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Black Irises, Almost

Black Irises, Almost are very popular and make stunning garden plants. There is no true black iris, they tend to be either blue-black, purple-black, or red-black. Below you will find a gallery of irises that lean heavily towards being black as selfs or in the standards or falls. Although some of the iris in this gallery may not be thought of as black they are in this gallery because they are identified in various ways in their registration or catalog descriptions with the color black. They are presented in chronological order from most recent introductions to older introductions and list the highest AIS Award they may have won. Clicking on a photo or the data will take you to the cultivar page for that iris where you will find other information about that iris.

If you think there is another almost black iris that should be added to this collection contact the AIS Encyclopedia Manager at

When this project was started in April of 2024 it was not imagined how many iris would be identified in some way as having black traits. This has become a significant project. Additionally the recent iris in the gallery would not have been eliglible for AIS Awards yet, and not all of the AIS Awards have been fully recorded in the early years cultivar pages so some of the much older iris may have won awards not noted here yet.

Gallery of Black Irises, Almost

2023 ‘Cover Of Night’, TB
Paul Black
No Awards
Cover Of Night
2023, ‘Karakul’, TB
Keith Keppel
No Awards
2023 ‘Lady Raven’, TB
Robin Shadlow
No Awards
Lady Raven
2022, ‘Gotham’, TB
No Awards
2020, ‘Black Friday’, TB
Honorable Mention 2022
Black Friday
2019, ‘Black Hole’, TB
Paul Black
Honorable Mention 2021
Black Hole
2019, ‘Evil Doctor’, TB
Don Murphy
No Awards
Evil Doctor
2018, ‘Senor Jinx’, TB
Award Of Merit 2023
Senor Jinx
2017, ‘Black Comedy’, IB
Paul Black
Sass Medal 2023
Black Comedy
2017, ‘Black Mirror’, TB
Honorable Mention 2019
Black Mirror
2016, ‘Black Lipstick’, TB
Keith Keppel
Wister Medal 2023
Black Lipstick
R. 2015, ‘Black Arts’, TB
J. Griffin Crump
No Awards
Black Arts
2015, ‘Black Cat’, TB
Donald Spoon
No Awards
Black Cat
2014, ‘Blackata’, TB
Bruce Filardi
Honorable Mention 2018
2014, ‘Blackwater’, TB
Honorable Mention 2016
2013, ‘Black Olive’, MDB
Paul Black
Caparne-Weldh Medal 2023
Black Olive
2012, ‘Wicked Good’, TB
Paul Black
Award of Merit 2016
Wicked Good
2011, ‘Black Bull’, BB
Denise Stewart
No Awards
Black Bull
2010, ‘Black Is Black’, TB
Wister Medal 2017
Black Is Black
2009, ‘Bad Intentions’, SDB
Paul Black
Honorable Mention 2011
Bad Intentions
2009, ‘Black Lightning’, SDB
Chuck Chapman
Award of Merit 2016
Black Lightning
2009, ‘Dracula's Kiss’, TB
Award of Merit 2013
2009, ‘Here Comes The Night’, TB
Honorable Mention 2011
Here Comes The Night
2008, ‘Raven Girl’, TB
Award of Merit 2014
Raven Girl
2008, ‘Stealth Fighter’, TB
J. Griffin Crump
No Awards
Stealth Fighter
2007, ‘Blackmail’, TB
John Bruce
No Awards
2006, ‘Wish Upon A Star’, SDB
Paul Black
Cook Douglas Medal 2013
Wish Upon A Star
2005, ‘All Night Long’, TB
Roger Duncan
Award of Merit 2009
All Night Long
2005, ‘Lord Of The Night’, TB
George Sutton
Honorable Mention 2009
Lord Of The Night
2003,'Ozark Rebounder’, TB
Barbara Nicodemus
Award of Merit 2009
Ozark Rebounder
2002, ‘Obsidian’, TB
Marky Smith
Award of Merit 2006
2001, ‘Hollywood Nights’, TB
Roger Duncan
Wister Medal 2008
Hollywood Nights
2001, ‘Sambuca’, TB
Larry Johnson
Honorable Mention 2004
2000, ‘Black Suited’, TB
Award of Merit 2004
Black Suited
2000, ‘Ghost Train’, TB
Sterling Innerst
Honorable Mention 2003
Ghost Train
