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Working On Now Reminders of Topics to Check or Change Pages needing updates * Iris munzii needs links to varieties and hybrids see hybridizer Lenz for link...
MTB Test https://wiki.irises.org/Mtb/MtbAhdeeDahdee https://wiki.irises.org/Mtb/MtbAbridgedVersion https://wiki.irises.org/Mtb/MtbAce https://wiki.iris...
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Project to find missing "Victoria" entry/entries Why is there a difference between the Iris Encyclopedia search for "victoria" with 44 results (2 of which are not...
Project to find missing "Ginger" Entry The title search "ginger" in Iris Encyclopedia gives 39 results while the Iris Register online gives 40 (5/6/21) . What is ...
Project to find missing "Silence" entry/entries Why is there a difference between the Iris Encyclopedia search for "silence" with 20 results and the online Iris R...
Iris Encyclopedia Dashboard One way to check various activities in the Iris Encyclopedia. Template " Statistics Changes All Topics " Copy without includi...
World of Irises AIS Blog The real World of Irises Index is in the Main web. Test of some concepts here Copied from WOI Titles First Test Labels were added by co...
JI Count: Main.WayneMesser 20 Oct 2020
Region 21 Hybridizer's Irises Needing Photos Allan Ensminger Border Bearded: 'Blue Too', 'Bly Cox', 'Calorific', 'Donnay', 'He', 'Lumina', 'Opals Opalescence',...
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Started with the Species by Date page and copied the first 3 decades, each as a group, into Google Sheet. Lessons learned from first try: 1 Don't copy and past...
Test Search Page Whole word match (very slow) Search names Search hybridizer Search description Enter your query above. Example: (colette OR (blue AND tiger...
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World of Irises Most recent 100 articles These are active links to the most recent 100 articles of World of Irises, the American Iris Society blog. The list is ...
Here's a list of topics I've been involved in recently: Main Web %SEARCH{ "MacroTesting" web="Main" scope="text" nonoise="on" order="modified...
Last Minute Changes for September 2, 2020 Judges Training Webinar This is where to find any updates made for the upcoming September 2, 2020 Judges Training Webina...
AIS Centennial Celebration Private group · 3 members Join Group Let's celebrate the AIS Centennial Anniversary online. It's our 100th year! ...
Gardens To Visit Iris Gardens to See: Fister Iris Garden East Campus of the University of Nebraska Lincoln Quad City Botanical Center Rock Island, Illinois. S...
Region 21 Hybridizers References Raw #* Date Verified Date Iowa 54 2/9/2020 Nebraska 78 2/9/2020 South Dakota 9 2/9/2020...
International Iris Societies Reference Material This list comes the the British Iris Society website The BIS as part of a global community Across the world peo...
Topics for News Notes Collections of topics for upcoming issues of News Notes. Also a calendar as a reminder of what topics are likely to need included when. ...
Board Orientation Page For new and continuing AIS board members as well as anyone considering becoming a board member. AIS Director Job Description List of Board ...
WOI Titles First Test Copied from RSS Javascript processed 11/12/19 World of Irises * Did We Give Up on the Recessive Amoenas too Early? * IRISES: The Bulle...
Exhaustive Test Page for ImagePlugin See also: Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Extended_image_syntax Syntax to use an image in uploaded size, with a caption To use an image ...
Website Conversion Test Affiliated Local Club Websites; on AIS Website Bylaws of AIS (2011) on AIS Website Committee Reports (Fall/2016) to AIS Board ...
Testing Tables Layouts Bud To Blossom Lauer 2015 Deep Secret Lauer 2015 IB Oh Carol Lauer 2012 Re Rainbow Power Lauer 2014 Rust Never Sleeps L...
AIS Awards for 2018 THE FRED AND BARBARA WALTHER CUP (Most HM Votes In Any Category) . 85 ‘Perry Dyer’ (Paul Black) TB Runners Up: 71 ’Black Comedy’ ...
Test Plantings To match colors Again And Again Dawn Of Fall Summer Honeyyellow orange Gate Of Heaven Summer Radiance Immortality Repetition ...
