Reblooming Irises

An exciting new area of Irises are the rebloomers. Traditionally most Iris species have bloomed in the spring. Hybridizers soon noticed that some will rebloom in the fall. Various species have shown this tendency. Iris bicapitata which until recently has not been in collections has been said to start blooming in the Fall and continue until Spring. Of course that type of continuous bloom would only occur in milder winter climates. New hybrids of tall bearded Irises have demonstrated am ability to rebloom farther north before winter and some varieties may rebloom more that once given the right conditions.


Help Assemble the Data

All gardeners could contribute substantially to our knowledge by adding notes to the comment section of any of the cultivar pages on this wiki. Record date (Day, Month, Year) of bloom and the location of where they were growing. The wiki could add substantially to the data we have and help hybridizers choose parents for developing rebloom and even continuous bloom of cultivars for their region. For more information about reblooming Iris join the Reblooming Iris Society a section of AIS. ----

Regional Differences

Different geographic areas have different star rebloomers. Below is a list of varieties by color that have proven themselves reliable rebloomers in Region 4 which consists of the states of Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia.


List of Rebloomers

Arilbred: 'Master Neil'.

Border Bearded: 'Autumn Ivory'.

Intermediate Bearded: 'I Bless' , 'Low Ho Silver'.

Standard Dwarf: 'Autumn Surge' , 'Little Showoff' , 'Marita', 'PrettyGirl'.

Tall Bearded (A): 'Aaron's Dream', 'Adam', 'Adamsred', 'Aegean Storm', 'Again And Again', 'Ah Sweet Mystery', 'Aime Bay', 'Al Segno', 'Amazing With Grace', 'Antelope Vallye', 'Apollo's Robe', 'April Showers', 'April Sunbeam', 'Arizona Warrior', 'Artistic Gold', 'Artistic Showoff', 'Ask And Receive', 'Aspen', 'August Aster', 'August Gold', 'Auguest Twilight', 'Aunt Margaret', 'Aunt Mary', 'Autumn And Spring', 'Autumn Afternoon', 'Autumn Apricot', 'Autumn Aspen', 'Autumn Blue','Autumn Breeze', 'Autumn Bugler', 'Autumn Cavalier', 'Autumn Chameleon', 'Autumn Circus', 'Autumn Clouds', 'Autumn Colors', 'Autumn Delight', 'Autumn Echo', 'Autumn Elegance', 'Autumn Explosion', 'Autumn Flame', 'Autumn Frost', 'Autumn Garnet', 'Autumn Glory', 'Autumn Goddess', 'Autumn Grandeur', 'Autumn Harbor', 'Autumn Haze', 'Autumn Heiress', 'Autumn Joy', 'Autumn King', 'Autumn Lover', 'Autumn Memory', 'Autumn Mists', 'Autumn Nectar', 'Autumn Night', 'Autumn Orangelite', 'Autumn Orchid', 'Autumn Princess', 'Autumn Rain', 'Autumn Ring', 'Autumn Rose', 'Autumn Rosemist', 'Autumn Rosycheeks', 'Autumn Sapphire', 'Autumn Sensation', 'Autumn Sky', 'AutumnSnowdrift', 'Autumn Squire', 'Autumn Sunburst', 'Autumn Sunrise', 'Autumn Thunder', 'Autumn Tints', 'Autumn Tryst', 'Autumn Twilight', 'Autumn Velvet', 'Autumnal', 'Azure Encore', 'Azure Reprise'.

