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The Other Irids

Plants in the family Iridaceae are often referred to as "Irids". In earlier times many taxonomist named plants in the iridaceae as an Iris species but then later taxonomists moved these to another genus in the Iridaceae. A list of the earlier "Iris" names are provided below:

Iris angusta Thunb. = Moraea angusta

Iris bicolor Lindley = Moraea bicolor

Iris bituminnosa Linn. = Moraea viscaria var. bituminosa

Iris brachystigma Scheele =Herbertia drummondiana

Iris capensis Burm. = Moraea edulis

Iris catenulata Baker = Moraea catenulata

Iris ciliata Linn = Moraea ciliata

Iris clandestina Lehm. = ?

Iris compressa Linn. = Moraea iridioides

Iris crassifolia Lodd. = Moraea iridioides

Iris crispa Linn. = Moraea crispa

Iris diversifolia Steud. ex A. Rich = Moraea diversifolia

Iris edulis Linn. = Moraea edulis

Iris floridana Rafin. = ?

Iris fugax Pers. = Moraea sp.

Iris glumacea Rafin. = ?

Iris gracilis Licht. ex Roem & Schult = Moraea tenuis

Iris hirsuta Licht. = Moraea papilionaceae

Iris imberbis Van Hazen= Moraea candida

Iris lacera Lam. = Moraea polystachya

Iris longifolia Schneev. = Moraea edulis

Iris martinicensis Jacq. = Trimezia martinicensis

Many plants


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