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Hybridizer Howard Lee Danenhauer (1884-1957)

Treasure Oak Nurseries, Mays Landing, New Jersey, USA. Iris Specialist. Catalogue 1923, price list since.

Danenhauer, Iris Grower

Howard Lee Danenhauer, former employee of the Farmers Home Administration and well-known iris grower, died Thursday at his home, "Treasure Oak Farm," Mays Landing, after a lingering illness. He was 72. A resident of Mays Landing 35 years, Mr. Danenhauer had been in charge of the Farmers Home Administration office there some 15 or more years until his retirement two years ago. He inherited the farm, on the Great Egg Harbor River, from his mother and, until some six or seven years ago, operated it as one of the few plantations in the country devoted exclusively to cultivating irises. During the years he operated the plantation, Mr. Danenhauer developed and marketed a number of new varieties of iris, as well as growing all of the standard varieties of the flower.

He was a member of the Masonic order and of Unity Lodge, F. and A.M., of Mays Landing. Surviving are his wife, Catherine[Hieki]; two daughters, Joan, of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and Leal, of Watchung; a son, John, of Collingswood, and four grandchildren. Funeral services and burial will be private at the convenience of the family. [obituary from unknown newspaper, uploaded from Ancestry.com; Hieki-Losmann family tree]


Miniature Dward Bearded: 'Primero'.

Tall Bearded (A-L): 'Abundance', 'Accentue', 'Admirable', 'Airy Spirit', 'Alpha Major', 'Amante', 'Angeline', 'Anglo Saxon', 'AppleBlush', 'Apricot Dawn', 'Augustus Caesar', 'Bagdad Fair', 'Bazra', 'Benvenuto', 'Blood Root', 'Blue Anchor Inn', 'Blue Chancellor', 'Botticelli', 'Bronze Sphinx', 'Burgundian', 'Cameo Brooch', 'Campanile', 'Catherine', 'Chaperone', 'Chateau Polignac', 'Chaucer', 'Chevalier De Bayard', 'Circus Day', 'Columbia', 'Cosimo', 'Counselor Morris', 'Daniel Lesueur', 'Delaware', 'Delft', 'Dresden Doll', 'Drusilla', 'Eleanor Of Toledo', Exemplar', 'Flesole', 'Fleurissant', 'Floriad', 'Forlana', 'Gault', 'Gavroche', 'Gioconda', 'Giotto', 'Gobelin Red', 'Guilder Rose', 'High Noon', 'Kalimera', 'La Florelle', 'Lady Joan', 'Lady Leal', 'Laurate', 'Laurin', 'Leonardo', 'Lictor', 'Loucroft',

Tall Bearded (M-Z): 'Magnason', 'Mandrino', 'Manon Lescout', 'Masacchio' 'Mauve Amparo', 'Mauvissima', 'Medici', 'Miss Joan', 'Mrs. Arthur Chenoweth', 'Mrs. J. Linton Engle', 'Muleta', 'Mystery Of Night', 'Naiad Atlanta', 'Old Rags', 'Old Salem', 'Opata', 'Orange Guidon', 'Oxford', 'Pale Coral', 'Peach Blush', 'Penn Treaty', 'Polychrome', 'Pomponius', 'Prince Ahmed', 'Prince Of Morocco', 'Provincetown', 'Puritan Maid', 'Rhodon', 'Robyn Hode', 'Roman Gladiator', 'Rose Mauvette', 'Royal Toga', 'Ruisdael', 'Sangua', 'Sequin', 'Solomon', 'Song Of India', 'Sterling', 'Sunnyfield', 'Sunshine Girl', 'Superior', 'Sylvania', 'Tapist', 'Treasury', 'Veiled Princess', 'Veriblue', 'Verocchio', 'Via Chiara', 'Vitruvius', 'Weymouth', 'Zama Khan', 'Zebrule'.

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