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Hybridizer Marie-Guillaume De Bure (1781-1842)

France - Paris

Marie-Guillaume De Bure, also known as Debure, was of a notorious booksellers family on the quay of the Augustin; Buried in Malétable (Orne, France) of which he was Mayor.
see also: Also see: L'horticulteur de Malétable by Sylvain Ruaud.


  • DE BURE, Observation sur la reproduction des iris par les semis, Annales de la Société Royale d'Horticulture de Paris, 1837, Tome XXI, pp. 344-348. |
  • DEBURE, Observations sur le semis des iris, Annales de Flore et de Pomone, V.5, 1836-1837, pp. 180-184.


Tall Bearded:

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