Difference: HybridizerAnfossoLaure (r50 vs. r49)

Hybridizer Laure Anfosso

AnfossoLaure-2013.jpgFrance - Hyères (Var) - Pépinière Iris en Provence | Photo (2013): Laure and his son Marin.

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Owner of Iris en Provence. She started working with his parents (1980s) prior to manage the nursery, since 2005.
Other members of Anfosso family: Monique (mother), Pierre (father), Pierre-Christian (brother), Vivette (sister-in-law).


Border Bearded


Standard Dwarf Bearded

Tall Bearded

Not registered


Interested in French irises ? Please visit: France Iris | Société Française des Iris et plantes Bulbeuses (french language).

-- AlainFranco - 2011-07-08

AnfossoLaure-2013.jpgjpgAnfossoLaure-2013.jpgmanage 57 K 25 Oct 2015 - 20:13 Main.af.83 Laure Anfosso and his son Marin Le May - Photo by Iris en Provence (2013)

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