Tall Bearded (B): 'Bahia Cooler', 'Banana Cream', Banana Smoothie', 'Bandwidth', 'Barbara Ellen Ware', 'Barbara Jean Lauer', 'Barn Dance', 'Bathsheba Comes', 'Battle Of The Bands', 'Battlesong', 'Bay Front', 'Bearded Lady', 'Beau Catcher', 'Becky Miller', 'Bee Jobe','Belgian Lace', 'Belvi Cloud', 'Belvi Queen', 'Bern The Bass', 'Bernice's Legacy', 'Berry Ripple', 'Bess Bergin', 'Best Bet', 'Bethany Claire', 'Bezant', 'Billionaire', 'Black Duet', 'Black Mercury', 'Blatant', 'Blazing Memory', 'Blazing Sunrise', 'Blowing Bubbles', 'Blue Anew', 'Blue Blush', 'Blue Candle', 'Blue Duet', 'Blue Fin', 'Blue Luster', 'Blue Pleasure', 'Blue Recall', 'Blue Review', 'Blue Surprise', 'Blue Valley', 'Bluebird Repeater', 'Blushing Again', 'Bold Move', 'Bolder Boulder', 'Bonet', 'Bonus Lite', 'Boomerang', 'Born Again', 'Bottle Rocket', 'Bounce Back', 'Bouncing Blue', 'Bouncy Blonde', 'Boundless', 'Bountiful Harvest', 'Brass Horn', 'Brazen Sky', 'Breaking News', 'Breaking Point', 'Breath Of Dawn', 'Bremer Sunset', 'Bride's Blush', 'Bridge In time', 'Bring Me Diamonds', 'Broad Appeal', 'Broadway', 'Broke Again', 'Broken Record', 'Bronco Brown', 'Brother Carl', 'Brouhaha', 'Brown Duet', 'Bruce', 'Buc Arcades', 'Buc Barbe Bleue,'Buc Papillon', 'Buc Vaporeux', 'Burgundy Brown', 'Burnt Offering', 'Busy Butterfly', 'By Golly', 'Bye Bye Blackbird'.

Tall Bearded (C): ‘Café Bleu’, ‘Cameo Minx’, ‘Canaries And Cream’, ‘Candy Apple Classic’, ‘Cantina’, ‘Captain’s Choice’, ‘Carol E’, ‘Caroline Gibbs’, ‘Carrot Cake’, ‘Carry On’, ‘Cascade Pass’, ‘Casual Elegance’, ‘Cayenne Capers’, ‘Cease Fire’, ‘Cee Cee’, ‘Celestial Happiness’, ‘Celestial Sunshine’, ‘Cerdagne’, ‘Certain Bounty’, ‘Certainly Certainly’, ‘Chabacano’, ‘Champagne Elegance’, ‘Chartered Course’, ‘Chaste White’, ‘Check It Out’, ‘Cherokee Tears’, ‘Cheryl Kay’, ‘Chestnut Cheeks’, ‘Cheyenne Reign’, ‘Chief Hematite’, ‘Chili Pepper’, ‘China Nights’, ‘Chinquapin’, ‘Chocolate Pudding’, ‘Christmas Primrose’, ‘Christmas Rose’, ‘Christmas Snow’, ‘Cinnamon Kisses’, ‘Circus Jewel’, ‘Clara Sally’, ‘Clare Roberts’, ‘Clarence’, ‘Cloud Duet’, ‘Cloud Reflection’, ‘Cloudcaps On Galilee’, ‘Cobra’s Eye’, ‘Coconut Ruffles Returns’, ‘Coffee Song’, ‘Cold Creek’, ‘Cold Fusion’, ‘Colorwatch’, ‘Come What May’, ‘Competition’, ‘Concerto For Lloyd’, ‘Contre Allee’, ‘Cool Charlotte’, ‘Coral Chalice’, ‘Coral Charmer’, ‘Corey Remembered’, ‘Corn Dance’, ‘Corn Harvest’, ‘Cornhusker’, ‘Coronation Of David’, 'Corps Astral', ‘Cozy Cotton’, ‘Cream Loveliness, ‘Crimson Repeater’, ‘Cross Stitch’, ‘Cruise To Autumn’, ‘Crystal Honey’, ‘Cumulus Cirrus’, ‘Cupid’s Dart’, ‘CurtainUp’.

