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Popularity Poll for Miniature Dwarf Bearded Irises, 2010

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How the poll works: You may vote for your 3 favorite MDBs each calender year. Of course if you love the iris you probably have a photo to post and you can attach that on its cultivar page. Our wiki docents will create a table of pictures below from your recommendations. Cast your votes by adding the following comment to the comment box.

  • Cultivar name,
  • your name,
  • zone and area in which you have grown it and
  • any comment you wish to add. Note Comments below.

Remember to vote/add comments you need to register as a wiki user to use comment box or add photo to cultivar page


-- Main.RPries - 2010-09-15

  • 'Buddha Song', Bob Pries, grown in St Louis, Mo zone 5, It looks like a minature aril but is so easy to grow. -- Main.RPries - 15 Sep 2010
  • 'Bantam', Bob Pries, grown in St. Louis, Mo, Zone 5, It was the most ruffled MDB I remember. -- Main.RPries - 15 Sep 2010
  • 'Kiddieland', Bob Pries, grown in St. Louis, Mo Zone 5, Did I say I liked blue, it was always a great grower and show-off in my garden -- Main.RPries - 15 Sep 2010

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