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■ (SPEC) Iris lutescens Lam.

1789, Botanical author Lamarck

Iris lutescens Lam. (Jean Baptiste Lamarck, 1789); Section Iris , 2-12" (5-30 cm); Flowers yellow, purple, or white, beard yellow. Falls ranging from recurved to pendant to flaring depending on the variety.

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Bride6.jpgI. lutescene.JPGi lutescens 3jb.jpgIris lutescens LAM T.A.61342068 RS.jpgirislutescens01.jpgIrislutescensCampbellii01.jpglutescenes1.jpglutescenes2.jpglutescens.jpgLutescens.JPGlutescens01.JPGlutescens02.JPGlutescens03.JPGlutescens04.JPGlutescens040.JPGlutescens041.JPGlutescens042.JPGlutescens05.JPGlutescens06.JPGLutescens1.JPGlutescens4.jpglutescens40.JPGlutescens5.JPGlutescens9.jpegLutescens Provence.JPGlutescensalba.jpgLutescensAM.jpgPathofGold6.jpgSpecLutescens2AM.jpg


Lam. in Encycl. 3: 297. 1789.
See Redoute Les Liliacées 5: tab 263.1809- picture.


Iris chamaeiris Bertol; Iris erratica; Iris olbiensis Henon; Iris italica Parl.; Iris statellae; Iris virescens Delarb.
Although the various synonyms are still treated by some current authors as separate species, Mathew list them as synonyms. Since in many cases it can not be determined as to which synonym (or species) a given cultivar belongs, this lumping works out well for the purposes of this list but maybe disputed by future authors. It has been assumed my many references that dwarf Iris in the USA and England were all Iris lutescens before the 1950's. Such hybridizers as Marx, Burchfield, Caparne and Perry have been said to have had only Iris lutescens available and not Iris pumila. Plants described as branched are likely Iris lutescens since Iris pumila generally has little or no stem, the floral tube arising almost directly from the rhizome.

Chromosome counts

2n=40, Colasante & Sauer, 1993.


Botanically some authors have recognized as Subspecies or varieties of I. lutescens Irises that were considered separate species by some or synonyms by others.

  • Iris lutescens subsp. chamaeiris (Bertol.) O.Bolòs & Vigo, Fl. Països Catalans 4: 158 (2001). See Iris Chamaeiris
  • Iris lutescens subsp. segarrica O.Bolòs & Conesa, Fl. Països Catalans 4: 157 (2001). *Iris lutescens subsp. subbiflora (Brot.) D.A.Webb & Chater, Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 76: 316 (1978). See Iris subbiflora
  • Iris lutescens var. statellae (Tod.) Baker, Handb. Irid.: 33 (1892).

  • Iris lutescens f. crocea O.Bolòs & Vigo, Fl. Països Catalans 4: 158 (2001). See Iris statellae
  • Iris lutescens f. violacea (Rouy) O.Bolòs & Vigo, Fl. Països Catalans 4: 158 (2001).