2000, ‘Starring’, TB
Joseph Ghio
Wister Medal 2007
2000, ‘Sweet Baby’, SDB
Keith Keppel
Honorable Mention 2002
Sweet Baby
1999, ‘Black Butte’, TB
Honorable Mention 2001
Black Butte
1999, ‘Black Night’, IB
A. Theodore Mueller
No Awards
Black Suited
1998, ‘Dark Passion’, TB
Honorable Mention 2001
Dark Passion
1998, ‘Holy COw’, TB
Tom Burseen
No Awards
Holy Cow
1998, ‘Men In Black’, TB
Larry Lauer
Honorable Mention 2000
Men In Black
1998, ‘Midnight Oil’, TB
Keith Keppel
Award of Merit 2002
Midnight Oil
1996, ‘Local Color’, TB
Keith Keppel
Wister Medal 2002
Local Color
1996, ‘Old Black Magic’, TB
Award of Merit 2000
Old Black Magic
1996, ‘Thunder Spirit’, TB
Honorable Mention 1998
Thunder Spirit
1995, ‘Around Midnight’, TB
Award of Merit 2000
Around Midnight
1994, ‘Paint It Black’, TB
Award of Merit 2000
Paint It Black
1993, ‘Black Tie Affair’, TB
Award of Merit 1997
Black Tie Affair
1993, ‘Coalignition’, TB
Tom burseen
Honorable Mention 1997
1992, ‘Blacky’, TB
Manfred Beer
No Awards
1992, ‘Hello Darkness’, TB
Dykes Medal 1999
Hello Darkness
1991, ‘Midnight Dancer’, TB
No Awards
Midnight Dancer
1989, ‘Before The Storm’, TB
Sterling Innerst
Dykes Medal 1996
Before The Storm
1989, ‘Magician's Apprentice’, TB
William Maryott
Honorable Mention 1994
1988, ‘Black Fantasy’, TB
Duane Meek
No Awards
Black Fantasy
1987, ‘Dark Vader’, SDB
Lynda Miller
Cook Douglas Medal 1993
Dark Vader
1986, ‘Back In Black’, TB
Honorable Mention 1988
Back In Black
1986, ‘Blackout’, TB
Walter Luihn
Honorable Mention 1988
1986, ‘Satin Satan’, TB
John Weiler
Honorable Mention 1988
Satin Satan
1986, ‘Witches' Sabbath’, TB
William Maryott
Honorable Mention 1988
1985, ‘Darkside’, TB
Award of Merit 1991
1985, ‘Houdini’, TB
William Maryott
Honorable Mention 1987
1985, ‘Watch It’, TB
John Weiler
No Awards
Watch It
R. 1983, ‘Black Soul’, TB
John Durrance
No Awards
Black Soul
1983, ‘Black Tornado’, TB
Gordon Plough
No Awards
Black Tornado
1982, ‘Black Dragon’, TB
Honorable Mention 1984
Black Dragon
1982, ‘Harlem Hussy’, TB
Duane Meek
Honorable Mention 1984
Harlem Hussy
1981, ‘Black Jazz’, TB
Eva Heimann
No Awards
Black Jazz
1981, ‘Raven's Roost’, TB
Gordon Plough
No Awards
1980, ‘Black Ware’, TB
Loleta Powell
No Awards
Black Ware
1978, ‘Cherry Smoke’, TB
Duane Meek
Award of Merit 1982
Cherry Smoke
1978, ‘Swazi Princess’, TB
Award of Merit 1984
Swazi Princess
1977, ‘Night Raider’, TB
Charles Burrell
No Awards
Night Raider
1977, ‘Sunday Punch’, TB
Fred Crandall
No Awards
Sunday Punch
1977, ‘Superstition’, TB
Award of Merit 1981
1976, ‘Black Veil’, SDB
Floyd Dyer
No Awards
Black Veil
1976, ‘By Night’, TB
Honorable Mention 1977
By Night
1976, ‘Tar Barrel’, TB
Loleta Powell
No Awards
Tar Barrel
1975, ‘Storm Flury’, TB
No Awards
Storm Flury
1974, ‘Black Market’, TB
Gordon Plough
Honorable Mention 1976
Black Market
1973, ‘Midnight Special’, TB
Neva Sexton
Honorable Mention 1977
Midnight Special
1972, ‘Demon’, SDB
Ben Hager
Award of Merit 1976
1971, ‘Basic Black’, TB
Ben HAger
Honorable Mention 1972
Basic Black
R. 1970, ‘Black Boots’, TB
Tim Craig
Honorable Mention 1971
Black Boots
1970, ‘Night Owl’, TB
Schreiner/br>Award of Merit 1973
Night Owl
1969, ‘Black Bart’, TB
Hazel Schmelzer
No Awards
Black Bart
1969, ‘Black Bit’, SDB
Alta Brown
No Awards
Black Bit
1969, ‘Black Pansy’, TB
Caroline DeForest
Honorable Mention 1970
Black Pansy
1969, ‘Charcoal’, TB
Gordon Plough
Honorable Mention 1970
1968, ‘Study In Black’, TB
Gordon Plough
Award of Merit 1973
Study In Black
1967, ‘Nightside’, TB
Honorable Mention 1968
19R. 1966, ‘Black Canyon’, TB
Elbert W. Smith
No Awards
Black Canyon
1966, 'Congo Queen, TB
Edward Christensen
Honorable Mention 1967
