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Show DateLocationStateSponsor
1-Apr-2017San JoseCAClara B. Rees IS
2-Apr-2017San JoseCAClara B. Rees IS
8-Apr-2017PhoenixAZSun Country IS
8-Apr-2017ArcadiaCASouthern California IS
8-Apr-2017ChicoCALeo T. Clark IS
8-Apr-2017ClovisCAFresno IS
8-Apr-2017LivermoreCAMt. Diablo IS
8-Apr-2017AustinTXIS of Austin
8-Apr-2017ChandlerTXEast Texas IS
8-Apr-2017DallasTXIS of Dallas
8-Apr-2017MidlandTXWest Texas IS
8-Apr-2017WacoTXWaco IS
9-Apr-2017ArcadiaCASouthern California IS
9-Apr-2017ChicoCALeo T. Clark IS
9-Apr-2017LivermoreCAMt. Diablo IS
13-Apr-2017RenoNVHigh Desert IS
14-Apr-2017RenoNVHigh Desert IS
15-Apr-2017Canoga ParkCASan Fernando Valley IS
15-Apr-2017CoarsegoldCAYosemite IS
15-Apr-2017Jurupa ValleyCAInland Region IS
15-Apr-2017SacramentoCASacramento IS
15-Apr-2017CleburneTXJohnson County I&DS
15-Apr-2017Ft. WorthTXFt Worth IS
15-Apr-2017OdessaTXPermian Basin IS
15-Apr-2017TempleTXBelton IS
16-Apr-2017SacramentoCASacramento IS
16-Apr-2017Ft. WorthTXFt Worth IS
20-Apr-2017GriffinGAFlint River IS
21-Apr-2017SacramentoCARegion 14
22-Apr-2017Hot SpringsARHot Springs IS
22-Apr-2017SacramentoCARegion 14
22-Apr-2017Las CrucesNMMesilla Valley
22-Apr-2017Las VegasNVLas Vegas IS
22-Apr-2017LawtonOKLawton Area Friends of IS
22-Apr-2017DallasTXSociety for Louisiana Irises
22-Apr-2017ShermanTXTexoma Rainbow IS
22-Apr-2017Wichita FallsTXBenson IS
23-Apr-2017Las VegasNVLas Vegas IS
23-Apr-2017LawtonOKSouthwest Oklahoma IS
23-Apr-2017NormanOKNorman Area IS
23-Apr-2017HicoTXLone Star IS
28-Apr-2017SearcyARWhite County IS
28-Apr-2017RaleighNCEastern North Carolina IS
29-Apr-2017Little RockARCentral Arkansas IS
29-Apr-2017LompocCALompoc Valley IS
29-Apr-2017OaklandCASydney B. Mitchell IS
29-Apr-2017ReddingCAShasta IS
29-Apr-2017Santa CruzCAMonterey Bay IS
29-Apr-2017AtlantaGAGeorgia IS
29-Apr-2017MilledgevilleGAOconee Valley I Club
29-Apr-2017CottlevilleMOAmerican Heritage Girls
29-Apr-2017CharlotteNCCharlotte IS
29-Apr-2017EnidOKNorth Central IS
29-Apr-2017LawtonOKLawton Area Friends of IS
29-Apr-2017TulsaOKTulsa Area IS
29-Apr-2017ColumbiaSCSouth Carolina IS
29-Apr-2017GermantownTNWest Tennessee IS
29-Apr-2017GreenevilleTNGreeneville IS
29-Apr-2017JacksonTNJackson Area Iris Society
29-Apr-2017LubbockTXSouth Plains IS
30-Apr-2017LompocCALompoc Valley IS
30-Apr-2017OaklandCASydney B. Mitchell IS
30-Apr-2017ReddingCAShasta IS
30-Apr-2017Santa CruzCAMonterey Bay IS
30-Apr-2017WichitaKSWichita Area I Club
30-Apr-2017TulsaOKTulsa Area IS
30-Apr-2017AmarilloTXNorth Plains IS
3-May-2017Town and CountryMOChurchill Center & School
6-May-2017PrescottAZPrescott Area IS
6-May-2017San DiegoCASan Diego IS
6-May-2017Santa RosaCASanta Rosa IS
6-May-2017NampaIDGem State IS & Pollen Daubers
6-May-2017HutchinsonKSHutchinson Iclub
6-May-2017SpringfieldMOIS of the Ozarks
6-May-2017Rio RanchoNMEnchanted Vista IS