%INCLUDE{ ".ScrollBoxAddOn" section="scroll_box" name="imageExample" title="Arilbreds OGB " content=" " delay="3000" vstep="225" w...
Iris Encyclopedia Left Column Menu Main Log In Register * Welcome Info * IRIS GROUPS * Arils * Arilbred * Border Bearded * Intermediate...
The American Iris Society Creating the Iris Wiki Spring 2019 The Iris Encyclopedia has become a major resource for irisarians and AIS. Its alter ego, the Iris W...
World of Irises Photos Index An alphabetical list of the photos found in World of Irises posts. Photo Post Type Notes Acadian Miss Diversity of Color...
AIS Publication Deadlines The American Iris Society and its parts have many periodic publications. This summary is to help authors and editors with these creation...
Flower Societies The American Iris Society is one of many groups dedicated to particular groups of flowers. Aside from the differences in the flowers that are the...
Title Storing the search results from November 23, 2016 Searched: "1920, " Number of topics: 158 Modify search Results from Ab web retrieved at 02:09 (GMT) AbDi...
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Temporary? Holding Pen Clubs Big Sky Iris Club https://www.facebook.com/Big Sky Iris Club 175092139242291/ Main.WayneMesser 26 Jun 2018
Alphabetical Noids for ID See list Amain Ask Alma Beach Baby Bluebird Blue Blue Suede Shoes Blue Warbler Candy Rock Certainly Certainly Cocoa ...
Sample Table Display of Results Table to see how we can look at the results received as of April 20. 4. What help would you like from AIS? 5. Please add any ot...
Affiliate Officer Survival Guide (Thank you to an anonymous survey respondent for suggesting this. They suggested it would be useful for encouraging volunteers to...
Presentations and Publications As part of the 2018 AIS Affiliates Survey, there were many suggestions as well as requests for presentations and publications that ...
Test PowerPoint Attachment The attached document is Scarlett Ayres presentation about what AIS does. Main.WayneMesser 13 Mar 2018 * AISWeb.pptx: AIS Web Pr...
Best In Show 2017 Alphabetical list of winners See Gallery Type Best Specimen TB Air Hog TB Alpine Harmony TB Artistic Touch LA Bayou Tiger TB Be O...
2018 Iris Show Status Every year many clubs in the American Iris Society have iris shows in the spring and occasionally in fall. You can see a list of the the 201...
How Is Your Club? Direct link to the survey: Click here. How Is Your Club? As a vital part of the American Iris Society, we would like to hear how your club is do...
AIS Idea Register Prototype The AIS Idea Register would be a means of collecting ideas for AIS. Ideas of all kinds: old, new, tried, not tried; whether you think ...
AIS Idea Register Prototype The AIS Idea Register would be a means of collecting ideas for AIS. Ideas of all kinds: old, new, tried, not tried; whether you think ...
Local Clubs of AIS The American Iris Society has over 160 affiliated clubs in Canada and the United States. Clubs are listed alphabetically by state and province ...
Heart of Iowa Iris Growers October 2017 Using the Iris Encyclopedia AIS Website http://www.irises.org/ Iris Encyclopedia Main Page http://wiki.irises.org/...
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Google Groups Google Groups are a tool that AIS is evaluating for discussions and archiving. These are some links that might help you use it. * My Groups If ...
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Public Relations Marketing Initiatives and Resources For testing embed. Works by using Raw Edit to insert the embed code shown below image. Links (light blue) w...
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(TB) 'Annabel Lee' YYYY, Hybridizer 'Cultivar Name' (Optional description) Main.BetsyHiggins 2017 03 29
Test Layout 1 Looking at iris layout 'Asian Plum' 'Breakfast In Bed' 'Candy Basket' 'Fashionable One' 'Gambling Man' 'Juvenile Joy' 'Linda Nelson'...
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Tests Article text. Type Best Specimen TB Air Hog SPU Blue Starlight MTB Deuce TB Far Gal Valicia PCI Fresh Eyes LA Gulf Coast Sunshine AB He...