(Tall Bearded (D-E): 'Da Capo', 'Daffodil Cloud', 'Dainty White Princess', 'Dance For Joy', 'Dark Brilliance', 'Dark Mystery', 'Dark Passage', 'Dark Vintage', 'Darrelle', 'Dashing', 'Daughter Of Stars', 'Dawn Violet', 'Days Of Summer', 'Deal Or No Deal', 'Deb Sunshine', 'Deborah Dances', 'December Dawn', 'December Garnet', 'December Royalty', 'Decker', 'Definition', 'Deja Blue', 'Delia's Child', 'Delta Lady', 'Depth Charge', 'Desert Aria', 'Desert Roundelay7', 'Designer Gown', 'Destry Rides Again', 'Diamond Blush', 'Diamonds Are Forever', 'Different Design', 'Different Pace', 'Dijara Belle', 'Dime Spot', 'Do It Again', 'Doctor Z', 'Dodo', 'Dorcas Lives Again', 'Dots And Splashes', 'Double Agent', 'Double Charm', 'Double Click', 'Double Date', 'Double Down', 'Double Dribble', 'Double Duty', 'Double Exposure', 'Double Indemnity', 'Double Majesty', 'Double Mission', 'Double Platinum', 'Double Praise', 'Double Scoop', 'Double Shot', 'Double Stitch', 'Double Time', 'Double Vision', 'Double Website', 'Double Wedding', 'Doubleday', 'Doublemint', 'Dr. J. M. Austin', 'Dreaming In Color', 'Duke Of Earl', 'Dune Ensoleillee', 'Dune Sea', 'Duo Dandy', 'Duplication', 'Dusky Dancer', 'Dusky Jewel', 'Dusky Sunset', 'Eagles Spirit', 'Earl', 'Earl Of Essex', 'Earl Of Leicester', 'Early Harvest', 'Early Snowbird', 'Easy Being Green', 'Echo Location', 'Echo Of Spring', 'Echo Valley', 'Edenglo', 'Edge Of The World', 'Edna Weed', 'Edna's Wish', 'Eggnog', 'Elainealope', 'Ella Race', 'Elmer's Mistie', 'Elmer's Ocean Tide', 'Elmer's Satin', 'Elmer's Thunder', 'Elmer's Yellow Jacket', 'Equinox', 'Etched Apricot', 'Etched Burgundy', 'Eternal Bliss', 'Eternal Bliss', 'Eternal Prince', 'Eternal Waltz', 'Ethel Sumner', 'Evelyn Warlick', 'Exotic Fire', 'Extra Innings'.

Tall Bearded (F): 'Faithful And True', 'Fall Beauty', 'Fall Cheerfulness', 'Fall Dragon', 'Fall Empire', 'Fall Fantasy', 'Fall Favaor', 'Fall Fire', 'Fall Formal', 'Fall Fulfillment', 'Fall Goddess', 'Fall Greenway', 'Fall Harmony', 'Fall Lunalite', 'Fall Majesty', 'Fall Moon', 'Fall Novelty', 'Fall Perfection', 'Fall Primrose', 'Fall Rerun', 'Fall Spotlight', 'Fall Sunset', 'Fall Sunshine', 'Fall White Spot', 'Fall Yellow Excellence'. 'Fall Yellow Giant', 'Fall Yellow Supreme', 'Fall Yellow Wings', 'Falling For You', 'Fame', 'Fancy Flirting', 'Fashionista', 'Faultless', 'Feed Back', 'Feeling Spicy Tonite', 'Festoon', 'Fiddlin Around', 'Fiery Echo', 'Final Episode', 'Final Fling', 'Fire On Ice', 'Fire Siren', 'Fireball Candy', 'Firebright', 'First Curtain', 'First Snowfall', 'Flaming Lava', 'Floorshow', 'Foggy Bottom', 'Foggy Mist', 'Fontaine De Jouvence', 'Forerunner', 'Forever And A Day', 'Forever Gold', TbFthruJ.TbForever In Love', 'Forever Yours', 'Forged Thunder', 'Fountain Of Youth', 'Foxy Lady', 'Foxymoron', 'Fragrante Delicto', 'Frances Iva', 'Franciscan', 'French Provencal', 'Frequent Flyer', 'Frere Andre', 'From Here To Eternity', 'Frost Echo', 'Frostico', 'Frosty Moonscape', 'Frosty The Snowman'.