Iris lutescens cultivars include:
'Alba Nana', 'Albatre', 'Albert Durer', 'Alpin', 'Amber Fellow', 'Amber Queen', 'Aramis', 'Aurea Maculata', 'Baby Mine', 'Balkana', 'Barbara Perry', 'Betsy Presby', 'Big Boy', 'Black Baby', 'Black Bird', 'Black Maroon', 'Black Midget', 'Blue Flash', 'Blue Jade', 'Blue Mascot', 'Bouquet', 'Brautjungfer', 'Bride', 'Burchfield', 'Burgos', 'Buzzer', 'Canary Bird', 'Candida', 'Chamaeiris', 'Chamaeiris Alba', 'Chamaeiris Aurea', 'Chamaeiris Campiglia', 'Chamaeiris Correvon', 'Chamaeiris Greuze', 'Chamaeiris Le Luc', 'Chamaeiris Michel Ange', 'Chamaeiris Murillo', 'Chamaeiris Regulus', 'Come Again', 'Commandant Driant', 'Comtesse D'hauteville', 'Corky', 'Count Andrassy', 'Cream Delight', 'Cuba', 'Danny Boy', 'Dark Beauty', 'Darmstadt', 'Delicata', 'Delpha Deane' D'ie Braut', 'Die Fee', 'Dr. Crenshaw', 'Dr. Guiseppi', 'Dr. Mann', 'Dr. Potter', 'Dusky Girl', 'Dusky Lad', 'Eco-Violet Scepter', 'Elegance', 'Elf', 'Elf Queen', 'Endymion', 'Erne', 'Fairy', 'Fairy Charm', 'Fairy Veil', 'Fauntleroy', 'Fiancee', 'Fior Del Mondo', 'Fragrance', 'Frisco', 'Garrick', 'Glee', 'Gold Bantam', 'Gold Bird', 'Gold Coin', 'Gold Drop', 'Golden', 'Golden Carpet', 'Golden Dream', 'Golden Fleece', 'Golden Grace', 'Goldfinch', 'Gold Key', 'Gold Sprite', 'Graminea', 'Grandee', 'Green', 'Goddess', 'Green Lustre', 'Harbor Lights', 'Harmonia', 'Heatherbloom', 'Huron' Imp', 'Icy Glow', 'Imposter', 'In Purples', 'Ink Spot', 'Intrigue' 'Italica', 'Italica' 'Italica Caprazoppa', 'J. A. Slote', 'Jean Siret', 'John Bommersbach', 'Josephine', 'Judy', 'Lady Bird', 'La Tulipe', 'Leander', 'Leopold', 'Libra', 'Lido', 'Lieut. De Chavagnac', 'Little Elsa', 'Little Giant', 'Little Jewel', 'Lobelia', 'Louise Strander', 'Lutea', 'Lutescens', 'Lutin', 'Macplum', 'Macrocarpa', 'Macrocarpa Violacea', 'Mandarin', 'Margaret', 'Marocain' Mauve Mist 'Max', 'Mignonette', 'Milton', 'Mireille', 'Mistral', 'Moggridgei', 'Moon Gleam', 'Moqueto', 'Nancy Lindsey', 'Naomi', 'Negus', 'Neola', 'Niobe', 'Nono', 'Nugget', 'Olbiensis', 'Olbiensis Centurian', 'Olbiensis Sannicandro', 'Olbiensis Violaceae', 'Olive Eva', 'Orange Queen', 'Pam', 'Papoose', 'Parade', 'Path Of Gold', 'Perle', 'Persian Glow', 'Petit Daniel', 'Petite', 'Petite Amie', 'Petite Fernande', 'Petite Flambe', 'Pink Mauve', 'Prairie Gem', 'Princess Louise', 'Purple Beauty', 'Quaint', 'Quilp', 'Rayon', 'Red Dart', 'Reflection', 'Reichenbachii Orange', 'Reichenbachii Yellow', 'Rhone Valley', 'Rosalie', 'Rose Blush', 'Rose Mist', 'Royal Purple', 'Sambo', 'Sapphire', 'Sapphire Night', 'Sass Dark Ruby', 'Schneekuppe', 'Schwefelgeiser', 'Séraphin', 'Serpolette', 'Silver Elf', 'Silver Spur', 'Skeezix', 'Socrates', 'Sonny', 'Sound Money', 'Spring Skies', 'Standard', 'Statellae', 'Stately', 'Stewart', 'Stylish', 'Sundrops', 'Sweet Spring', 'Syra', 'Tar Baby', 'Teddy Bear', 'Tex', 'The Berries', 'The Great Smokies', 'Tiny Tony', 'Titania', 'Tohia', 'Tony', 'Tooten', 'Topsy', 'Trinket', 'TuTone', 'Uranus', 'Urchin', 'Valere Castle', 'Verdun', 'Villereal', 'Violet Prince', 'Virescens #1', 'Virescens #2', 'Wee Prince', 'Weiserperle', 'Weisser Fueller', 'Wendy', 'Whitone', 'Wigan', 'Winsome', 'Xeon', 'Yank', 'Yellow Bird', 'Yellow Frills', 'Zobeida.


