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Iris Classes

Irises are divided into a number of classes by AIS for garden judging. As such they compete for different medals and are supported by different AIS Sections or Cooperating Societies. The winners of each award then compete for the following three years for the American Dykes Medal which is available to all classes of iris.

Bearded Irises

Tall BeardedWister MedalTall Bearded Iris Society
Border BeardedKnowlton MedalMedian Iris Society
Intermediate BeardedSass MedalMedian Iris Society
Miniature Tall BeardedWilliamson-White MedalMedian Iris Society
Standard Dwarf BeardedCook-Douglas MedalMedian Iris Society
Miniature Dwarf BeardedCaparne-Welch MedalDwarf Iris Society
Aril or ArilbredWhite Medal for aril or arilbred with 1/2 or more aril complement Aril Society International
ArilbredMohr Medal for arilbred with less than 1/2 aril complement Aril Society International

Beardless Iris

Other Properties

All Historic >30 years since introduction Historic Iris Preservation Society
All RebloomingReblooming Iris Society
All NoveltyNovelty Iris Society


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