Tall Bearded (G): 'G. Percy Brown', 'Galadriel's Ring', 'Galaxie Du Barry', 'Garden Club Delight', 'Garden Grace', 'Garth', 'Gate Of Heaven', 'Gday Mate', 'Genteel', 'Get My Number', 'Gettysburg Address', 'Gibson Girl', 'Gideon', 'Gideon Victorious', 'Gilded', 'Gin Delight', 'Gingerbread Girl', 'Girly Girl', 'Glacier King', 'Glad Song', 'Gladiatrix', 'Glass Wings', 'Glitter Repink', 'Glorious Two Timer', 'Glowing Seraphin', 'Gold Bullion', 'Gold Doublet', 'Gold Of Autumn', 'Gold Reprise', 'Gold Show', 'Golden Encore', 'Golden Galaxy', 'Golden Harvest', 'Golden Immortal', 'Golden Road', 'Goliath's Mate', 'Good Fairy', 'Good Morning Beautiful', 'Grace Thomas', 'Grand Bargain', 'Grand Baroque', 'Grand Circle', 'Grand Dame', 'Grandville', 'Grape Accent', 'Grape Adventure', 'Grape Echo', 'Grape Harvest', 'Grape Reprise', 'Grecian Goddess', 'Green Hope', 'Grenada Fall Fog', 'Grenandine Pacesetter', 'Guiding Star'.

Tall Bearded (H-J): 'Haba Daba Do', 'Hacker's Delight', 'Hallowed Thought', 'Halloween Debutante', 'Halloween Halo', 'Halloween Night', 'Halloween Party', 'Halloween Pumpkin', 'Halloween Treasure', 'Halt', 'Hand Painted', 'Happy Chappy', 'Happy New Year', 'Happy Pal', 'Harbor Skies', 'Harvest Butterfly', 'Harvest Of Memories', 'Haunting', 'Haunting Rhapsody', 'Hawaiian Sunrise', 'Head Hunter', 'Heart Of Ice', 'Heartbreak Point', 'Heavenly Bliss', 'Heavenly Due', 'Heavenly Encore', 'Helen Trigg', 'Hell's Fire', 'Hemstitched', 'Henna Stitches', 'Her Royal Highness', 'Hidden Past', 'High Ho Silver', 'High Impact', 'High Point', 'Highland Chief', 'His Royal Highness', 'Home Brew', 'Honey Creme Kisses', 'Huckleberry Fudge', 'Huckleberry Pie', 'Hush', 'I Do', 'II Stutter', 'I Repeat', 'I Spy', 'Ice Ballerina', 'Iceland', 'I'll Have Another', 'Illini Repeater', 'I'm Back', 'I'm Blaack', 'Immortality', 'In Retrospect', 'Ineffable', 'Innocent Star', 'Invitation', 'Iron Eagle', 'Isabel Marie', 'Isle Ah Cundee', 'Istanbul', 'It's Showtime', 'Ittle Dew', 'Jasper Walls', 'Jaunty Texan', 'Java Sunbird', 'Jazzy', 'Jennifer Rebecca', 'Jephthah's Daughter', 'Jo Tunney', 'Joan's Pleasure', 'Joe's Gold', 'John Rolfe', 'Johnny G', 'Jolly Goliath', 'Joy Returns', 'Juicy Fruit', 'July Sunshine', 'July Yellow', 'Jungle Cat', 'Just Call Me', 'Just Teasing', 'Justly Proud'.

