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Administrative Info and Links Admin for Iris Docents and Admins * Add a New Cultivar * Docent Information * Add a new Docent For each class or group of ...
Interested in Pacific Coast Native iris? Please visit:
Interested in Pacific Coast Native iris? Please visit:
NEW - 21 Mar 2011 - 21:00 by RPries
Interested in Pacific Coast Native iris? Please visit:
NEW - 21 Mar 2011 - 20:57 by RPries
AWARDS with history then photo gallery The world's Iris Societies have created many types of awards. Garden Awards are recommendations to the public of the best I...
American Iris Society Awards for 2001 Dykes Memorial MedalYAQUINA BLUE Schreiner's, 85 votesRunners Up:MESMERIZER Monty Byers, 69 votesCELEBRATION SONG Schreiner'...
AIS Awards for 2014 Other year Awards Image Galleries; 2013; 2014; 2015: 2016; 2017; THE AMERICAN DYKES MEDAL All Iris Classes, Originated In US Or Canada (To...
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Awards 2015 Other Year Awards Image Galleries; 2013; 2014; 2015: 2016; 2017; AIS Awards for 2015 THE AMERICAN DYKES MEDAL All Iris Classes, Originated In US ...
Awards for 2016 Other Year Awards Image Galleries; 2013; 2014; 2015: 2016; 2017; A printable list, text only is available here Image Gallery below under constru...
AIS Awards for 2017 Previous Years Awards Image Galleries; 2013; 2014; 2015: 2016; 2018; THE AMERICAN DYKES MEDAL All Iris Classes, Originated In US Or Canada (...
AIS Awards for 2018 THE AMERICAN DYKES MEDAL All Iris Classes, Originated In US Or Canada (Total Votes Cast = 374) A printable list, text only is available here ...
AIS Awards 2019 Previous Years Awards Image Galleries; 2013; 2014; 2015: 2016; 2017; 2018; 2019; 2021: THE AMERICAN DYKES MEDAL All Iris Classes, Originated In U...
Awards 2021 (page 1),page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5 Printable pdf. See Awards of Merit, etc. Previous Years Awards Image Galleries; 2013; 2014; 2015: 2016; 20...
Iris Encyclopedia Projects Awards The Iris Encyclopedia has been created by the American Iris Society for all irisarians and would be irisarians. Similar to the...
Iris Classes Irises are divided into a number of classes by AIS for garden judging. As such they compete for different medals and are supported by different AIS S...
Cal Sibes This page begs for more construction: Cal Sibes: A group of species hybrids involving a pacific coast native and a Siberian Iris. The first of these cro...
Series Californicae (Diels) Lawrence related links... Botanical Classification Series Californicae (Diels) Lawrence. A group of plants within the Section Limniri...
Series Longipetalae (Diels) Lawrence Series Longipetalae (Diels) Lawrence A group of plants within the section Limniris from Western North America with persistent...
Cultivation of Iris Each class of iris has different cultural requirements. Recommendations should always be adjusted to local climate conditions. It is recommend...
Daily Iris Puzzle What else might AIS do to help members, clubs, Regions, and Sections during these extraordinary times? We would really like to hear what you thi...
Facebook Pages of Iris Societies The American Iris Society and many other groups in AIS maintain Facebook pages in addition, or sometimes instead of, to their web...
Cultural Information: Planting and Growing Iris by Betty Wood Irises are among the easiest of perennials to grow, and they give an abundance of beauty with minim...
Glossary of Iris Terms and Abbreviations (under construction) Note The botanical and horticultural jargon used in Iris is extensive and it takes two forms; 1.Term...
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Horticultural Classification There are two classification systems; Botanical Classification and Horticultural Classification. As the world's registrar for Iris Th...
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International Iris Societies The Iris Encyclopedia cooperates with Iris societies around the world: Below are Iris Societies that provide information and services...
Medal Eligible Irises 2015 Each year the American Iris Society judges irises in the gardens at a variety of levels. You can learn more about these awards and prev...
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Sydney B. Mitchell Medal The highest award given by the American Iris Society strictly to Pacific Coast Natives History by Clarence Mahan ...........................
William Mohr Medal The highest award given by the American Iris Society strictly to Arilbred Irises with less than 1/2 Aril content. History from Clarence Mahan:....