6-May-2017Oklahoma CityOKOklahoma IS
6-May-2017CowpensSCPiedmont Carolina IS
6-May-2017LebanonTNTwin States IS
6-May-2017NashvilleTNMiddle Tennessee IS
6-May-2017Salt LakeUTUtah IS
6-May-2017HenricoVACentral Virginia IS
6-May-2017YakimaWAYakima IS
7-May-2017San DiegoCASan Diego IS
7-May-2017Santa RosaCASanta Rosa IS
7-May-2017CanbyORGreater Portland IS
7-May-2017MurfreesboroTNMid State I Assn
7-May-2017Walla WallaWAWalla Walla IS
10-May-2017ChesterfieldMOChesterfield Montessori School
12-May-2017EastonMDBayshore IS
13-May-2017Fairview HeightsILMid Ill and Southern Ill IS
13-May-2017SpringfieldILSangamon Valley IS
13-May-2017LexingtonKYBlue Grass Iris Society
13-May-2017LouisvilleKYLouisville Area IS
13-May-2017Cape GirardeauMOSEMO IS
13-May-2017Kansas CityMOGreater Kansas City IS
13-May-2017New HavenMOWashington IC
13-May-2017LincolnNELincoln IS
13-May-2017AlbuquerqueNMAlbuquerque Aril & IS
13-May-2017TulsaOKTulsa Area IS
13-May-2017SalemOROregon Trail IS
13-May-2017SpotsylvaniaVAFredericksburg Area IS
13-May-2017BellevueWAKing County IS
14-May-2017Dodge CityKSBoothill I Club
14-May-2017WichitaKSWichita Area I Club
14-May-2017Cape GirardeauMOSEMO IS
14-May-2017St. LouisMOGreater St. Louis IS
14-May-2017AlbuquerqueNMAlbuquerque Aril & IS
14-May-2017TulsaOKTulsa Area IS
19-May-2017ColumbiaMOShow Me IS & Region 18
19-May-2017WinchesterVAShenandoah & Potomac IS
19-May-2017TacomaWAPierce County IS
20-May-2017NampaIDGem State IS & Pollen Daubers
20-May-2017MissoulaMTMissoula IS
20-May-2017OmahaNEGreater Omaha IS
20-May-2017Santa FeNMSanta Fe IS
20-May-2017Salt Lake CityUTUtah IS
21-May-2017MuncieINIris Growers of Eastern IN
21-May-2017St. JosephMOPony Express Iris Society
21-May-2017DevonPADelaware Valley IS
27-May-2017Twin FallsIDMagic Valley IS
27-May-2017AuburnMEMaine IS
27-May-2017Grand RapidsMIGrand Valley IS
27-May-2017ScottsbluffNEMonument Valley IS
28-May-2017Ft. WayneINNortheastern Indiana IS
28-May-2017WichitaKSWichita Area I Club
28-May-2017Grand RapidsMIGrand Valley IS
28-May-2017ScottsbluffNEMonument Valley IS
2-Jun-2017LoganUTLogan IS
3-Jun-2017FountainCOElmohr IS
3-Jun-2017KalamazooMISouthwestern Michigan IS
3-Jun-2017MissoulaMTMissoula IS
3-Jun-2017DelmarNYCapital-Hudson IS
3-Jun-2017LoganUTLogan IS
3-Jun-2017Spokane ValleyWATown & Country IS
3-Jun-2017Hales CornersWIWisconsin IS
4-Jun-2017DenverCOMountains & Plains IS
4-Jun-2017WinnipegMBCan-West IS
4-Jun-2017RochesterNYGreater Rochester IS
4-Jun-2017BurlingtonONSouthern Ontario IS
4-Jun-2017TorontoONOntario IS
4-Jun-2017Hales CornersWIWisconsin IS
4-Jun-2017MadisonWIMadison Area IS
10-Jun-2017ClevelandOHNorth East Ohio IS
11-Jun-2017PortlandORGreater Portland IS
17-Jun-2017TowsonMDFrancis Scott Key IS
17-Jun-2017WilliamsvilleNYWestern New York IS
17-Jun-2017DevonPADelaware Valley IS
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