Tall Bearded (K-L): 'Kauai Gold', 'Kimosabe', 'Kind Candace', 'Kiss Me Twice', 'Kiss Of Kisses', 'Knapp Of Reeds', 'Kona Cattleya', 'Kristen Faith', 'Laced Duet', 'Ladies Night', 'Lady Baltimore', 'Lady Essex', 'Lady Glenna', 'Lady Jean', 'Lady Juliet', 'Lake Of Bays', 'Lake Reprise', 'Las Vegas', 'Late Lilac', 'Late News', 'Late Returns', 'Latest Style', 'Latest Trend', 'Laura Jean', 'Lavish', 'Lawrence Bud Bowen', 'Legends Of Fall', 'Lemon Delight', 'Lemon Duet', 'Lemon Lollipop', 'Lemon Reflection', 'Lemonette', 'Lest We Forget', 'Liberty And Justice', 'Libra Star', 'Lichen, 'Light Beam', 'Light Rebuff', 'Lightly Seasoned', 'Lightning Streak', 'Lightning Strike', ['Li'l Pink Geisha', 'Lilac Stitchery', 'Lilla', 'Lilla's Gloves', 'Lilla's Stripes', 'Lilting', 'Lime Sulphur', 'Liquid Amber', 'Little Stranger', 'Lloyd', 'Lois Craig', 'Lord Of Rings', 'Lording It', 'Lorna's Blue Lake', 'Lorna's Junebug', 'Lorna's Moonbeam', 'Lorna's Powder Blue', 'Lorna's Rosita', 'Lothario Again', 'Love Again', 'Love Continues', 'For Mary', 'Love Is All Around', 'Love Lines', 'Love Of Pink', 'Love Returns', 'Lovelock', 'Lovely Again', 'Lovely Fran', 'Lovely Letty', 'Lugano', 'Luminosity', 'Lunar Autumn', 'Lunar Whitewash', 'Lune Bleu'.

Tall Bearded (M ): 'MacShawe', 'Madge Miller', 'Magic Memories', 'Magic Violet', 'Maiden', 'Mango Parfait', 'Many Happy Returns', 'Many Moons', 'Maree Montante', 'Margaret Wilson Thomas', 'Mariposa Autumn', 'Mariposa Skies', 'Marquee', 'Martha Of Bethany', 'Martie Everest', 'Marty Richards', 'Marv', 'Mary', 'Mary Maria', 'Maryland Ho', 'Master Neil', Matrix', 'Matrix Of Art', 'Mayober', 'Medieval', 'Melody Lane', 'Menominee', 'Mesmerizing Flame', 'Metro Blue', 'Midnight Caller', 'Midnight Mink', 'Midnight Pacific', 'Midnight Thunder', 'Mighty Cool', 'Mil Byers', 'Mishawaka', 'Miss Porterville', 'Misty', 'Misty Lady', 'Misty Twilight', 'Mixed Doubles', 'Mod Mode', 'Modern Era', 'Momma Caroline', 'Momma Rosemary', 'Monastery Garden', 'Moneta', 'Montclair Remembers', 'Mood Indigo', 'Mood Swing', 'Moon Rocket', 'Moonlight Blue', 'Moonlight Duet', 'Mother Eve Smiles', 'Mountain Violet', 'Mrs. Pat', 'Mt. Sinai Aflame', 'Mulberry Echo', 'Mulberry Memories', 'My Friend Jonathan', 'My Generation', 'Mystery Blush'.

Tall Bearded (N-O): 'Nancy De Wolf', 'Nandine Audrey', 'Nappanee', 'Neon Violet', 'New Braunfels', 'Next In Line', 'Nice And Bright', 'Nicole Prud'Homme', 'Nobody But Me', 'Northern Flame', 'Northern Spy', 'Norman Smith', 'Northward Ho', 'Now And Later', 'O Shenandoah', 'Oasis Amy', 'Oasis Bobwhite', 'Oasis Danica', 'Oasis Desiree', 'Oasis Doo Da', 'Oasis Glacier', 'Oasis Mary', 'Oasis Mustard', 'Oasis Old Yeller', 'Oasis Red', 'Oasis Repeat', 'Oasis Sydney', 'Oasis Terry', 'Ocean Pacific', 'October', 'October Blaze', 'October Dreaming', 'October Maples', 'October Opera', 'October Shadows', 'October Sky', 'October Sun', 'Off Broadway', 'Oh Carol', 'Olive Reflection', 'Olympic Performance', 'Olympic Return', 'Olympic Rings', 'On Delicate Points', 'Once Again', 'One Step Forward', 'Only This', 'Open Ocean', 'Orange Harvest', 'Orange Honey', 'Orange Juice', 'Orange Toffee', 'Orangelo', 'Orchid And Flame', 'Orchid Cloud', 'Orchid Lane', 'Original Sin', 'Oskie Royal', 'Over And Over', 'Oxmoor Hills', 'Ozark Rebounder'.

