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Report photo errors to the Iris Encyclopedia Photo Manager at this current e-mail address tlaurin@rogers.com

Reporting errors directly insures a faster response. Please do not use the comment box on a page that is reserved for additional information about the topic. When reporting an error be as specific as possible, cite the page you are talking about. "there is an error" is not actionable. If there is a contradiction provide your source. Many errors or in the literature that have been corrected in the wiki.

Thank you for help in maintaining the highest quality information. You are one of the peers in this peer reviewed work.

Any error of all types can be reported to the Iris Wiki Manager


-- BobPries - 30 Aug 2017
  • I accidentally attached a photo to Absolute Star that is not Absolute Star and I can't figure out how to remove it. Can you please remove it? -- MarthaRhoades - 30 Jul 2021
Topic revision: r11 - 30 Jul 2021, MarthaRhoades
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