Congo Queen
1966, 'Sable Robe', TB
Paul Cook
Honorable Mention 1967
Sable Robe
1965, 'Leda Knight', TB
George Hinkle
Honorable Mention 1966
Leda Knight
1965, 'Night Song', TB
Walter Luihn
Honorable Mention 1966
Night Song
1965, 'Swahili', TB
Gordon Plough
Award of Merit 1969
1965, 'Tuxedo', TB
Honorable Mention 1969
1963, 'After Dark', TB
Honorable Mention 1964
After Dark
1963, 'Black Hope', TB
Lloyd Austin
No Awards
Black Hope
1963, 'Black Monday', TB
Charles Voris
No Awards
Black Monday
1963, 'Black Rose', TB
Wilma Vallette
No Awards
Black Rose
1963, 'Congo Song', TB
Edward Christensen
Honorable Mention 1964
Congo Song
1963, 'Ecstatic Night', TB
Paul Cook
No Awards
Ecstatic Night
R. 1962, 'Black Jade', TB
Orville Fay
No Awards
Black Jade
1962, 'Dark Fury', TB
Walter Luihn
Award of Merit 1965
Dark Fury
1962, 'Jet Black', TB
Roy Brizendine
No Awards
Jet Black
1962, 'Shine Boy', SDB
Mildred Brizendine
Award of Merit 1967
Shine Boy
1961, 'Licorice Stick', TB
Award of Merit 1964
Licorice Stick
1960, 'Black Swan', TB
Orville Fay
Award of Merit 1962
Black Swan
1960, 'Black Top', MDB
Walter Welch
Honorable Mention 1961
Black Top
1960, 'Midnight Waltz', TB
Laura Burbridge
Honorable Mention 1961
Midnight Waltz
1959, 'Basin Street', TB
Larry Gaulter
No Awards
Basin Street
1959, 'Blackness', TB
Charles H. Lewis
Honorable Mention 1960
1959, 'Edenite', TB
Gordon Plough
Honorable Mention 1959
1958, 'Black Ink', TB
James Kelway
No Awards
Black Ink
1958, 'Black Onyx', TB
Robert Schreiner
Honorable Mention 1960
Black Onyx
1956, 'Total Eclipse', TB
Orville Fay
Honorable Mention 1956
Total Eclipse
1955, 'Black Baby', MDB
Hans Peter Sass
Caparne Award 1962
Black Baby
1955, 'Deep Black', TB
Paul Cook
Award of Merit 1957
Deep Black
1954, 'Black Taffeta', TB
Gertrude Songer
Award of Merit 1957
Black Taffeta
1954, 'Dark Boatman', TB
Paul Cook
Award of Merit 1956
Dark Boatman
1953, 'Black Castle', TB
No Awards
Black Castle
R. 1953, 'Black Midnight', TB
No Awards
Black Midnight
1953, 'Black Mischief', TB
Bernard Schreiner
No Awards
Black Mischief
1953, 'Storm Warning', TB
Bernard Schreiner
Honorable Mention 1954
Storm Warning
1952, 'Sable Night', TB
Paul Cook
Dykes Medal 1955
Sable Night
1951, 'Black Belle', TB
Jean Stevens
No Awards
Black Belle
1951, 'Black Hills', TB
Orville Fay
Award of Merit 1954
Black Hills
R. 1951, 'Black Tower', TB
Elizabeth Anderson
No Awards
Black Tower
R. 1949, 'After Midnight', TB
Tell Muhlestein
No Awards
After Midnight
R. 1948, 'Black Knight', TB
J. W. Palmer
No Awards
Black Knight
1948, 'Velvet Dusk', TB
Robert Schreiner
No Awards
Velvet Dusk
1947, 'Ebony Queen', TB
Sass Brothers
Honorable Mention 1947
Ebony Queen
1945, 'Black Forest', TB
Award of Merit 1948
Black Forest
1942, 'Indiana Night', TB
Paul Cook
Award of Merit 1944
Indiana Night
1940, 'Storm King', TB
Colonel Jesse Nicholls
Honorable Mention 1941
Storm King
1939, 'Deep Velvet', TB
Carl Salbach
Award of Merit 1942
Deep Velvet
1938, 'Ethiop Queen', TB
Robert Schreiner
No Awards
Ethiop Queen
1938, 'Sable', TB
Paul Cook
Award of Merit 1940
1937, 'Mata Hari', TB
Colonel Jesse Nicholls
No Awards
Mata Hari
1936, 'Dymia', TB
Elmer Curtis Shuber
No Awards
R. 1935, 'Black Magic', IB
Robert Wayman
No Awards
Black Magic
1934, 'The Black Douglas', TB
Jacob Sass
Honorable Mention 1936
The Black Douglas
1930, 'Black Wings', TB
James Kirkland
Award of Merit 1933
Black wings
1898, 'Iris nigricans', SPEC
Kreslage & Sons
No Awards
Iris nigricans


From the "The World of Irises" Chapter 4 by Melba B Hamblen and Keith Keppel. © 1978 AIS: The Development of Black Tall-Bearded Irises.



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