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Perimeter Three Third perimeter of irises set up similar to original PerimeterTest Blue Cheer Cabot Cove High Profile Candy Rock Noid Midwest Gem ...
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Perimeter Test Ways of displaying irises you have PerimeterTwo PerimeterThree 'Chanted' 'Willowmist' 'Hot Glow' (3) 'Tessie The Tease' 'Sign Me Up...
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Perimeter Two Second perimeter of irises set up similar to original PerimeterTest Raspberry Ripples Daughter Of Stars Harvest Of Memories (3) Solomon's ...
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Historic Irises 2016 Messer HIPS, the Historic Iris Preservation Society, maintains a databank of historic irises that members report having in their gardens. All...
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Temp Holding Pen Maybe temporary, maybe longer, place to store links or other copied items for later use. From search for "1920," : http://wiki.irises.org/bin/vie...
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Template To Record Your HIPS Database A possible template for HIPS members to record their historic irises. While we show step by step instructions for making a c...
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Iris Presentation for Cass County Master Gardeners March 2017 To be presented three times in breakout sessions on March 18. Slides List 1 Introduction 1 Wha...
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Template To Record Your HIPS Database A possible template for HIPS members to record their historic irises. While we show step by step instructions for making a c...
Template To Record Your HIPS Database A possible template for HIPS members to record their historic irises. While we show step by step instructions for making a c...
Template To Record Your HIPS Database A possible template for HIPS members to record their historic irises. While we show step by step instructions for making a c...
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Template To Record Your HIPS Database A possible template for HIPS members to record their historic irises. Cultivar Name Hybridizer Intro. Year ID Verifi...
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My Current Hats Another thought about tying things together. National * Public Relations Marketing Committee * News Notes Editor * Exhibition Show R...
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Title Things to Know Before You Visit Des Moines Simulated Iris Show A Simulated Iris Show is scheduled on Wednesday, May 24, 2017. This is a hands on trainin...
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Testing the Wayback Machine Saving Article text. Forced testing of Iris "Catalog" Schreiners https://web.archive.org/web/20170227174134/https://www.schreinersgard...
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Table Testing Article text. Creating sortable tables. Uses TWiki.TablePlugin to allow sorting. See also Table Variable. Comments
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World of Irises Postings Automatically updated list of the most recent 100 posts from the World of Irises blog. Comments
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JS Test 4 Article text. http://theamericanirissociety.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=json callback=mycallbackfunc start index=100 max results=100 var startI...
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JS Test 4 Article text. http://theamericanirissociety.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=json callback=mycallbackfunc start index=100 max results=100 var startI...
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WOI Titles Test 3 Article text. var startIndex = 1; var maxResults = 100; function sendQuery12() { var scpt = document.createElement("script"); scpt.src = ...
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WOI Titles Test 2 Article text. var startIndex = 1; var maxResults = 100; function sendQuery12() { var scpt = document.createElement("script"); scpt.src = "...
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Public Relations Marketing Initiative and Resources Comments
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Test Headlines 4 Article text. Testing RSS Tumblr embed Titles work ====== Testing Tumblr RSS for photo feed works although photos do not always show. C...
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Article In Progress Template Possible parameters, remove or add as appropriate. Working Topic:Summary:Audience:Schedule:Publication:Participants (add your name): ...
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News Notes Sources Possible sources for News Notes topics * AISDiscuss * AIS Website News * World of Irises Blog Recent Headlines * AIS Fac...
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Template for Region Meetings Every year many of the AIS Regions have a Spring Meeting filled with talks by well known irisarians (many of the talks are called Jud...
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Welcome to the IRIS ENCYCLOPEDIA (a wiki) of The American Iris Society SEARCH IRIS DATABASE Virtual Iris Show Lost Found Free Irises P...
GW Frank House Kearney, Nebraska Built 1889 1889 irises: http://wiki.irises.org/bin/view/Main/WebSearchAdvanced?search=%221889%2C %22 scope=text web=all sort=t...
