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The American Iris Society is the world's registrar for these irises, This is complete gallery of the new plants for 2023

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Image Gallery of 2022 Registrations


‘A Bit Edgy’ 'A Million Dreams' ‘Abov’ 'Acquiesce' 'À Déguster' 'À Dormir Debout' ‘Adoree's Dream’ 'À Fleur De Peau' ‘Air Kisses’ ‘Alien DNA’ 'All Broke Up' 'Allen James Tetreault' 'Allie Chu' 'All Stitched Up' 'All Together Frightening' 'Always On Slightly Off' 'Amazon Sunset' 'Ambiance De Fête' ‘Ambrosia Of The Gods' ‘America's Top Model’ 'Amethyst Angel' ‘Amethyst Storm’ 'Amorous Courtesan' 'Andrew Rudge' 'Anita Mccann' 'Anneau Céleste' 'Anne Rose Tchet' ‘Another Chapter’ ‘Apple Of My Eye’ 'Apricot Sundae' 'Araucano' ‘Arc Of Life’ ‘Arktyczne Wrota’ 'Art Du Camouflage' 'As De Carreau' 'Ashrose' 'As You Wish' ‘Aspen Nuptials’ 'Atahualpa Inca' ‘Atramentowe Serce’ 'Aubrianna' 'Au Diable-Vauvert' 'Avalanche Moon' 'Awendi' 'Awesome Blue Sky'

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'Bad Habits' ‘Bad Obsession’ 'Baiser Carmin' ‘Bajarz Z Jazlandu’ 'Ban Ma' 'Band Of Gypsies' 'Barbiere Di Siviglia' 'Barmen' 'Beau Redde' 'Be The Light' ‘Be Yourself’ ‘Bee Outstanding’ ‘Believe It Or Not’ ‘Berry Delight’ ‘Best Foot Forward’ ‘Beth's Blush’ 'Better Call Ma' 'Beyond The Sunset' 'Bichette Cherie' ‘Big As The Moon’ 'Bille De Clown' 'Bisonte Europeo' ‘Blackberry Bandit’ 'Blessed And Highly Favored' ‘Blood Magic’ 'Blu Blu Blu' 'Blueberry Shortcake' ‘Bold Style’ 'Bone Chilling' 'Bonne Figure' 'Bonnie's Pleasure' ‘Born To Feel’ ‘Born To Party’ ‘Boysenberry Drizzle’ ‘Brave The Storm’ ‘Break The Rules’ 'Breathless Again' 'Breath Of Fresh Air' 'Bride's Bouquet' 'Brigantino' 'Brigitte Bisou' 'Brilliant Debut' ‘Bring In The Clowns’ 'Buta Stupa' 'By Starlight' ‘By Your Side’

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'Cafe Royale' 'Call Me Bubba' 'Candice Szczepaniak' 'Canterbury Belle' 'Can't Stop Loving You' 'Caraco' ‘Carnival Bandana’ 'Carol Chu' ''Carotte Râpée' 'Carrie Chu' 'Carry A Tune' 'Casa Bonita' ‘Casual Comfort’ 'Catch Phrase' 'Champé' 'Character Study' 'Chase The North Star' 'Château Chavagnac' 'Château De Bonaguil' 'Château De Bourdeilles' 'Cherry On Top' ‘Chicago Nights’ 'Chornobaivka' 'Christina's Favourite' ‘Cinnamon Hills’ 'Cities In Dust' 'Ciutadella' 'Clare Delicity' ‘Classic Cool’ 'Classical Melody' 'Clever Girl' 'Clodagh Kelway' ‘Clouds Of Smoke’ 'Cocardier' ‘Color Crush’ ‘Color Me Fancy’ 'Color Of Magic' 'Confiotte De Brimbelles' 'Conspiration' 'Corona Broken' 'Cosmic Mystery' ‘Cosmic Promise’ ‘Cottage Stitched’ 'Country Suede' ‘Cover Of Night’ 'Cowboy Cut' 'Coyoacán' ‘Cracow Sunset’ 'Cranachan' 'Cranberry County Fair' 'Crashing Seas' ‘Crazy Dreamer’ 'Cross Stick' 'Curly's In Charge'

