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2017 AIS Iris Shows

The 2017 iris shows approved by the American Iris Society (as of April 24) are shown in this table arranged by date and then alphabetically by State and City. For more information about the individual shows, see either the AIS list of Affiliated Clubs websites to locate the website for the sponsor or go to the list of AIS Regions and follow the links to find contact information for the Regional Affiliates that are sponsoring the show.

The 2017 shows will be added here as they are approved and the information becomes available. Enjoy the shows!

Show DateLocationStateSponsor
1-Apr-2017San JoseCAClara B. Rees IS
2-Apr-2017San JoseCAClara B. Rees IS
8-Apr-2017PhoenixAZSun Country IS
8-Apr-2017ArcadiaCASouthern California IS
8-Apr-2017ChicoCALeo T. Clark IS
8-Apr-2017ClovisCAFresno IS
8-Apr-2017LivermoreCAMt. Diablo IS
8-Apr-2017AustinTXIS of Austin
8-Apr-2017ChandlerTXEast Texas IS
8-Apr-2017DallasTXIS of Dallas
8-Apr-2017MidlandTXWest Texas IS
8-Apr-2017WacoTXWaco IS
9-Apr-2017ArcadiaCASouthern California IS
9-Apr-2017ChicoCALeo T. Clark IS
9-Apr-2017LivermoreCAMt. Diablo IS
13-Apr-2017RenoNVHigh Desert IS
14-Apr-2017RenoNVHigh Desert IS
15-Apr-2017Canoga ParkCASan Fernando Valley IS
15-Apr-2017CoarsegoldCAYosemite IS
15-Apr-2017Jurupa ValleyCAInland Region IS
15-Apr-2017SacramentoCASacramento IS
15-Apr-2017CleburneTXJohnson County I&DS
15-Apr-2017Ft. WorthTXFt Worth IS
15-Apr-2017OdessaTXPermian Basin IS
15-Apr-2017TempleTXBelton IS
16-Apr-2017SacramentoCASacramento IS
16-Apr-2017Ft. WorthTXFt Worth IS
20-Apr-2017GriffinGAFlint River IS
21-Apr-2017SacramentoCARegion 14
22-Apr-2017Hot SpringsARHot Springs IS
22-Apr-2017SacramentoCARegion 14
22-Apr-2017Las CrucesNMMesilla Valley
22-Apr-2017Las VegasNVLas Vegas IS
22-Apr-2017LawtonOKLawton Area Friends of IS
22-Apr-2017DallasTXSociety for Louisiana Irises
22-Apr-2017ShermanTXTexoma Rainbow IS
22-Apr-2017Wichita FallsTXBenson IS
23-Apr-2017Las VegasNVLas Vegas IS
23-Apr-2017LawtonOKSouthwest Oklahoma IS
23-Apr-2017NormanOKNorman Area IS
23-Apr-2017HicoTXLone Star IS
28-Apr-2017SearcyARWhite County IS
28-Apr-2017RaleighNCEastern North Carolina IS
29-Apr-2017Little RockARCentral Arkansas IS
29-Apr-2017LompocCALompoc Valley IS
29-Apr-2017OaklandCASydney B. Mitchell IS
29-Apr-2017ReddingCAShasta IS
29-Apr-2017Santa CruzCAMonterey Bay IS
29-Apr-2017AtlantaGAGeorgia IS
29-Apr-2017MilledgevilleGAOconee Valley I Club
29-Apr-2017CottlevilleMOAmerican Heritage Girls
29-Apr-2017CharlotteNCCharlotte IS
29-Apr-2017EnidOKNorth Central IS
29-Apr-2017LawtonOKLawton Area Friends of IS
29-Apr-2017TulsaOKTulsa Area IS
29-Apr-2017ColumbiaSCSouth Carolina IS
29-Apr-2017GermantownTNWest Tennessee IS
29-Apr-2017GreenevilleTNGreeneville IS
29-Apr-2017JacksonTNJackson Area Iris Society
29-Apr-2017LubbockTXSouth Plains IS
30-Apr-2017LompocCALompoc Valley IS
30-Apr-2017OaklandCASydney B. Mitchell IS
30-Apr-2017ReddingCAShasta IS
30-Apr-2017Santa CruzCAMonterey Bay IS
30-Apr-2017WichitaKSWichita Area I Club
30-Apr-2017TulsaOKTulsa Area IS
30-Apr-2017AmarilloTXNorth Plains IS
