Difference: HybridizerDykesKatherine (r12 vs. r11)

Hybridizer Katherine Dykes ( -1933)

Katherine Dykes was the wife of Iris authority William Rickatson Dykes. She continued his work after his death in an auto accident in 1925, introducing some of her husband's cultivers, including his namesake yellow, 'W. R. Dykes'. Mrs. Dykes also raised many fine irses of her own, among them British Dykes Medal winners 'Joyance' and 'Gudrun'. Like her husband, she was killed at the heighth of a successful career; in a train accident.


Arilbred: 'Vacuna',

Intermediate Bearded: 'Elizabeth Wilson', 'Helen Hayes'. 'Mitalla'.

Species Hybrids: 'Lucilla'.

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