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'Daddy Knows' 'Danièle Dallet' 'Danseuse D'Asie' 'Dans Les Nuages' 'Dans Mon Sillon' ‘Danube Mist’ 'Darkening Of The Night' 'David Borg Teacher' 'Dawn Breaks' ‘Day Of Reckoning’ 'Deep And Meaningful' ‘Déferlante Bleue’ 'Delicious Surprise' 'Depronoma' 'Derviche Tourneur' 'Desert Chaparral' Désert De Sable' 'Desert Nectar' 'Deux Soleils' 'Devichya Gordost' ‘Devil's Obsession’ 'Devoted To You' 'Diameline' ‘Diamonds For You’ 'Dianne's Delight' ‘Disruptor’ 'Distant Shores' 'Dlia Tebya' 'Dniprovski Skhyly' 'Donna Anna' ‘Don't Haunt Me’ ‘Don't Judge Me’ 'Dosling' 'Dot Matrix' 'Duc Des Lombards' 'Dusha Rossii'

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‘Earth And Sun’ 'Ease Your Mind' 'Éclat De Nuit' 'Éclosion' 'Ecstatic' 'Effetto Notte' 'Elbrick' ‘Elderberry Mead’ 'Elmer's Farm' 'Eloprimol' 'Empatiia' 'Enemy Attack' 'Enjoy The Silence' 'En Pointillés' 'Étienne Burger' 'Etorme' 'Evening Festival' 'Evening Stroll' 'Every Day In Love' ‘Every Day's A Holiday’ 'Expect A Circus' 'Eyes Will Decide' 'Eynessa'

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'Factor In Gold' 'Fade Into You' 'Fairly Clueless' ‘Falsettos’ 'Fang Fei' 'Fantasque' 'Faraonka' 'Farewell Tour' 'Farewell Waltz' ‘Feast For The Eyes’ 'Feast Of Spring' 'February Day' 'Feeling Nauti' ‘Feel The Beat’ 'Feldmarschal Radetzky' 'Feng Guan' 'Fields Of Gold' ‘Fiery Glow’ ‘Final Answer’ ‘Final Lap’ 'Finely Tuned' 'Fioletovy Vsplesk' 'Firewall' ‘Fizzed Out’ 'Flaming Fox' ‘Flash Warning’ ‘Flirting Heart’ 'Flying Free' 'Follow My Lead' 'Fond Of You' 'Fortunately' 'Foxfield' 'Francelle Edwards' 'Frances Chu' 'Frozen In Time' 'Frozen Odyssey' 'Fruit Punch Delight' 'Fuffles And Ruffles'

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'Gala Event' 'Galaswinda' ‘Gay Divorcee’ 'Gazza Ladra' 'Geai Bleu' 'Ghosting' 'Gimme Your Love' 'Ginger Rooster' 'Giorgiana Chietera' ‘Girls Got Flair’ 'Girl With A Chill' ‘Give Me Time’ 'Glamor Clamor' 'Gnaeus Pompeius' 'Gniew Oceanu' 'Gnomo Dispettoso' ‘God Given’ ‘Gone Viral’ 'Goodness Sake' 'Gorny Khrustal' 'Grace And Beauty' 'Grâce Ardéchoise' 'Gradita Ospite' 'Grande Gazelle' ‘Grand Vintage’ 'Granit Pourpre' 'Grape Snowcone' 'Grateful Gathering' 'Grey Goose' 'Gypsy Rhapsody'

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'Hail Storm' 'Hamphotex' ‘Hand Crafted’ 'Haro Sur Le Baudet' 'Head Of The Class' 'Heartburst' 'Hello Sweetie' 'Hen Harrier' 'Here Comes Trouble' 'Here In My Arms' 'Here Kitty Kitty' 'Her Last Kisses' 'Hey Pretty Baby' 'Hicior' 'Hit The Bullseye' 'Hit Tune' 'Hodgepodge' ‘Hold Me Tight’ ‘Hole In One’ 'Hongchenhuajuan' 'Hot Granny' ‘How Bizarre!’ 'Hrozovi Khmary' 'Huang Se Pu Bing' 'Hymn Of Glory' 'Hyperion Voice' 'Hypnotic Tango'

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'Il Est Formidable' 'I Like Lace' 'I Love Popcorn' ‘Imagineer’ 'Immortal Pink' 'In Abundance' ‘Indecisive’ 'In Grand Style' ‘Insane Wonder’ 'Intense Reaction' ‘Into The Deep’ 'Invisible Smile' 'I Remember Mama' 'Iridescent' 'Irwell Ronald William Busch' 'Isis Oriol' 'Island Time' 'It's Nice Tobe Nice' 'Ivan Moiseyev' 'Iy Tebya Pridumal'

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'James Chu' 'Jenny Morris' 'Jesmond' 'Jessica Chu' 'Jin Lan' 'Jinyemingying' 'Ji Yuan Fan Xing' 'Jo E Francesca' 'Joli Damier' ‘Jukebox Musical’ 'Jules Chéri' 'Just Between Us' 'Just Carry On'