Tall Bearded (P-Q): 'Pacific Crest', 'Pacific Tide', 'Pagan Dance', 'Papan Goddess', 'Pagan Princess', 'Palo Pinto', 'Papillon D'Automne', 'Paprika Fonos', 'Paso Doble', 'Patricia Craig', 'Patriot's Day', 'Patton Snowfall', 'Peach And Love', 'Peach Berry Swirl', 'Peach Echo', 'Peach Everglow', 'Peach Jam', 'Peachy Dilemma', 'Pearl Amelia', 'Pearls Of Autumn', 'Pearls Of Summer', 'Peggy Babbington', 'Peggy Sue', 'Penny Serenade', 'Pepper Blend', 'Pepper Lane', 'Perfect Couple', 'Perfume Counter', 'Pharoah's Dream', 'Pink Attraction', 'Pink Duet', 'Pink Encore', 'Pink Pinafore', 'Pinkness', 'Platinum', 'Platinum Jubilee', 'Playback', 'Pleasant Peasant', 'Plum Poodle', 'Polar King', 'Polish Princess', 'Poorman', 'Porcelain Art', 'Porcelain Frills', 'Port', 'Powder Purple', 'Powdered Sugar', 'Precious Harvest', 'Presby Honors September', 'Presby's Crown Jewel', 'Pride Of Summer', 'Prince Of Earl', 'Princess Pittypat', 'Priscilla Of Corinth', 'Progressive Attitude', 'Proper Tea', 'Punkin', 'Pure As Gold', 'Purple Duet', 'Purple Magic', 'Purple Of Tyre', 'Purple Reprise', 'Queen Dorothy', 'Querida'.

Tall Bearded (R): 'Racy Red', 'Radford Red', 'Radiant Angel', 'Radiant Bliss', 'Radioland', 'Ragtop Day', 'Rainbow Promised', 'Rainy Falls', 'Rare Bouquet', 'Raspberry Frost', 'Raven's Return', 'Ravenwood', 'Rayonnement', 'Re Enactment', 'Re Treat', 'Rebound', 'Recalled To Life', 'Reconsidered', 'Recurring Dream', 'Recurring Fantasy', 'Recurring Glory', 'Recurring Ruffles', 'Red Duet', 'Red Grapes', 'Red Mantle', 'Red Revival', 'Red Rock Canyon', 'Red Velvet Nights', 'Redelta', 'Regal Velvet', 'Reincarnation', 'Reiterate', 'Remarkable', 'Remember Spring', 'Reminisce', 'Renaissance', 'Renascent', 'Renewal', 'Renown', 'Renown Lady', 'Repeat Performance', 'Repeater Maid', 'Repetition', 'Repink', 'Replay', 'Replicata', 'Resonance', 'Resurrection Story', 'Retold Tale', 'Return Address', 'Return Engagement', 'Return Of Innocence', 'Return To Bayberry', 'Return To Sender', 'Returning Angels', 'Returning Chameleon', 'Returning Glory', 'Returning Peace', 'Returning Rose', 'Richmond Mahogany', 'Richness', 'Rim Of Fire', 'Rime Frost', 'Rio Vista', 'Rip Van Winkle', 'River Of Grace', 'Rivers Of Glory', 'Rob Cornell', 'Roberta Davis', 'Rock Band', 'Roney's Encore', 'Rootin Tootin Raspberry', 'Rosalie Figge', 'Rose Teall', 'Rosewine', 'Rotunda', 'Royal Band', 'Royal Courtship', 'Royal Ruby', 'Royal Summer', 'Royal Thunder', 'Royalty Remembered', 'Russion Bronze'.