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Possible American Iris Society Goals for Comments The AIS Strategic Planning Committee has been examining how AIS and its members can better fulfill its mission: ...
Test Embed RSS This is the Twitter Feed for AIS: And a different view (maybe) Once more using media? Comments
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%DASHBOARD{ section="banner" image="http://wiki.irises.org/pub/Sandbox/RegionTestPage/cropped Region21.jpg" title="..." width="1000" height="288" button1="Re...
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Unknown #0(Sample) Tall bearded Iris found in X garden Help us identify this Iris! What is known about this plant? Click on thumbnail to enlarge. Comments add...
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Forum Test Article text. Comments Can this be used as a simple Forum? Automatically saves comments (requires login after typing comment if not already logg...
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New Forum Topic Comments Created using wikiword in previous forum. Blank comment came from clicking add comment after clicking in this box.
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Welcome to the IRIS ENCYCLOPEDIA (a wiki) of The American Iris Society SEARCH IRIS DATABASE Virtual Iris Show Lost Found Free Irises About 20...
Creating Region Pages Pages for an AIS Region are created and edited just like other Iris Encyclopedia pages. Comments
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World of Irises Headlines from the AIS World of Irises blog (automatically updated). Comments
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58 ‘Center Line’ (Thomas Johnson) 54 ‘Bright Sunshiny Day’ (Thomas Johnson) 50 ‘Engaement Ring’ (Joseph Ghio) 47 ‘Winterberry’ (Donald Spoon) ...
Sample Covers The American Iris Society Sections produce newsletters for their members. Examples are: SIGNA SIGNA FLAGS Tall Talk Aril Society Int. SP...
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Box Test From the Sandbox front page. %DASHBOARD{ section="box_start" title="Recent Changes" contentstyle="overflow: hidden;" }% %DASHBOARD{ section="box_start"...
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Roland May 14, 2016 Types of Irises * Siberian Web * Spuria Web * Japanese Web * Louisiana Web * Pacific Coast Native Web * ...
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Title http://wiki.irises.org/pub/Sandbox/DISTest1/DISPub1 1.doc Comments
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Title 32 April 002 Comments
* Top comment output 2 .ProjectContributor 26 Nov 2006 * Top comment output 1 .ProjectContributor 26 Nov 2006 CommentPlugin examples See .CommentPlug...
2016 Draycott gardens catalog Article text. Comments
Scrolling Historic Irises %INCLUDE{ ".ScrollBoxAddOn" section="scroll_box" name="imageExample" title="White TBs" content=" " delay="3...
Floral Morphology in Iris tenax by Carol Wilson Stages of ovule development in relation to flower opening jQue...
Test of Scrolling Photos Article text Insert Raw view below %INCLUDE{ ".ScrollBoxAddOn" section="scroll_box" name="imageExample" title="Beverly Hills" c...
Qr Sandbox QR Code for Main Page This QR code may be copied and pasted onto labels or literature to bring people to this page
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Test Includes From the Twiki Tips of the Day: TWITip011 . Include 1 Notes: You can do an include from within Twiki; but, not from URLs. Include 2 count arilbred...
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What would you like to do? The Iris Encyclopedia can help you learn more about irises, irisarians, the history of irises, and the American Iris Society. Comme...
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%TWISTY{ showlink="" showimgleft="" hidelink="" hideimgleft="" linkclass="foswikiButton" mode="div" }% %INCLUDE{ ".WebCreateNewTopicComponents" ...
My Favorite ones : Emma Cook : Healthy with good vigour in a variety of climates with nice upright fans, good increase, purple bases to the fans, remontant, nee...
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Slide Test Article text. Smilebox Test Comments
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Title Article text. test test Comments
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Photos Test Article text. Comments
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(TB) 'Variety Name' TempBritDykes TempAusDykes DykesTest SemiNoid Id 2012 Update Test YYYY, HYBRIDIZER Ron Busch * 'Cultivar Name' Registration inf...
r35 - 25 Oct 2015 - 02:56 by waynemesser
Welcome to the IRIS ENCYCLOPEDIA (a wiki) of The American Iris Society News Flash! 2015 Awards Are here SEARCH IRIS DATABASE Virtual Iris Show Lost F...
