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The President's Cup is awarded annually during The American Iris Society's national meeting. Eligibility is restricted to introduced irises originated within the host region for that year's national meeting or originated by a hybridizer whose garden is included on the meeting's official convention tour, regardless of its location. Irises must have been seen growing and in bloom in the meeting's official tour gardens, but need not be official guest irises. Each registrant may vote for one variety, and The President's Cup is awarded to the iris with the largest number of votes. Irises out of region are eligible for the Franklin Cook Cup.

Past winners include:

2015 2016 Portland, Oregon Newark, New Jersey 'Football Hero' 'Put Another Nickel In' TB Lynda Miller Howard Bushnell
2014 2015 Dallas, Texas Portland, Oregon 'Bottled Sunshine' 'Football Hero' IB TB Hooker Nichols Lynda Miller
2013 2014 Dallas, Texas 'Notta Lemon' 'Bottled Sunshine' TB IB Tom Burseen Hooker Nichols
2012 2013 Ontario, California Dallas, Texas 'Easy Being 'Notta Lemon' Green' TB Richard C. Tom Burseen Richards
2011 2012 Victoria, British Ontario, California Columbia 'Dazzling' 'Easy Being Green' IB TB Paul Black Richard C. Richards
2010 2011 Madison, Wisconsin Victoria, British Columbia 'Born 'Dazzling' To Please' TB IB Ruth Rogers Paul Black
2009 2010 Kansas City, Madison, Wisconsin Missouri 'Whoopsidaisy' 'Born To Please' BB TB Jim Hedgecock Ruth Rogers
2008 2009 Austin, Texas Kansas City, Missouri 'Jean 'Whoopsidaisy' Queen' TB BB Tom Burseen Jim Hedgecock
2007 2008 Oklahoma City Austin, Texas Oklahoma 'Barbara Jean' 'Jean Queen' TB Ron Mullen Tom Burseen
2006 2007 Portland, Oregon Oklahoma City Oklahoma 'High Chaparral' 'Barbara Jean' TB Schreiners Ron Mullen
2005 2006 St. Louis, Portland, Oregon Missouri 'Heartstring Strummer' 'High Chaparral' TB Ben Schreiners Johnson
2004 2005 Fresno, California St. Louis, Missouri 'Golden Panther' 'Heartstring Strummer' TB Rick Tasco Ben Johnson
2003 2004 Falls Church, Fresno, California Virginia 'My Ginny' 'Golden Panther' TB Don Spoon Rick Tasco
2002 2003 Memphis, Tennessee Falls Church, Virginia 'Tennessee Bicentennial' 'My Ginny' TB John Pierce Don Spoon
2001 2002 York, Pennsylvania Memphis, Tennessee 'Anvil of 'Tennessee Bicentennial' Darkness' TB Sterling Innerst John Pierce
2000 2001 Dallas, Texas York, Pennsylvania 'Vegas Weekend' 'Anvil of Darkness' TB Hooker Nichols Sterling Innerst
1999 2000 Oklahoma City, Dallas, Texas Oklahoma 'Rhonda Fleming' 'Vegas Weekend' TB Ron Mullin Hooker Nichols
1998 1999 Denver, Colorado Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 'San Juan 'Rhonda Fleming' Silver' TB David Miller Ron Mullin
1997 1998 Dearborn, Michigan Denver, Colorado 'Bangles' 'San Juan Silver' MTB TB Lynda David Miller
1996 1997 Sacramento, California Dearborn, Michigan 'Jurassic 'Bangles' Park' TB MTB Larry Lauer Lynda Miller
1995 1996 Pennsylvania Sacramento, California 'Before The 'Jurassic Park' Storm' TB Sterling Innerst Larry Lauer
1994 1995 Portland, Pennsylvania Oregon 'Feature Attraction' 'Before The Storm' TB Schreiners Sterling Innerst
