Difference: HybridizerWashingtonThomas (r17 vs. r16)

Hybridizer Thomas Alibone Washington

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

From Mrs. Thomas Nesmith, Fairmount Gardens Catalog, Lowell, Massachusetts, Summer 1942-Spring 1943.

As many American Iris Society members know, Mrs. T. A. Washington and her daughter Mrs. Walter Reckless of Nashville, Tenn. have moved their iris garden to their new home in the country and this year it will make a grand showing. They are carrying on the hybridizing work of Mr. Washington, as well as growing the last seedlings produced by Mr. Washington. From this group we selected three for introduction this year. They all have great individuality and are very worthy of a place in any garden. They are: 'Boss', named for Mr. Washington, is a large and very handsome red brown iris of exceptionally firm substance, and the finest I have seen in this color class ; 'Soldier Boy' is a very unusual blend of mauve and tan with a golden halo in the center of the flower; 'Sailor Boy' is a deep strawberry red self that stands out afar in the garden.


Tall Bearded: 'Alpha' 1941, 'Annie Cadie' 1934, 'Apple Blossom' 1938, 'Artistry' 1937, 'Azure Mist' 1940, 'Betty Nesmith' 1934, 'Black Plume' R.1937, 'Blue Crown' 1945, 'Blue Isle', 'Boss' 1942, 'Casa Blanca' 1940, 'Castilian' 1937, 'Cellophane' 1936, 'Champagne Glow' 1938, 'China Clipper' 1938, 'Cool Waters' 1934, 'Copper Crystal' 1938, 'Corazon' 1936, 'Dawning Day' 1934, 'Desert Moon' 1945, 'Dixie Moonlight', 'Dragoon' 1938, 'Fairy Lustre' 1940, 'Gamboge', 'Gay Dawn' 1939, 'Gipsy Gold', 'Glint O' Gold' 1934, 'Golden Sheaf', 'Golden Spur' R.1936, 'Hasse Oobea' 1935, 'Havana' 1937, 'Ishpanee' 1935, 'Jean Lafitte' 1935, 'Jeb Stuart' 1932, 'Lady Dimples' 1937, 'Lantern Glow' 1939, 'Leilani' 1943, 'Lily Pons' 1934, 'Luna Bright', 'Maid of Tennessee' 1934, 'Manchu Prince' 1937, 'Maya' 1935, 'Mellow Moon' 1935, 'Mme RĂ©camier' 1934, 'Mt. Vernon' 1941, 'North Star', Omega', 'Patrician' R.1937, 'Peer Gynt' 1934, 'Pink Butterfly' 1934, 'Red Ace', 'Reliance' 1943, 'Sailor Boy' 1942, 'Sam Davis' 1934, 'Shenandoah', 'Silver Moon', 'Snow Goose' 1937, 'Soldano' 1936, 'Soldier Boy' 1942, 'Southern Belle' 1937, 'Southern Gem', 'Southern Glow' 1937, 'Southern Romance', 'Stonewall Jackson', 'Sub-Deb' R.1937, 'Sundust', 'Sunny South', 'Sylvan Gold', 'The Bishop' 1937, 'Tyche', 'Vesper Hour' 1934, 'Virgin' 1938, 'White Butterfly' 1938, 'White Sceptre', 'Will O' The Wisp' 1934, 'Witching Hour' 1938, 'Yellow Butterfly', 'Yellow Emperor'.

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