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'Kaizervald' 'Kajetan Migdal' 'Kasiula' 'Keep In Mind' 'Kelsey Rose' 'Kept Secret' 'Kettelse' 'Khurdelytsia' 'Kif Kif Bourricot' ‘King’s Gambit’ 'Kissy Tizzy' 'Kniaz Voievoda' 'Knyaz Tmy' 'Kokhannia I Fantazii' 'Kolie Sharlotty' 'Kolorowy Wiatr' 'Koltsevaya Dorozhka' 'Komanda Shturm' 'Konferansjer' 'Koralovy Shar' 'Kosmyk Słońca' 'Krasny Glyanets' 'Kriushon' 'Księżniczka Marsa’ 'Kyivskyi Vals'

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‘Lady Of Luxury’ ‘Lady Raven’ 'L'Argent Du Beurre' 'Lascaux' 'Laserdance' 'Last Sky' 'Last Word' 'Late Sunrise' 'Lavandova Spokusa' 'Lavandovyi Rai' 'Lavender Lustre 'Learning To Love' 'Ledianoy Pokrov' 'Leipziger Admiral' 'Leipziger Braune' 'Leipziger Monster' 'L'Eleganze Del Viola' 'Léonin' 'Les Avenières' 'Le Solognot' 'Letizia Marina' 'Let Me Be There' 'Lex Max' ‘License To Frill’ ‘Lighted Path’ ‘Light In The Piazza’ ‘Light Switch’ ‘Light The Night’ 'Lilac Falls' 'Lila Wave' 'Limousine' 'Linda From Brenda' 'Lion En Cage' 'Listiya Kruzhat' 'Lito V Spidnytsi' 'Little Licious' 'Liujinsuiyue' 'L J Chanadier' 'Long Show' 'L'Orange Du Marchand' 'Lord Of The Forest' 'Lord Of The Seas' ‘Lord's Child’ 'Lords Gain' ‘Lost Love’ 'Louisiana Hot Wings' 'Love And Light' ‘Love Is Nice’ ‘Love Is Pleasant’ 'Lovely Livvy' 'Lovely Orchestration' ‘Love Me Still’ 'Lovey Dovey' 'Love You So' 'Lullaby In The Wind' 'Lunny Krater' 'Lupo Di Mare' 'Luxurious Folks'

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'Maddie's Singing Magic' 'Magic Swirl' ‘Magnum Gold’ 'Mais Parlons Bien' 'Maître Du Temps' ‘Make Me Wanna Shout’ 'Maksym Liubarets' 'Malaussane' ‘Mama Quel’ 'Man Cave' 'Manekenshchitsa' 'Mango Mojito' 'Manifest Destiny' 'Maria Jesus Lazaro Arambudo' 'Marshmallow Skies' 'Masai Mara' 'Meaningful May' ‘Mega Ruffles’ 'Melissa's Smile' 'Melloday' 'Mélodie En Fa' 'Mémé Dans Les Orties' 'Memory Moment' 'Menchul' 'Menulio Šviesa' 'Mercy Over Judgement' 'Merveilles De Cilaos' ‘Midnight Voyage’ 'Midwest Pizzazz' ‘Mighty Power’ 'Mile High' 'Milly Milly' 'Miltitzer Blickfang' 'Miltitzer General' 'Mind Altering' 'Mind Your Manners' 'Mireille Leonardi' 'Miriam E Pietro' 'Misiachne Koleso' ‘Misplaced Dots’ ‘Miss Independent’ ‘Miss Purl’ 'Misto Na Khvyli' 'Misunderstood' 'Mocha Blush' 'Mocha Frappe' ‘Modern Majesty’ 'Modern Man' ‘Modrý Anjel’ 'Mokosz' 'Moment Of Oblivion' 'Moment Of Peace' 'Mondo Gatto' 'Montrose' 'Mood Lights' 'Moon Dream' ‘Morgan Elizabeth’ 'Morning Sun Rayz' 'Moving On' 'Mt Ascot' ‘Mulberry Ring’ 'Music Fantasy' ‘Mustang Sally’ 'Mymetic' 'My My My Fiona' 'My Stardust' 'Mystère Vanille' 'Mystical Realm' 'My Z Ukrainy'

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‘Naked Beauty’ 'Navajo Code Talker' 'Nduja' 'Never Enough' ‘New Fallen Snow’ 'Nezlamnyi Mykolaiv' 'Nichne Randevu' 'Night Dancer' 'Nightlife Tour' 'Nims' ‘No Risk No Return’ ‘Noble Steed’ 'North Star Kelly' 'Nravishsya Mne'

