Difference: LaCarolineDormon (r6 vs. r5)




  • Reference: Fairmount Gardens Catalog, 1949, p.23:

Apogan Irises Louisiana Iris and Washington Hybrids CAROLINE DORMAN (E. Dorman 1943) An uncontrolled hybrid from seeds grown by Mrs. Ruth Dorman. The heart of both sepals and petals is pale yellow, shading out to soft Rose red at the edges and tips. A delightful iris that is arresting in its beauty. 38 in. $5.00 -- WikiGuest - 02 Jun 2022

  • -- WikiGuest - 02 Jun 2022
  • Reference: Bulletin of the American Iris Society, October 1943, p.11:

"Some Rare Native Iris" by Minnie Colquitt CAROLINE DORMAN, a hybrid occurring in the garden of Mrs. Ruth Dorman. A fine new shade in native iris, with excellent size and form. "Bishop's violet", both sepals and petals flushed fujiyama toward the base. -- WikiGuest - 02 Jun 2022

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