Tall Bearded (S-Sp): 'Samaritan Child', 'Samaritan Woman', 'Sandou', 'Sarah's Laughter', 'Saturn Moon', 'Satyr's Song', 'Say Goodbye', 'Saxon', 'Saxon Aristocrat', 'Saxon Bride', 'Saxon Candlelight', 'SaxonSurprise', 'Scarlet Beauty', 'Scorpio Snow', 'Scorpio Star', 'Sea Double', 'Sea Of Love', 'Sea World', 'Season Of Mists', 'Seasons', 'Second Act', 'Secoond Coming', 'Second Fiddle', 'Second Helping', 'Second Look', 'Second Show', 'Second Wind;', 'Secondhand Rose', 'Sedona Sunset', 'Seguin Rebloomer', 'Sentinel', 'September Butterfly', 'September Chereau', 'September Contrast', 'September Frost', 'September Gleam', 'September Gold', 'September Replay', 'September Sailor', 'September Serenade', 'September Sparkler', 'Serenity Returns', 'Sharlee', 'Sheba's Queen', 'Shire', 'Shirley Ann', 'Shoot The Moon', 'Sierra Mist', 'Sign Of Leo', 'Sign Of Virgo', 'Silent Patriot', 'Silver Dividends', 'Silver Screen', 'Silver Spoons', 'Sister Helen', 'Sister Miriam Sings', 'Six Chad Recount', 'Skid Marks', 'Skookumchuck', 'Sky Queen', 'Sky King Returns', 'Skyward Bound', 'Slapstick', 'Smoking Embers', 'Snow In Summer', 'Snow Melt', 'Snow Parasol', 'So I See', 'Soap Opera', 'Social Blush', 'Soda Fountain Shuffle', 'Soft Halo', 'Soft Return', 'Soft Side', 'Softly Renewed', 'Solstice', 'Sonata In Blue', 'Soul Blossom', 'Southern Spy'. 'Space Pirate', 'Speed Limit', 'Speeding Again', 'Spice', 'Spiced Burgundy' 'Spicy Sugar', 'Spicy Twist', 'Spirit Of Fiji', 'Spirit Of Memphis', 'Splashacata', 'Spot On', 'Spring Bliss', 'Spring Into Bloom', 'Spring Ring', 'Spring Wings', 'Springhills Chasing Dreams', 'Spyglass Hill',

Tall Bearded (St-Sz: 'St. Petersburg', 'Star Challenger', 'Star Gate', 'Star Kisses', 'StarPerformer', 'Stardock', 'Starring Encore', 'Starship', 'Stealth Fighter', 'Steeplechase', 'Stepping Proud', 'Sterling Stitch', 'Stingray', 'Stonewashed', 'Stormy Days', 'Stormy Echoes', 'Strawberries N Cream', 'Stroke Of Luck', 'Struck Twice', 'Sugar Blues', 'Sulphur And Molasses', 'Summer Angeline', 'Summer Blue', 'Summer Bluetints', 'Summer Butterfly', 'Summer Butterscotch', 'Summer Charm', 'Summer Darkness', 'Summer Date', 'Summer Fantasy', 'Summer Goldilocks', 'Summer Green Shadows', 'Summer Holidays', TbPthruT.TbSummerHoney', 'Summer Janeway', 'Summer Olympics', 'Summer Paleface', 'Summer Peach', 'Summer Pink', 'Summer Rain', 'Summer Red', 'Summer Silk', 'Summer Star', 'Summer Sunburst', 'Summer Sunshine', 'Summer Surf', 'Summer Surprise', 'Summer Tsunami', 'Summer Waltz', 'Summer Whitewings', 'Summerose', 'Summertime Beauty', 'Summertime Blues', 'Sun Snap', 'Sunbird', 'Sunmaster', 'Sunday Concert', 'Sunny Echoes', 'Sunny Disposition', 'Sunny Lane', 'Sunny Shoulders', 'Sunrise In Eden', 'SunsetPunch', 'Sunshine On My Shoulders', 'Sure Is Pretty', 'Surprising Wit', 'Sweet Reflection', 'Sweet Solitude', 'Sweet Summer', 'Sweet Topmorrow', 'Sweetheart Ring', 'Swept Off My Feet', 'Swiss Majesty', 'Sylvia Ann'.