3-May-2017Town and CountryMOChurchill Center & School
6-May-2017PrescottAZPrescott Area IS
6-May-2017San DiegoCASan Diego IS
6-May-2017Santa RosaCASanta Rosa IS
6-May-2017NampaIDGem State IS & Pollen Daubers
6-May-2017HutchinsonKSHutchinson Iclub
6-May-2017SpringfieldMOIS of the Ozarks
6-May-2017Rio RanchoNMEnchanted Vista IS
6-May-2017Oklahoma CityOKOklahoma IS
6-May-2017CowpensSCPiedmont Carolina IS
6-May-2017LebanonTNTwin States IS
6-May-2017NashvilleTNMiddle Tennessee IS
6-May-2017Salt LakeUTUtah IS
6-May-2017HenricoVACentral Virginia IS
6-May-2017YakimaWAYakima IS
7-May-2017San DiegoCASan Diego IS
7-May-2017Santa RosaCASanta Rosa IS
7-May-2017CanbyORGreater Portland IS
7-May-2017MurfreesboroTNMid State I Assn
7-May-2017Walla WallaWAWalla Walla IS
10-May-2017ChesterfieldMOChesterfield Montessori School
12-May-2017EastonMDBayshore IS
13-May-2017Fairview HeightsILMid Ill and Southern Ill IS
13-May-2017SpringfieldILSangamon Valley IS
13-May-2017LexingtonKYBlue Grass Iris Society
13-May-2017LouisvilleKYLouisville Area IS
13-May-2017Cape GirardeauMOSEMO IS
13-May-2017Kansas CityMOGreater Kansas City IS
13-May-2017New HavenMOWashington IC
13-May-2017LincolnNELincoln IS
13-May-2017AlbuquerqueNMAlbuquerque Aril & IS
13-May-2017TulsaOKTulsa Area IS
13-May-2017SalemOROregon Trail IS
13-May-2017SpotsylvaniaVAFredericksburg Area IS
13-May-2017BellevueWAKing County IS
14-May-2017Dodge CityKSBoothill I Club
14-May-2017WichitaKSWichita Area I Club
14-May-2017Cape GirardeauMOSEMO IS
14-May-2017St. LouisMOGreater St. Louis IS
14-May-2017AlbuquerqueNMAlbuquerque Aril & IS
14-May-2017TulsaOKTulsa Area IS
19-May-2017ColumbiaMOShow Me IS & Region 18
19-May-2017WinchesterVAShenandoah & Potomac IS
19-May-2017TacomaWAPierce County IS
20-May-2017NampaIDGem State IS & Pollen Daubers
20-May-2017MissoulaMTMissoula IS
20-May-2017OmahaNEGreater Omaha IS
20-May-2017Santa FeNMSanta Fe IS
20-May-2017Salt Lake CityUTUtah IS
21-May-2017MuncieINIris Growers of Eastern IN
21-May-2017St. JosephMOPony Express Iris Society
21-May-2017DevonPADelaware Valley IS
27-May-2017Twin FallsIDMagic Valley IS
27-May-2017AuburnMEMaine IS
27-May-2017Grand RapidsMIGrand Valley IS
27-May-2017ScottsbluffNEMonument Valley IS
28-May-2017Ft. WayneINNortheastern Indiana IS
28-May-2017WichitaKSWichita Area I Club
28-May-2017Grand RapidsMIGrand Valley IS
28-May-2017ScottsbluffNEMonument Valley IS
2-Jun-2017LoganUTLogan IS
3-Jun-2017FountainCOElmohr IS
3-Jun-2017KalamazooMISouthwestern Michigan IS
3-Jun-2017MissoulaMTMissoula IS
3-Jun-2017DelmarNYCapital-Hudson IS
3-Jun-2017LoganUTLogan IS
3-Jun-2017Spokane ValleyWATown & Country IS
3-Jun-2017Hales CornersWIWisconsin IS
4-Jun-2017DenverCOMountains & Plains IS
4-Jun-2017WinnipegMBCan-West IS
4-Jun-2017RochesterNYGreater Rochester IS
4-Jun-2017BurlingtonONSouthern Ontario IS
4-Jun-2017TorontoONOntario IS
4-Jun-2017Hales CornersWIWisconsin IS
4-Jun-2017MadisonWIMadison Area IS
10-Jun-2017ClevelandOHNorth East Ohio IS
11-Jun-2017PortlandORGreater Portland IS
17-Jun-2017TowsonMDFrancis Scott Key IS
17-Jun-2017WilliamsvilleNYWestern New York IS
17-Jun-2017DevonPADelaware Valley IS

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