Template Example Example template topic for CommentPluginExamples:templatetopic. #TemplateTopicPrompt : Include generic comment templates:
Welcome to the IRIS ENCYCLOPEDIA (a wiki) of The American Iris Society News Flash! 2015 Awards Are here SEARCH IRIS DATABASE Virtual Iris Show Lost F...
Award sandbox JI HONORABLE MENTION (Total votes cast = 154) 17 ‘Artesian Spring’ (Chad Harris) 14 ‘Celestial Emperor’ (Chad Harris) 12 ‘Amethyst's ...
Title Article text. Comments
NEW - 17 Aug 2015 - 03:34 by Harloiris
Aril Society International The Aril Society International The Aril Society International is a group of iris enthusiasts from around the world that are devoted to ...
Title Article text. Comments
Welcome to the IRIS ENCYCLOPEDIA (a wiki) of The American Iris Society SEARCH IRIS DATABASE Progress for 23, December 2013, wiki now contains about 88% o...
Test Hybridizer Article text. Article text. Comments Comments Testhybridizer
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Title The American Iris Society News Notes February 1 2015 In This Issue See the 2015 Dykes Medal Winne...
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Title The American Iris Society News Notes February 1 2015 In This Issue See the 2015 Dykes Medal Winner See Portlan...
NEW - 16 Feb 2015 - 20:41 by waynemesser
Title The American Iris Society News Notes February 1 2015 In This Issue See the 2015 Dykes Medal Winner See Port...
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Title Article text. Comments
r24 - 06 Feb 2015 - 02:15 by waynemesser
Title The American Iris Society News Notes August 29 2013 In This Issue A Letter to Our Readers Reminder Vote for Your Fav...
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Photo Collages Templates Five photos across from 2010 Favorite Irises copy from HTML version. ‘Dusky Challenger’ #1 ‘Queen's Circle’ #2 ‘Conjuration...
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Title %DASHBOARD{ section="box_start" title="Recent Changes" contentstyle="overflow: hidden;" }% Comments
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Table for 2014 Last year at this time we asked how many Irises are there? It was estimated at 68,000. That included names that were obsolete because the Iris wa...
Bulbous Iris History: set MAIN_TEXT_COLOR = #d32ea1Set NEW_BACKGROUND = #ECFADC 'NEW'In terms of commerce this is the most important category of Iris. In the AIS ...
Award Winning Iris Photos Needed Caparne Award 1981 'Penny Candy' M. Hamblen 1980 'Nuggets' D. Sindt 1977 'Tom Thumb' M. Hamblen 1972 'Sun Sparkle...
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This is the title Note: This topic no longer ships with its history. The compare demonstration is no longer operational Here is a changed paragraph. Lorem Ipsum d...
Other Photos Needed Australian Dykes Medal 2011: Imogen Paige (TB) bred by Graeme Grosvenor 2009: Pot Black (TB) bred by Graeme Grosvenor 2001: Going South (La) b...
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Perry Dyer Contemporary Views CONTEMPORARY VIEWS – 2007/2008 Perry Dyer This edition of Contemporary Views includes evaluations from the 2007 AIS National Conve...
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CAPS Resources Note this is Sandbox version see link below for Current Version This was created as a test version. You can see the current version for editing...
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Comments Example comment topic for CommentPluginExamples "return" Target comment output 1 .ProjectContributor 03 Dec 2006 Target comment output 2 .Projec...
What Exactly Do Sea Monkeys Eat? If you ve decided to raise sea monkeys, it s extremely important to try your best to feed them the suitable food to help them flo...
NEW - 05 May 2014 - 16:10 by wellstommy253
This is the 2013 results J. Arthur Nelson Award* Type Best Specimen # of times Introducer ...
NEW - 17 Apr 2014 - 23:31 by waynemesser
Search Tips For Dentist TampaDo you presently have your own probable spam link removed If you still have not located one, you need to not dilly dally any type o...