1993 1994 Fort Worth, Portland, Oregon Texas 'Lenora Pearl' 'Feature Attraction' BB TB Hooker Schreiners Nichols
1992 1993 Atlanta, Georgia Fort Worth, Texas 'Agnes Hale' 'Lenora Pearl' TB BB H. Turner Hooker Nichols
1991 1992 Washington, D.C. Atlanta, Georgia 'Shaker's Prayer' 'Agnes Hale' SIB TB Carol Warner H. Turner
1990 1991 Omaha, Nebraska Washington, D.C. 'Morning Show' 'Shaker's Prayer' IB SIB Alan Ensminger Carol Warner
1989 1990 Memphis, Tennessee Omaha, Nebraska 'Country Bride' 'Morning Show' TB IB Herbert Mohr Alan Ensminger
1988 1989 Oklahoma City, Memphis, Tennessee Oklahoma 'Latin Hideaway' 'Country Bride' TB Hooker Nichols Herbert Mohr
1987 1988 Phoenix, Arizona Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 'Son Of 'Latin Hideaway' Sun SPU TB Wickenkamp Hooker Nichols
1986 1987 San Jose, Phoenix, Arizona California 'Edith Wolford' 'Son Of Sun TB SPU Ben Wickenkamp Hager
1985 1986 Indianapolis, Indiana San Jose, California 'Color Coded' 'Edith Wolford' TB David Rawlins Ben Hager
1984 1985 Seattle, Washington Indianapolis, Indiana 'Bedtime Story' 'Color Coded' IB TB Jayne Ritchie David Rawlins
1983 1984 Boston, Massachusetts Seattle, Washington 'Pops Concert 'Bedtime Story' TB IB Kenneth Waite Jayne Ritchie
1982 1983 Denver, Colorado Boston, Massachusetts 'Colorado Sunshine' 'Pops Concert TB Tom Magee Kenneth Waite
1981 1982 St. Louis, Denver, Colorado Missouri 'Copper Classic 'Colorado Sunshine' TB Elvan Roderick Tom Magee
1980 1981 Tulsa, Oklahoma St. Louis, Missouri 'Twist Of 'Copper Classic Fate' TB Cleo Palmer Elvan Roderick
1979 1980 Huntsville, Alabama Tulsa, Oklahoma 'Frosty Jewels' 'Twist Of Fate' TB Jimmy Burch Cleo Palmer
1978 1979 San Jose, Huntsville, Alabama California 'Temple Gold' 'Frosty Jewels' TB Walt Luihn Jimmy Burch
1977 1978 Memphis, Tennessee San Jose, California 'Bride's Halo' 'Temple Gold' TB Herbert Mohr Walt Luihn
1976 1977 Lansing, Michigan Memphis, Tennessee 'Queen Of 'Bride's Halo' Florence' TB Bob Mallory Herbert Mohr
1975 1976 San Diego, Lansing, Michigan California 'Skylab' 'Queen Of Florence' TB Neva Sexton Bob Mallory
1974 1975 Roanoke, Virginia San Diego, California 'Loudoun 'Skylab' Lassie' TB George Crossman Neva Sexton
1973 1974 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Roanoke, Virginia 'Country Manor' 'Loudoun Lassie' TB Eleanor Kegerise George Crossman
1972 1973 Portland, Oregon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 'Elizabeth Stuart' 'Country Manor' TB Bennett Jones Eleanor Kegerise
1971 1972 Wichita, Kansas Portland, Oregon 'Raspberry Ripples' 'Elizabeth Stuart' TB Dave Niswonger Bennett Jones
1970 1971 New York Wichita, Kansas City, New York 'Dewful' 'Raspberry Ripples' SIB TB Prof. W. Dave Niswonger M. Mcgarvey
1969 1970 Milwaukee, Wisconsin New York City, New York 'Gala 'Dewful' Rose' TB SIB A. G. Blodgett Prof. W. M. Mcgarvey
1968 1969 Berkeley, California Milwaukee, Wisconsin 'Laurie' 'Gala Rose' TB Larry Gaulter A. G. Blodgett
1967 1968 Denver, Colorado Berkeley, California 'Azure 'Laurie' Apogee' TB Dr. Jack Larry Gaulter Durrance
1966 1967 Newark, New Denver, Colorado Jersey 'Skydiva' 'Azure Apogee' TB Fred J. Knocke Dr. Jack Durrance
1966 Newark, New Jersey 'Skydiva' TB Fred J. Knocke


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