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Hybridizer Joseph Sumsion

I started hybridizing with sdlg 87-47-A, 'aka Grecian Skies' x 82-2-A; 'Broadmoor'. This was my first cross in 2001. I later then took that cross, and placed it into 'Last Song' and lost the lavender. Quickly learned that cultivar 'Widehips' won't work so well as a female iris. Alot of mud from crossing with cultivar 'Widehips', I gave it up for awhile. I still have the iris cross from sdlg. 87-47-A x Widehips growing in my front yard. I have only named it 'Fat Chance' as a seedling. The silver also was lost from the features of Last Song, but so was the over lapping falls, due to it looking too much like 'Last Song' it is not registered or introduced. 'Heman Blues' (G. Richardson) being in the bloodline. With the silver being removed, something else featured into my seedling instead. It is still lavendar in color, but has a blend of a reddish violet in the standards.

Coming back into the work in 2009, I had a new tactic. I wanted a clone that would have the characteristic of colored edging and ruffling. So, I researched it out, kind of guessing that I would get something with color on the edges of the falls with the parents I chose, which was World Premiere Premier X Ivory Ghost. World Premier when I first spotted it had a bluish white edge, and a nicely blended rim. That told me to try it as a pod parent, and just see what happens. Ivory Ghost has a light edge on the self as well, but with Fogbound having being pure white in the falls, I wasn't sure what would or could happen with the parentage of Spring Showers being the next pollen parent.

I am pleased to see the Keppel, Schreiners, and Richardson cultivars make such an awesome clone. I definately didn't accomplish this alone, and the work that shows in this amazing brilliant blue and white iris is a pat on the back to those who've come so far to see such an awesome cultivar.

The name that is on the records shall be known as 'Moon Tide' and it is my desire that it is enjoyed for many, many years to come.

-- Joe Sumsion JosephSumsion - 2012-06-04

-- Main.RPries - 2012-05-18

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