Iris lutescens_ crosses:
  • Section Iris crosses:
    • Iris lutescens and Iris pumila: 'Pumila Atroviolacea', 'Pumila Caerulea'.
    • Iris lutescens X Iris pumila: 'Alinda', 'Azurea', 'Chapel Glow', 'Doll House', 'Dorette', 'Golding', 'Grandma's Hat', 'Green Petals', 'Honey Bear', 'Maienreigen', 'Marie Martin', 'Nigrette', 'One Fine Day'.
    • Iris lutescens X Iris aphylla: 'Ditton Purple', 'Dixmude', 'Dr. Mann', 'Nachtmahr'.
    • Iris lutescens X Iris germanica: 'Cosette', 'Dorothea', 'Papio', 'Susa'.
    • Iris germanica X Iris lutescens: 'Eleanor Roosevelt'.
    • Iris lutescens X Iris albicans: 'Wanganui Gem'.
    • Iris lutescens X Iris pallida: 'Balceng'?, 'Balceng Harlequin'?, 'Balceng Vacinensis'?, 'Blue Beard'?, 'Curiosity'?, 'Harlequin', 'Miss H. M. White'?, 'Miss Owen'?
    • Iris lutescens X Iris suaveolens: 'Lavender Dawn'.
    • Iris lutescens X Iris mesopotamica: 'Primavera'.
    • Iris lutescens X Iris trojana: 'Gentius'.
    • Iris trojana X Iris lutescens: 'Soledad'.
    • Iris lutescens X Iris variegata: 'Languedoc'.
    • Iris lutescens X Tall-bearded hybrid: 'Abelard', 'Ambera', 'Andalusian Blue', 'Autumn Gleam', 'Autumn Queen', 'Black Hawk', 'Golden Bow', 'Sangreal', 'Sea Foam', 'Southland', 'Ta-Wa', 'Trinkedor'.
    • Tall-bearded hybrid X Iris lutescens: 'Chiltern Gold', 'Crysoro', 'Ladies Delight', 'Maygold', 'Retell', 'Ruby Glow'.
    • Iris lutescens X MDB: 'Bright Spring', 'Brunella', 'Congo Doll'.
    • MDB hybrid X Iris lutescens: 'Blue Midge', 'Blue Sparks', 'Crispy', 'Walpurgis'.
    • SDB hybrid X Iris lutescens: 'Chica', 'My Carolyn', 'Spring Glade' *Section Iris/Section Psammiris crosses
    • Iris lutescens X Iris bloudowii: 'Promise'.
    • Iris lutescens X Iris humilis: 'Bricky', 'Bronya', 'Buster Brown', 'Butter Ball', 'Cream Tart', 'Cup & Saucer', 'Glow Gleam', 'Keepsake', 'Mist O' Pink', 'Morning Light', 'Tampa', 'Tiny Treasure'.
    • Iris humilis X Iris lutescens: 'Gay Flirt', 'Ylo'.
    • Iris lutescens X Arilbred: 'Little Lena'. * Section _Iris/Section Oncocyclus crosses
    • Iris iberica X _Iris lutescens: 'Monsieur Steichen'.
    • Iris lutescens X Iris susiana: 'Zwanenburg'.
    • Iris susiana X _Iris lutescens: 'Green Glory'.
    • Iris lutescens X Oncocyclus Hybrid: 'Hebe'.
    • Iris lutescens X Arilbred: 'Parchment Scrolls', 'Randalin'.
    • Arilbred X Iris lutescens: 'Peshawar'.
  • Section _Iris/Section Regelia crosses;
    • Iris lutescens X Regeliocyclus hybrid: 'Balroudour', 'Emcee', 'Gray Cloud', 'Icicle', 'Lemon Frost', 'Stormy Dawn', 'Wee Admiral', 'Wee Scot'.
    • Regeliocyclus hybrid X Iris lutescens: 'Blue Topaz', 'Velvo'.
    • Iris hoogiana X Iris lutescens: 'Alaskan Ice', 'Arctic Crown', 'Blue Princess'?, 'Hoog-Cham 84', 'Party Robe'?, 'Ray Serene', 'Spotless'?
    • Iris lutescens X Iris korolkowii: 'Plum Cute'.
    • Iris korolkowii X Iris lutescens: BABY BLUE 'Brukor', 'Fallen Leaf'.
    • Iris stolonifera X Iris lutescens: 'Benjamin'.
    • Iris lutescens as grandparent:'Mini Pearl', 'Summer Eve'.
¼ Iris lutescens crosses: 'Brown Valley', 'Califa Dotu'.

Distribution and Cultivation

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