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Arilbred Medians

When arils are bred with bearded irises, they form hybrids known as arilbreds. If median or dwarf bearded irises are involved, small arilbreds with the qualities of both aril and median types often result.

There is no official category for these irises (most are registered as arilbreds), and so terminology for them varies a great deal. "Arilmed" and "arilmedian" are often used, but may give the impression that these irises are arils (they are arilbreds) or that they result from direct crosses between arils and medians (some do, many do not). A Checklist of Arilbred Dwarfs and Medians Through 1996, published by the Median Iris Society, uses the term "arilbred median" for those of approximately median size (most come from crossing SDBs with arilbreds) and "arilbred dwarf" for plants of smaller size (most of these come from crossing SDBs with pure arils).

Most arilbred medians are less than 1/2 aril by content, and are thus eligible for the William Mohr Medal, rather than the C. G. White Medal.

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