Mitchell Medal Eligible Irises 2015 The Sydney B. Mitchell Medal is the highest special medal awarded by the American Iris Society to Pacific Coast Native Irises ...
r3 - 30 Jan 2015 - 04:41 by waynemesser
New Registrations For 1925 Under Construction _ Arilbreds ■ 'William Mohr' (William Mohr, R. 1925). Intermediate 'Alhena' … ' (George Bunyard Co., R. 1925)...
New Registrations for 2016 Image galleries or: List of all registrations below that(■ designates image present) Image Gallery A; Arilbreds MDBs Image Gallery...
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New Beardless Registrations For 2016 image Gallery F * Japanese Iris * Louisiana Iris * Pacific Coast Natives * Siberian Iris * Species Registratio...
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New Registrations For 2017 Under Construction Bearded Irises * Aril Iris * Arilbred Iris * Miniature Dwarf Bearded * Standard Dwarf Bearded * Mi...
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New registrations for 2018 (under construction) registration information will be added after publication of the 2018 R I presently images only. Under Construct...
Broken Color Broken color has become such a popular color pattern that perhaps it should not be included as a novelty any more. It should not be confused with iri...
Flounced And Spooned Irises One of the "Space Age" types of Irises that has been included under Novelty Irises is those with flounces or spoons. In this case inst...
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Novelty Frilled Flowers These may be the same or similar to Laced Flowers. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between frilled, fringed and lace. The cultive...
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Iris With Laced Flowers. Return to Novelty Irises When the protuberances on the edge of flowers were first noticed by hybridizers they were considered deformities...
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Number Of Iris Names April 25/2016 How Many Irises Are there? Since there is a page for each Iris name The Table below provides a good estimate of all irises nam...
News Notes Sample News Notes is the electronic newsletter of the American Iris Society for members. This is a sample issue (from early 2015) with working links ...
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Seed Exchanges Related links..............................Seed Germination For many years there have been two seed exchamges within the American Iris Society. One...
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Seeds Use the following Jump links to go to those topics or scroll down. * Types Of Seeds * Seed Sources * Seed Germination TYPES OF SEED, IDENTIFICATION: Rhizom...
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Web Statistics There are twenty webs that make up the Encyclopedia. Most focus on a particular type of Iris a few others such as the Garden Web or the History Web...
Horticultural Groupings of Irises Bearded Groups, Arillate bearded (AR) Arils...... (AB) Arilbred...... Non Arillate Bearded, Smallest and Largest ...
Index to General Iris Information Topics Below is a conventional INDEX. It is a list of links to definitions and topic areas. Click on a word for more information...
My Links * ATasteOfTWiki view a short introductory presentation on TWiki for beginners * WelcomeGuest starting points on TWiki * TWikiUsersGuide co...
This template can only be changed by: * Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = Main.TWikiAdminGroup (PCN) Variety Name YYYY, HYBRIDIZER(Optional description) There are NOP im...
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(PCN) Pacific Coast Native Iris A You need to go to the PCN web
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(PCN) Pacific Coast Native Iris B You need to go to the PCN web
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(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives C You need to go to the PCN Web
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(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives D
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives E
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives F
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives G
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives H
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives I
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives J
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives K
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives L
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives M
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives N
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives O
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives P
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives Q
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives R
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives S
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives T
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives U
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives V
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives W
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives X
(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives Y
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(PCN) Pacific Coast Natives Z
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State of The Encyclopedia 9 15 2013 Just how many irises are there? Someday we will be able to answer that question with some precision, but presently there are 5...
Virtual International Iris Show, 2014 Floral design section and Horticulture entries now accepted. Welcome; ((( Enter until Aug 15th!)))) This is the first Virtu...
Virtual Iris Show TABLE 14 (CA) Pacific Coast Natives, Series Californicae Named/introduced Cultivars Cultivar Name Side View Top View Stalk G...
%ADDTOZONE{"head" text=" .group table { display: ms grid; display: grid; ms grid columns: 180px 180px 180px 180px; grid template columns: repeat(a...
" warn="off"}% * * IRIS GROUPS * * * * Intermediate Bd * * Louisianas * Miniature Dwarf Bd * Miniature Tall Bd * Pac...
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