Tall Bearded (T-V): 'Tambien', 'Tamika Rain', 'Tang Fizz', 'Tara's Choice', 'Taurus', 'Tea Leaves', 'Teasing Tiger', 'Temperence', 'Tenderly', 'Tennison Ridge', 'Texas Night', 'Thanksgiving Firelight', 'Theme Master', 'Then Again', 'Three Seasons', 'Time And Again', 'Tinge Of Lemon', 'Titanic's Nemesis', 'Total Recall', 'Touch Of Spring', 'Traffic', 'Treasure Trader', 'Treccia D Oro', 'Trenwith', 'Tribute To Rosalie', 'Triple Dip', 'Triplex', 'Trumpeter Swan', 'Tudor England', 'Tudor Ruffles', 'Tule Rainbow', 'TwiceDelightful', 'Twice Is Nice', 'Twilight Fancies', 'Twice Told', 'Two Different Worlds', 'Two Timer'. 'UFO', 'Unbelievable', 'Unchained Melody', 'Unforgettable You', 'Uplifting', 'Uriah The Hittite', 'Valhalla', 'Valimar', 'Vanilla Rouge', 'Vanishing Act', 'Villa Gold', 'Violet Classic', 'Violet Enigma', 'Violet Miracle', 'Violet Music', 'Violet Reprise', 'Violet Returns', 'Violet Scent', 'Violet Supreme', 'Violet Turner', 'Violet Virgo',

Tall Bearded (W-Z): 'Waltz Across Texas', 'Waves Of Grain', 'We Duz', 'Wedding In Cana', 'Welcome Discovery', 'Welcome Home', 'Weldon Gibbs', 'Western Hills', 'When She Was good', 'When You Wish', 'Whisperwood', 'White Duet', 'White Reprise', 'Wide Blue Sea', 'Widow Of Nain', 'Wild Ginger', 'Winds Of Change', 'Windsurfer', 'Windswept Flame', 'Winesap', 'Winter Blues', 'Winter Flame', 'Winter Giant', 'Winter Gold', 'Winter Haze', 'Winter Queen', 'Winter Rose', 'Winter Sun', 'Winterberry', 'Witch Of Endor', 'Wizard Of Odds', 'Wonder Woman', 'Wright Flyer', 'Yellow Blaze', 'Yellow Duet', 'Yellow Reprise', 'Yosemite Star', 'Your Heart's Desire', 'You're Gorgeous', 'You're My Sunshine', 'You're Silence My Secret', 'You're Special', 'You're The One', 'Youth Dew', 'Zapad Slunce', 'Zebra Rosa', 'Zee', 'Zennie', 'Ziggy', 'Zlonice', 'Zurich'.

Region 4 has a complete listing on its website, see A-M and N-Z with links to the Iris Encyclopedia for each iris. You can see more notes and photos on reblooming in Region 4 for 2013 and 2014 here.

The World of Irises has a report on reblooming in Region 6.

The Iris Society of Dallas lists irises that are reliable rebloomers in the Dallas area here. Most are TBs with a few other bearded irises included in the list.

The Region 15 Spring Report 2012 has a selection of irises proven to rebloom in Region 15 on page 2 and 30 showing photos of 32 rebloomers.

Region 2 has a table of rebloomers in their region with the coldest USDA zone where reblooming has been reported in Region 2. The coldest zone was generally 5a.

The Iris Society of Minnesota has information on reblooming in their area.

Searching for Rebloom

By doing a search for "rebloom" within the text you can generate a list of rebloomers. This does not account for those where "re-bloom" is used and those where the code RE was used as not all instances of this abbreviation have been written out. Unfortunately the RE also appears in words so you must include a space on either side to find these. also a period after the RE or Re may complicate the search hopefully ALL abbreviations will eventually be eliminated so that a simple search would give complete results. Because the verbiage needs to be standardized, searches do not work as well as they might.

See below:

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Early catalogs mentioning rebloom

1945 catalog Spring Hill,


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