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Popularity Polls

TB Symposium

Tall Bearded Symposium

Most years the sections and cooperating societies focused on a special type of Iris conduct popularity polls among their membership. The AIS conducts a Tall Bearded Symposium among its membership. Lists of the results for each year from 2007 to 2022 are available as PDFs on the AIS page. We have consolodated photo galleries of the 100 favorite irises from AIS Tall Bearded Symposium for 2010, 2011 and 2022

Additional Links may be provided for these symposia in the future.

You can vote for your favorite Tall-bearded by becoming a member of the American Iris Society;

Other Popularity Polls

Dwarf Symposium

Many of the sections conduct their own popularity polls; See

Spuria Popularity Polls for 2012, 2013, and 2014

Japanese Iris Popularity Poll for 2013.

Favorite Intermediate Irises for 2010

Favorite Miniature Tall Bearded Irises go to MTBs under construction

Favorite Standard Dwarf Bearded Irises go to SDBs for 2010.

50 Favorite Minature Dwarf Irises for MDBs for 2010,

You can vote in the Dwarf Iris Symposium if you become a member of the Dwarf Iris Society Section of the American Iris Society; You can vote in the Median Symposium if you are a member of the Median Iris Society section of the American Iris Society;

Regions also conduct various popularity polls. As an example, see the Region 1 "no-holds-barred-no-class-excluded" poll from 1998.

Historic Popularity Polls

The first popularity poll for tall bearded Irises that we know was done before the existence of the American iris Society in 1917. For historic polls see articles in the Historic Iris web.

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