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Hybridizer William Edwin Saunders (1861-1943)

London, Ontario, Canada

He was an William (1861-1943), the older brother to Arthur Percy Saunders(1869-1953) of A.Percy.Saunders, raised some iris seedlings and wrote articles about irises. (AIS Check LIst 1939 p.60) William E., Percy, and his brother Sir Charles Saunders of London, Ontario (1867- 1937) who created the Marquis variety of wheat, were sons of William Saunders (Sr) [3]. (CIS-N v22 n1 p20) (1836-1914) William E., an ornithologist at the University of Western Ontario, a charter member of the American Iris Society (AIS) in 1920, (CIS-N v22n3p71) became the Canadian AIS Regional Vice President (Region 6) between 1924-1927 and again (Region 16) for 1940-1943. He is given credit in 1925 for establishing criteria for the future system of AIS awards (CIS-N v22 n3 p78) He raised iris seedlings acquired after the death of James Wallace. (AIS Check List 1939 p.71) (Researched by Don McQuen)


Species: 'Lacustris Alba',

Tall Bearded: 'David Arnott', 'Jim Wallace', 'Kathleen Fetherston'.

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