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Hybridizer Ed Attenberger

Ed Attenberger lives in Roscommon, Michigan. He is an active member in the Mio Irisarians, and has registered 31 Tall Bearded irises.

His Registrations are:

'Alpena 'Alpena' -TB 2002; 'American Spirit'-TB 2002;'Anne's Choice'-TB 1995; 'Aroused'-TB 2002; 'Brother John'-TB 1996; 'Burning Oak'-TB 2000; 'Cherie Haeger'-TB 1998; 'Corsair Fighter'-TB 1996; 'County Carnival'-TB 1999; 'Cream Top'-TB 2001; 'Elizabeth Hess'-TB 1997; 'Father John'-TB 1996; 'Golden Tower'-TB 2000; 'Grapeade'-TB 2001; 'Headdress'-TB 2000; 'Hooked On Pink'-TB 2001; 'Ida Emily'-TB 1996; 'Jack Reynolds'-TB 1996; 'John Robert'-TB 2001; 'Lacy Hagood'-TB 1999; 'Magic Blush'-TB 2000; 'Magic Interlude'-TB 2001; 'Martha Firch'-TB 1996; 'Mary Jean Reynolds'-TB 1996; 'Master Artist'-TB 2000; 'Medium Rare'-TB 2001; 'My Gal Anne'-TB 2004; 'Sister Mary'-TB 2001; 'Vanilla Cream'-TB 2001; 'Violet Lady'-TB 2004; 'Wild Bluff'-TB 2001.

(Date shown is the year of Registration with The American Iris Society, not necessarily the year of introduction to public commerce.)

-- AdamCordes - 2010-07-22

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