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Test of Spreadsheet Insertion Show Date Location State Sponsor Notes 4/12/2014 Austin TX IS of Austin 4/19/2014 Van Alstyne TX Texoma Rainbow IS 4/26...
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TB Symposium Test 2013 AIS SYMPOSIUMRank Rank Cultivar Votes Hybridizer Intro. Bloom Ht Brief Description2012 2013 Year Season In1 1...
NEW - 28 Mar 2014 - 16:38 by waynemesser
Family tree (SPEC) Species (SPEC) Species (SPEC) Species (SPEC) Species (SPX) Species Hybrids (SPU) Spurias........ (SDB) Standard Dwarf B...
How to get images to pop up in a gallery in a topic (click edit to see and copy the data structure) copied the above link into "edit" in order to get my photo to ...
Photo Holds Main.WayneMesser 2014 01 30
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Practice Embeds To see how photos from various sources display Flickr Via Embed for Set from Slideshow and then Share object width="400" height="300" embed p...
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Dividing Irises This is a YouTube video on Iris. You can see the video on YouTube here. Notes: Required old embed code to work. (New embed code with iframe d...
* one * one.a * one.a.x * one.b * one.b.x continue * one.b.y * icon:person Tim * icon:pe...
Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 25 Main.WayneMesser 2013 09 28
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CLASSIFICATION VIEWS PAGES V/P V/P% IMAGES IMAGES/PAGE All types of Iris 797,900 55,259 14.4 ... 108,186 1.96 Aril 9,217 405 ...
JQueryPlugin #187; JQuery Plugin Examples Demo of the TWikiWidgets implemented by the JQueryPlugin. Buttons Toggles Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer ad...
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JQueryPlugin #187; Examples for JQueryPlugin Include the jQuery javascript and theme we need: Dialog Default, no options Hello, World! Create Dialog Close Tit...
r3 - 23 Aug 2013 - 07:56 by TWikiContributor
Slide # 1 Dwarf Irises
For deletion test. Main.WayneMesser 2013 07 14
r2 - 14 Jul 2013 - 19:49 by waynemesser
2013 Dykes Medal Candidates The American Dykes Medal is one of the highest awards judged by the American Iris Society Judges. It is awarded by the British Iris So...
NEW - 24 Jun 2013 - 21:43 by waynemesser
Video Embed Test This is a YouTube video on Iris. You can see the video on YouTube here. Notes: Required old embed code to work. (New embed code with iframe ...
NEW - 19 Jun 2013 - 21:01 by waynemesser
(TB) 'Variety Name' YYYY, HYBRIDIZER 'Cultivar Name' Registration information Main.PatriciaBurch 2013 05 19
NEW - 19 May 2013 - 23:18 by Burchpatricia
(TB) 'For Testing double dot attachments YYYY, HYBRIDIZER 'Cultivar Name' Registration information Main.WayneMesser 2013 05 13
NEW - 13 May 2013 - 19:35 by waynemesser
AIS 2012 Medal Winners The American Iris Society awards Medals annually to the top irises of each type and to what will be the next Iris of the Year, the Dykes Me...
NEW - 09 May 2013 - 00:31 by waynemesser
Reference List HYBRIDIZER http://www.region15ais.org/newsletter/Region%2015%20AIS%202011%20Fall%20Report.pdf has several hybridizers short bios http://www.mediani...
NEW - 15 Apr 2013 - 03:19 by waynemesser
'Solar Fusion'2012 Lee Walker 'Speeding Star'2011 Anna David Cadd 'Missouri Dreamland'2010 David Niswonger 'Missouri Autumn'2009 David Niswonger 'Elfin...
NEW - 09 Apr 2013 - 02:28 by waynemesser
(TB) 'Variety Name' YYYY, HYBRIDIZER 'Cultivar Name' Registration information So Van Gogh 2012 List of Morgan Wood Medal winners Siberian (SIB) Irises: (Since 1...
r9 - 20 Mar 2013 - 22:34 by waynemesser
(TB) 'Variety Name' xxxx yyyyy Sea Power'2006 Keith Keppel 'Splashacata'2005 Rick Tasco 'Crowned Heads'2004 Keith Keppel 'Celebration Song'2003 Schreiner...
