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Series Sibiricae

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Series Sibiricae (Diels) Lawrence: A group of plants within the Section Limniris from moist places or alpine meadows of Europe or Asia. They have triangular stigmas, three-cornered or nearly round capsules and D-shaped seeds. the falls have two flanges at the base of the haft. Excepting Iris clarkii the others have hollow stems. Diels in Engl. & Prantl, Nat. Pflanzenfam. Aufl. (1930); G.H.M. Lawrence in ‘A reclassification of the genus Iris' in Gentes Herbarium 8:346 (1953), New York. Noted as SIB in registrations. This series is divided by Lenz into the following two subseries.

Subseries Sibiricae (Diels) Lenz. Lee Lenz, in Aliso Vol. 8 No.4, pp 383-389, September 30, 1976 established the name of this sub-series and provided the following traits that distinguish it from sub-series chrysographes. "Spathe valves short; flanges at base of sepals (falls) small; tops of capsules blunt; capsules thick walled; n=14". Generally those irises called Siberians by gardeners. A well-accepted group of three species.

Subseries Chrysographes (Also known as Sino-Siberians)


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