Difference: HybridizerWeedHoward (r20 vs. r19)

Hybridizer Howard & Edna Weed

Beaverton, Oregon, USA

Howard Evarts Weed, owner of Weed's Gardens, was an Irisarian and Author, Entomologist, and Landscape Architect who began to raise irises in 1912. He published his first iris catalogue in 1917. The garden name was changed in 1930 to Weed's National Iris Gardens. This site also includes introductions by family members Edna (not his wife who was Margaret) and son Thurlow who stayed with the family for many years. Weed family introductions are at times registered under the name National Iris Gardens, ie. 'Michelangelo'.


Intermmediate: 'Dainty Lady'.

Miniature Dwarf: 'Green Goddess'.

Japanese: 'Hatsuka', 'J. A. Hayden', 'Komachi', 'Otomene', 'Rishono'. 'Shimoyo',

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