NEW - 18 Mar 2013 - 23:18 by waynemesser
'Paul Black'2010 Tom Johnson 'Golden Panther'2009 Rick Tasco 'Starwoman'2008 Marky Smith 'Queen's Circle'2007 Fred Kerr 'Sea Power'2006 Keith Keppel 'Sp...
NEW - 18 Mar 2013 - 23:16 by waynemesser
(TB) 'Variety Name' YYYY, HYBRIDIZER 'Cultivar Name' Registration information List of American Dykes Medal winners: 'Florentine Silk'2012 Keith Keppel 'Drama Qu...
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TempBritDykes http://www.hips roots.com/articles/dykesmedal brit.html http://www.britishirissociety.org.uk/dykes.html http://www.hort.net/lists/iris/mar97/msg0045...
NEW - 26 Dec 2012 - 03:48 by waynemesser
The Australian Dykes Medal This is one of the highest awards judged by the Australian Iris Society. It is awarded by the British Iris Society in honor of William ...
r2 - 17 Dec 2012 - 05:04 by waynemesser
(TB) 'Helene' 2012, Ignatov 'Helene' Hih class There are images. Main.AnatoliyIgnatov 2012 12 16
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Information regarding heat pump repair It is vital that you continue your own air cooling doing work proper specifically if you reside in a warm region. This can ...
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Incredible details about Vernon Barruga, DDS Do you need to conclusion the teeth issues? Then better discover more about Boca Park Dental. The beneficial as well ...
NEW - 26 Nov 2012 - 15:11 by insitblog65
Characteristics of Nicole Morganti, DMDIf you are searching for any reputable dentist then greater learn more about Dr. Nicole Morganti, DMD. Within Florida, she ...
NEW - 25 Nov 2012 - 11:51 by arvind6666
Main.JeromeBoulon 2010 01 19 Hybridizer's comment: Interested in French irises ? Vous vous intéressez aux iris français ? http://www.iris bulbeuses.org/iris/index...
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Main.LoicTasquier 2009 12 01 PHOTO:
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The American Iris Society Blog Spot http%3A%2F%2Ftheamericanirissociety.blogspot.com%2F2011%2F09%2Fwhat is color.html h=2AQC70o7IAQBgh qeg o0vpEeTkrwiXAnLtjzMyx07...
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Progress for 4 September, wiki now contains about 48% or 37,000 cultivars, 26,000 images. Contact robertpries@embarqmail.com for problems or errors Test Topic ...
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Top Menu of Sandbox Web This topic defines the menu structure of the Sandbox web, used by the TopMenuSkin. * "}% * * * * ...
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Main.LoicT 2009 12 02 'Smash' is a tetraploid MTB with Aphylla genes. It reblooms every summer. it is POD and POL fertile. It gives fantastic seedlings, with amaz...
Nies Medal Winners Main.RPries 2010 08 04 ‘Missouri Dreanland’ 2010 ‘Missouri Autumn’ 2009 ‘Elfin Sunshine’ 2008 ‘Missouri Orange’ 2007 ‘Adriatic Blue’ ...
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Testing EmptyPlugin SOME EXAMPLES OF THE PLUGIN Related: .EmptyPlugin
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Main.KenColeman 2010 11 30 Barabra, as I do not have your e address, this post is regarding your photo of 'Applet' that is not 'Applet'. This isn't hard to over l...
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Main.HaroldStahly 2010 11 22 The J. Stahly is John Stahly. He made crosses of his own choice in the irises of Harold Stahly. John planted the seeds, grew them to ...
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Main.RPries 2010 11 19 Progress for Novenber, wiki now contains 25,000 cultivars 20,000 images
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(TB) Tall Bearded A
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Main.LoicT 2009 12 12 bienvenue dans ton bac à sable, amuse toi bien! loïc
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Main.LoicT 2009 12 12 bienvenue dans ton bac à sable! amuse toi bien! Loïc
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