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Hybridizer Dr Marc Simonet (1889-1965)

Hybridizer Dr. Marc Simonet (1889-1965)

France - Antibes (Alpes Maritimes) Maritimes). Also see Scientist Dr. Marc Simonet

Ingenieur horticole, docteur de L'Universite, ingenieur-docteur, head of the research department at the Caisse nationale des Sciences, he was for a long time chief of the Genetical and Pathological Laboratory of Messrs. Vilmorin-Andrieux and with Mons. Meunissier, author of many important works. His special department is work with chromosomes and he wrote a large treatise on that subject. He is now head of the Centre de Recherches d'Antibes, a scientific and at the same time, practical institution. He has made many interesting crosses between different Iris Sections and has in his possession most of the plants left by the late Mons. Denis. He should be able to do much with the less hardy ones in the favorable climate where he is now situated. It was Dr. Simonet who suggested the Section Dykesiana as a result of his researsh. (A.I.S Alphabetical Iris Check List, 1939)
Also see Scientist About his irises collection, see: Dr. Marc Simonet

Botanical author/registrations/introductions

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  • IRIS et BULBEUSES n°121, été 96, p. 22-23.
  • IRIS et BULBEUSES n°123, hiver 96, p. 21-22.
  • IRIS et BULBEUSES n°124, printemps 97, p. 2-4.




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From Alphabetical iris checklist 1939

  • Pacific Coast Native:
    • 1938: 'Tenosa'

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