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Hybridizer Dominique Alexandre Godron

Hybridizer Dominique-Alexandre Godron (1807-1880)

under construction France - Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

Dominique-Alexandre Godron was a French physician, botanist, geologist and speleologist born in the town of Hayange, in the département Moselle. Author, with Jean Charles Marie Grenier (1808-1875) of the three-volume "Flore de France", a work on flora native to France and Corsica that was co-written with botanist.
"Before Mendel, he discovered the main features of hybridation. In "de l'Espèce et des races dans les êtres organisés" he also demonstrated that hybridization in the vegetal world was, against the dominant thinking at the time, similar to hybridization in the animal world." (Wikipedia - en)

Botanical author:

Species: Species:'Fontanesii',

Interested in French irises ? Please visit: France Iris | Société Française des Iris et plantes Bulbeuses (french language).

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