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In Memoriam
Oct. 10, 1351 April 3, 1938.
It was his wont to rise early in the morning and enjoy the dawning day while the dew was still glittering on the flowers he loved; and so too, he entered the dawn of eternal day at 6:00 A.M., after a long and useful life of 76 years. He was born in Buch, Switzerland, and educated in the University of Basle. In 1884 he became the first pastor of Emanuel Evangelical Reformed Church at the corner of Humboldt Parkway and E. Utica St., Buffalo, N.Y., which he faithfully served for 25 years. He was an ardent lover of all things beautiful, and intensely interested in all of the fine arts. As a musician his fine judgement of the classics was an education to all who knew him intimately, and his gentle touch at the piano, even during his last year, had a most imressive charm.


Astronomy and Chess were among his intensive hobbies. In the field of literature, his selection of the first books forming a library for the young people of’ Emanuel’s Church was a guide for many in forming habits of good reading. His expert knowledge of languages enabled him, in the year 1890, to publish an elaborated translation of the Book of Romans, from the original Greek into German. In 1910 he published a Compendium of Biblical Texts and Topics intended as a handbook for the use of ministers.


After the death of his devoted wife, Julia (nee Kuhn), in January 1928, Rev. Storer took up his abode with his only son, James, who is secretary of the Buffalo Board of Education. The resignation of his pastorate in 1930 due to ill health enabled him to pursue his hobby of flower growing in a greater measure. In 1921 he joined the American Iris Society and became a devoted propagator of irises and peonies. In 1921 he became associated in the establishment of TIP-TOP GARDENS where hundreds of the hybrids which he created will continue to be grown as a memorial to him. In 1926 he attended the annual meeting of the A.I.S. at Hartford, Conn., in company with Mr. Stuntz, where many Iris enthusiasts enjoyed the charm of his personality and good taste in judging irises. Following are the names of irises which have been bred and registered by Rev. Storer: Adirondack, Alhriwht, Casenka, Haifa, Inglis, James Storer, Kensington, Louis Willert, Melissa, Niagara Falls, Nora Storer, Ozark, Salas y Gomez, Tonowanda, and Winifred. He had decided upon several more for this year.


He had a transcendent love for his fellowmen; and this impelled him to publish two books, "Thoughts that Build” in 1924, and ’’The Spirit of Reality” in 1931, in order that he might pass on his discoveries of the best ideas to promote a happy life. He completed the manuscript for a third inspirational book just before his death. Always grateful to God for all His blessings, his favorite quotation was Psalm 103. It can truly be said of Rev. Storer, in the words of the
centurion at the crucifixion: ’’Certainly this was a righteous man and a son of God”. [Tip Top Gardens Catalog, 1938].


Tall Bearded: 'Adirondack', 'Albright', 'Casenka', 'Earl Cross', 'Haifa', 'Inglis', 'James Storer', 'Kensington', 'Louis Willert', 'Melissa', 'Niagara Falls', 'Nora Storer', 'Ozark', 'Rev Storer', 'Salas Y Gomez', 'Tonawanda', 'Winifred',

Tall Bearded: 'Adirondack', 'Albright', 'Earl Cross', 'Haifa', 'Inglis', 'James Storer', 'Kensington', 'Louis Willert', 'Melissa', 'Niagara Falls', 'Nora Storer', 'Ozark', 'Rev Storer', 'Salas Y Gomez', 'Tonawanda', 'Winifred',

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