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'Oakbank' ‘Object Of Affection’ 'Obzhynkova Panna' ‘Ocean's Wild’ 'Oh No You Didn't' 'Ohrozima' ‘Oh So Different’ 'Oh What's Her Name' 'Oksamytovyi Vechir' 'Oleksandr Bilash' 'Olyvkovyi Prynts' 'Ombra Longa' 'Once And For All' ‘One In A Million’ 'One Tricked Lady' 'Only One For Me' ‘On The Catwalk’ ‘On The Cover’ 'On The Fringe' 'On The Line' 'Open Flame' 'Opulent Affair' 'Out Of My Mind' 'Oxygene'

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'Padam Padam' 'Paia Bay' 'Papal Slippers' 'Paranormal' 'Parlons Peu' 'Passing Waves' 'Patricia Des Beaujets' 'Patricia Stringher' 'Patty Cake' 'Pavlo Dvorskyi' 'Pawnee Buttes' 'Peach Fusion' 'Pelenu Diena' 'Peripheral Sunspots' 'Perlamutrovy Blesk' 'Perlyna Sadu' 'Pinch Me Pink' 'Pioggia Sugli Occhi' 'Pipistrello' 'Pisliamova' 'Pitch A Fit' 'Pitch Perfect' 'Pittura Fresca' 'Plenty Of Jazz' 'Plum Sangria' 'Poetic Harmony' 'Poetic Heart' 'Polish Gypsy' ‘Ponitrie’ ‘Positively Pink’ 'Positive Thinking' 'Posmishka Cheshyrskoho Kota' 'Poudre D'Escampette' ‘Power Ballad’ ‘Power Of Suggestion’ 'Poznakomsia So Mnoy' ‘Practical Joke’ 'Prelestnaya Anastasiya' 'Prettily Pink' 'Princess Of Barsoom' ‘Princess Pretty Pink’ 'Prof Tony' 'Prom Dance' 'Propensity' 'Pshenychne Pole' ‘Pure Elegance’ ‘Pure Purple’ 'Purple Hedgehog' 'Purplicious' 'Pyrotechnic' 'Pysanka'

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'Queen's Fashion

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'Radiant Heart' ‘Rainbows And Sunshine’ 'Raising The Bar' ‘Random Acts Of Kindness’ 'Refined Elegance' 'Regina Della Notte' 'Regina Elena' ‘Rhizome Cowboy’ ‘Ring My Bell’ 'Risveglio Sereno' ‘River Dreaming’ 'River Runs Through' 'Road Home' 'Road Not Taken' 'Robin Gud' 'Romans Bez Sliv' 'Romany Rogue' 'Rosemary Elsmore' 'Rozovy Kvarts' ‘Royal Diamonds’ 'Rozkishna Pani' ‘Running In Circles’ 'Running Love' 'Rural Ready' 'Ryto Žaros'

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'Sails At Sunset' 'Saint Arnaud' 'Sally Fortino' 'Salmon Springs' 'Sand And Surf' ‘Satan's Tango’ 'Satin Ruffles' 'Sauletas Rytas' 'Sawatch' 'Scandalous Intrigue' 'Scotch Drink' 'Scottish Landscape' ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ 'Sculpted' 'Seaplane' 'Seaside Daze' 'Second Girlfriend' ‘Secret Chord’ ‘See You In Heaven’ 'Sept Îles' ‘Sew Little Time’ 'Shabby Chic' 'Sharp Focus' 'Sheer Madness' 'Sheet Of Ice' ‘She's Beautiful’ 'Shrimp Jump' 'Shine From Inside' ‘Shivers’ 'Shlyakh Do Peremohy' ‘Shock Alert’ ‘Shout Me A Red’ 'Si Excitant' 'Silent Picture Star' 'Silno Shtormit' 'Silver Moon Shadows' ‘Singularity’ ‘Sister Of Ava’ 'Si Yue Fen Fang' 'Skarby Ukrainy' 'Skyfox' ‘Slovenský Raj’ ‘Smiley Me’ 'Snihova Lavyna' ‘Snow Capped Mountain’ 'Snow Over Tahoe' 'Snow Passenger' 'Soaking Wet' 'So In Love' 'Sole Sul Campo' 'Solnechny Zamok' 'Solntsezascshitnye Ochki' 'Solo Dlia Fleity' 'Solomiia Krusheinytska' 'Sombre Merveille' 'Song For You' 'Soniachna Melodiia' 'Soniachni Obilmy' 'Sonic Boom' 'Sonic Burst' ‘Sonoma Sky’ 'Sonshine Terrace' ‘Sort Of Green’ 'Souriez' 'Space Hunter' 'Space Race' 'Spalakh Stepu' ‘Špania Dolina’ ‘Sparkle And Shine’ 'Special Effort' 'Spirit Of Adventure' 'Spirits Dance' ‘Spurs And Latigo’ 'Spy On Me' 'Srdcovka' 'Stage Fright' 'Staika Motylkov' 'Standing Wave' ‘Star For Today’ 'Starkiller' 'Stay In Line' 'Steady Date' 'Stephanie Returns' 'Stéphanie Vigne' 'Still Falling' ‘Stolen Diamond’ 'Stopczas' 'Storm Burst' 'Storm Trooper' 'Straight Outta Nebraska' 'Strathglen' 'Streaking Skies' 'Stroinaya Devushka' 'Suave And Sophisticated' 'Summer Drought' 'Summer Frolic' 'Sunny Riverbank' 'Son Of Jamaica'\ 'Sunshine After Rain' ‘Sunshine Bouquet’ ‘Superhero Kiss’ 'Super Sized' 'Surrender All Control' 'Svoboda U Vohni' 'Sweet Carmen' 'Sweetheart Pink' 'Swinging Señorita' 'Symphony Sound'

