Bearded (F-J): 'Fabulous Fringes', 'Fairy Meadow', 'Fine Porcelain', 'Flight To Mars', 'Flounced Frivolite', 'Flounced Loveliness', 'Flounced Marvel', 'Flounced Premiere', 'Flounced Spoon', 'Flower Note', 'Frilled Gold', 'Frilled Rosette', 'Frilled Sensation', 'Frilled To Bits', 'Frilly Fringes', 'Fringed Apricot', 'Fringed Bouquet', 'Fringed Flounce', 'Fringed Lace', 'Fringed Rose', 'Fringed Spoon', 'Fringed Taffeta', 'Gala Angel', 'Garlanda', 'Gazelle', 'Gentle Soul', 'Go West', 'Golden Age', 'Golden Delight','Golden Filigree', 'Golden Frolic', 'Golden Surrey', 'Golden Unicorn', 'Golden Years', 'Grand Classic', 'Grandezza', 'Grandpa Freudenburg', 'Greensand Way''Hannover Gold', 'Hannover Red', 'Happy Bride', 'Heartbeat Away', Heavenly Presence', 'Heaven's Best', 'Heidi Christoph', 'Herb Dickmeyer', 'Herb L', 'Hoangho', 'Honeymoon Suite', 'Honigbluete', 'Horned Flamingo', 'Horned Flare', 'Hot Canary', 'Ice Planet', 'Idaho Sunshine', 'Impossible Dream''Indeescent Exposure', 'Island Breeze', 'Ivory Gown', 'Ivory Snow', 'Jack Horner', 'Jessie's Chorus', 'Jo Vallery', 'Joy Of Springtime', Julia Vennor', 'Julie Stanton', 'Just Married'.

Tall Bearded (K-R): 'Kimberly Barry', 'King's Ransom', 'Laced Fringes', 'Lady Boscawen', 'Lady Ilse', 'Lady Of Shalott', 'Lavanesque', 'Leah Isabel', 'Lemon Flounce', 'Leroy's Silverback', 'Lighted Within', 'Lilac Crest', 'Lilac Frost', 'Lilac Princess', 'Lilac Queen', 'Lilting Lullaby', 'Lion's Maine', 'Lucrezia Bori', 'Lucky Flounce', 'Ma Mie', 'Maconaquah', 'Magic Palette', 'Magic Rosette', 'Mardi Gras Lanterns', 'Marion's Wish', 'Maritana', 'Matchmaker', 'Maudie Marie', 'Mazatlan', 'Mercedes', 'Messire Stanislas', 'Miss Personality', 'Mme. Chereau', 'Molten Flame', 'Moonlit Lace', 'Mrs. Todd', 'Niedersachsenross', 'NoWeTa', 'October', 'Oedipussi', 'One More Night', 'Opal Brown', 'Orange Flounce', 'Orchid Charm', 'Oriental Etching', 'Outreach', 'Pancroft', 'Parisiana', 'Party Ruffles', 'Pastel Etching', 'Pastel Sky', 'Patricia', 'Paula Kristine Toth', 'Peek A Blue', 'Peignoir', 'Persian Gown', 'Pink Goldthroat', 'Pink Presence', 'Pink Spoon', 'Pink Tassel', 'Pleated Lace', 'Podlasia Winter', 'Point Lace', 'Pompon One', 'Popeliushka', 'Prairie Plum', 'Primrose Lace', 'Prince Charming', 'Prince Igor', 'Princess', 'Prinzessin Zur Lippe', 'Push Out Horns', 'Queen Of Fashion', 'Raukawa Rosy Glow', 'Renaissance Woman', 'Revere', 'Ricklinger Rose', 'Robert W. Wallace', 'Rodney Allen Burns', 'Rose Marie', 'Ruffled Bouquet', 'Ruth Pollock'.

Tall Bearded (S-Z): 'Salmon Band', 'Sarah Rose', 'Satin Bow', 'Scarlet Pimpernel', 'September Replay', 'Serca Lza', 'Serene Valley', 'Sharreliz', 'Siberian Silence', 'Silver Creek', 'Smile At The World', 'Snowy Vista', 'Spanish Fandango', 'Spooned Delight', 'Spooned Flamingo', 'Spooned Harmony', 'Spring Frolic', 'Springtime Madonna', 'Starring', 'Storm Rider', 'Storyland', 'Strawberry Shake', 'Subtle Beauty', Summer Romance', 'Summit Sundae', 'Super Frill', 'Super Lace', 'Tasman Dreamer', 'Tender Thought', 'Thelma Rudolph', 'Throstle Song', 'Tiburon', 'Timbertone', 'Top Cream', 'Top Weight', 'Treasure Forever', 'Trial By Fire', 'Unicorn', 'Vincent And Caroline', 'Violet Venus', 'Vozvrascheniye Domoy', 'W. R Dykes', 'Waniliowe Jezioro', 'Warm Regards', 'We Duz', 'Welcome Home', 'Wenatchee Valley', 'Western Spring', 'When You Wish', 'White Dream', 'White Fringe', 'White Hot', 'Who's Who', 'Wondrous Love', 'Wookie Dhat', 'Yellow Delight', 'Yellow Flounce', 'Yellow Fringes', 'Zakat Pered Shtormom'.


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