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Scientist Sir Michael Foster (1836 - 1907)

Sir Michael Foster

The highest award presented by the British Iris Society is the Foster Memorial Plaque. It is even more prestigious than the Dykes Medal. So who was Sir Michael Foster. The short answer is he was the first scientist to engage in experimental taxonomy. This lead to the later work of his student William Rikatson Dykes. But his botanical accomplishments although enormous, are overshadowed by the fact he was also a member of parliament and even more so that he was the foremost Human physiologist of his day and wrote the text that trained many physiologists in subsequent years. Although it would be nice to think his work in Botany earned him his knighthood, it was undoubtedly given for his work in medicine as physician and professor.

For more about Sir Michael Foster see the AIS Bulletin #120, January 1951 p.54 “Contributions of Sir Michael Foster by Randolph.

For a list of Irises he hybridized or named see Main.Bio.HybridizerFosterSir Michael

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