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'Tafarette' 'Take A Look' 'Take What You Want' 'Tamaleuca ‘Tango With Me’ ‘Tapatio’ 'Tasha Chu' 'Taste Of Love' ‘Taste Of Mango’ 'Tempo Tantrum' 'Tempting Candy' 'Tenacity' 'Terrick' 'Terri Time' 'Texas Royalty' 'The Nines' 'The Pearl Of Ukraine' 'Things Get Broken' 'This Ain't Jumpstreet' 'This Is Crazy' 'This Is Me' ‘Thrill Of Frills’ 'Thunderlord' ‘Thunder Snow’ 'Thundery Mood' 'Time For Kiss' ‘Time Has Come’ ‘Time To Be Happy’ 'Today's Special Rainbow Mocha' 'Tony And Miles' 'Topaz Tiger' ‘Torched’ 'Toscano' 'Totally Hot' ‘To Wander’ ‘Tracey-Lee’ 'Tropical Tease' 'Tropical Vibes' 'Trypilske Sontse’ 'Tsarevna Budur' 'Tynedale'

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'UFO Glow' 'Ukrainskyi Benefis' 'Under Pressure' 'Under The Harvest Moon' 'Under The Moon' 'Unhittable' ‘Unimaginable’ 'Università Di Firenze' 'Un Rien Mystique' 'Until We Meet Again' 'Upscale'

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'Valentine Candy' 'Vampire Romance' 'Vanille Au Citron' 'Vanishing Point' 'Va, Pensiero' 'Varshavska Melodiia' 'Venti Di Sabbia' 'Very Scary' 'Victorian Queen' 'Vidtinky Kokhannia' 'Vieille Baderne' 'Viking Ocean' 'Violet Crumble' 'Vishnya V Tsvetu' 'Vision Mission' 'Viviana D.' 'Vivid Sunset' 'Vla Ti Pas' ‘Vlkolínec’ 'Vohnehrai' 'Vohniani Metelyky' 'Vohon Kokhannia' 'Vozvrashchenie Korolia' 'Vyshneva Spokusa'

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'Walk On Folks' 'Wandering Mist' 'Wang Yue Zhi Yun' ‘War Of Words’ 'Web Of Lies' 'Welcome In Alaska' ‘What A Doll’ 'White Reflection' ‘Wickedly Beautiful’ 'Wild Boy' 'Wild Thoughts' 'Will The Thrill' 'Wintercrest' 'Winter Spell' 'Witchqueen' 'Wondergirl' ‘Word For Word’ ‘Words Of Wisdom’ ‘Work Around’

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'Xiang Fei'

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'Yarkaya Glitsiniya' 'Yaroslav' 'Yes To My Dress' ‘You Grow Girl’ 'Young Gandalf' 'Yun Long'

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'Zamagurie' 'Zaporizka Sich' 'Zebra Beauty' 'Zero Gravity' 'Zhelannaya' 'Zhenshchina-Prasdnik' 'Zhozefina' 'Zi Jing Ying Hua' 'Ziluo' 'Zlata Praha' 'Znakhar' 'Zoloto Polubotka' 'Zydejimo Virsm'

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Image galleries for other years and classifications
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