Bulbous Iris

History:Bulbous Iris set MAIN_TEXT_COLOR = #d32ea1Set NEW_BACKGROUND = #ECFADC 'NEW'In terms of commerce this is the most important category of Iris. In the AIS classification system these are included in the Species and SpeciesX classes and usually are shown at iris shows under these categories. When the system of registration began the American Iris Society registered all Iris. but in the 1950s due to the commercial importance of the bulb trade to the Netherlands, The Dutch Royal Bulbgrowers (KAVB) took over the registration of all bulbs. Since Iris rhizomes are often incorrectly termed bulbs there has often been confusion over what has been registered where and in early practice the KAVB registered many regeliocyclus because they were important to their growers. The system of registration with the KAVB is very different than that of the AIS, in that unless a cultivar has been through trials and shows potential for the bulb market it is not considered for registration. The AIS system is more about recording what is out there even to some small degree and caters to backyard growers, enthusiasts, and collectors whether the plant will become part of the large international marketplace or not. Hybridizers of bulbous Irises are encouraged to record their cultivars in this Encyclopedia whether or not they will ever be mass produced and registered by the KAVB, especially if they will be simply exchanged through the network of Iris enthusiasts that compose the Iris Societies of the world. This Encyclopedia can serve as an archive of record so that information not included in the two registration authorities does not become lost.

Types of Bulbous Irises:

Bulbous Irises are generally recognized to belong to three major groups that correspond to three botanical Subgenera of the Genus Iris;
  1. The smaller bulbous irises (RETICULATAS, Subgenus Hermodactyloides),
  2. The larger bulbous Irises (DUTCH, SPANISH & ENGLISH IRIS, Subgenus Xiphium),
  3. and the Junos (Subgenus Scorpiris). Until we develop more detailed lists and links you may find information by clicking on the botanical links.
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