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Difference: RegistrationsAndIntroductions (r8 vs. r7)

Registrations And Introductions

2021 R&I Registrations & Introductions are published yearly, and available through The American Iris Society Storefront. Older R & Is will be available online by date as they are scanned. See table below for years available as blue link. (under construction)

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1920s pre 1920s before registration existed)1920   1921 1922 1923 1924
1930s 1920s 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924
1940s 1930s
1950s 1940s 19581959
1960s 1950s 19581959
1970s 1960s
1980s 1970s
1990s 1980s
2000s 1990s
2010s 2000s
2020s 2010s   2021
2020s   2021

Master R & I Page List

This is a list of filenames for each registration page. As pages are formed they are automatically included in this list.

1958 Registrations There were ### Registrations in 1958There were 203 Registrants/Hybridizers Registrations 1958 Transcript of Registrations #ListStart A B...
1959 Registrations Content For more information on historic Irises visit the Historic Iris Preservation Society at http://www.historiciris.org/ Main.BobPries ...
2021 Registrations And Introductions Click on pdf to open temporarily? unavaiable Main.BobPries 03 Feb 2022
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