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Bloom Season

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In official checklist entries there are one or more letters just after the height of the plant. These designate bloom season. Their meaning is often misunderstood. What do these really mean? They are supposed to mean whether a plant blooms in the early, middle or late part of the season of bloom for the class in which the plant is registered. It is not the season of bloom for all Irises. Dwarf Irises for example often bloom a couple of months before Japanese Irises. But L. meaning late can be used for dwarfs that bloom to the end of the time of bloom natural for dwarfs and E. meaning early would be applied to those Japanese which bloom at the beginning of Japanese bloom time. Considering very many registrations for dwarfs say E. and most registrations for japanese say L. one can only assume that some registrants have confused the bloom season for each class with the bloom season for all irises.

The letters normally encountered in the printed checklists are;

  • VE = very early
  • EE = extra early
  • E. = early
  • M = mid or middle of
  • L = late
  • VL = very late

Note these definitions have evolved with time. The 1929, 1939, 1949 checklists had the old definition of bloom season as comprizing the entire season of bloom for the Genus Iris, but at some point thereafter the bloom season was based on each class. It is no wonder that today individuals are confused as to the meaning of terms.


-- Main.RPries - 2012-07-12

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