Difference: HybridizerMillikenCS (r22 vs. r21)

Hybridizer Carl S. Milliken

Arcadia, California, USA


Arilbred: 'Mohr Beauty', 'Mother's Day',

Border Bearded: 'Muted Blue', 'Spring Show'.

Intermediate Bearded: 'Deep Mahogany', 'Manila', 'Preview',.

Louisiana: 'Fulvaflav'.

Miniature Dwarf Bearded: 'Little Black Sambo',

Spuria: 'Mt. Whitney', 'Mt. Wilson', 'Wadi Zem Zem', 'White Heron'.

Tall Bearded: 'Adornment', 'Amber Beam', 'Arcadia Buttercup', 'Autumn Leaf', 'Bel Air', 'Betsy Ross', 'Beverly Hills', 'Blue Crystal', 'Blue River', 'Blue Spire', 'Brazil', 'Bronze Emblem', 'Buddha', 'Carmelita', 'China Bowl', 'China Boy', 'China Lady', 'China Maid', 'Chrysolite', 'Daphne Pink', 'Day's Farewell', 'Debut', 'Desert Sands', 'Desert Star', 'Desirable', 'Dixie Belle', 'Dixie Sunshine', 'Dusty Peach', 'Early Spring', 'Elusive', 'Father's Day', Ferric', 'Flagstaff', 'Forest Violet', 'Fort Knox', 'Glendorette', 'Gold Creek', 'Golden Canopy', 'Golden Cloud', 'Grand Marshal', 'Greetings', 'Ivory Queen', 'Kern Valley', 'King's Ransom', 'La Canada', 'Laelia Pink', 'Lord Marmion', 'Lovely Lucinda', 'Luscious Lucy', 'Luxuria', 'Michillinda', 'Miss Pink', 'Mohr Beauty', 'Montecito', 'Mother's Day', 'Mountain Sky', 'Mount Cloud', 'Nantucket', 'Navajo Brave', 'Nivernais', 'Old Bronze', 'Old Cranberry', 'Old Ironsides', 'Opera Cape', 'Painted Desert', 'Palos Verdes', 'Peru', 'Quiet Hour', 'Rancho', 'Raven Wing', 'Red Flare', 'Regal Beauty', 'Rose Bowl', 'Rose Gold', 'Royal Crest', 'Royal Salute', 'Russian Bronze', 'San Marino', 'San Pasqual', 'Serenata', 'Sherwood Forest', 'Sleepy Hollow', 'Spanish Cavalier', 'Sparkling Frost', 'Spring Dance', 'Spring Meadow', 'Sping Serenade', 'Spring Sunshine', 'Springtime Madonna', 'Sungold', 'Sunset Cloud', 'Sunset Haze', 'Tehachapi', 'The Missimo', 'Tindalao', 'Tis Morn', 'Touch O Blue', 'Touraine', 'Tournament of Roses', 'Tournament Princess', 'Tournament Queen', 'Trail Blazer', 'Troubadour', 'Vale of Kashmir', 'Veiled In Mystery', 'Venetian Red', 'White Heather', 'White Spire'.

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