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Iris Encyclopedia Manager;

under construction


  • To carry out the mission of the Iris Encyclopedia
  • To oversee content and structure of the Encyclopedia


  • He/she is appointed by the AIS President and responsible to the Board
    of Directors. Because the Iris Encyclopedia Manager controls a highly visible face of the AIS to the world, which presents scientific, organizational, and institutional information, it is highly reccommended that they sit on the public relations and marketing committee, the scientific committee and the strategic planning committee.


  1. To moniter Encyclopedia users and docents, helping them to create accurate pages and to correct programming, or content errors.
  2. To maintain a cohesive and consistent structure to the presentation of the Encyclopedia
  3. To interact with marketing to create landing pads for special offers, searches, and other tools that are used to promote the Iris Society.
  4. To update and maintain current data and to assimilate new information
    • Currently the Encyclopedia is only about halfway to a state of completion of historic data whereby future work will be mainly assimilation and accession of new information. 11-1-11
  5. To act as a card catalog for resources in the AIS library, photos etc.
  6. To train future docents and apprentice managers.
  7. To Promote the Iris Encyclopedia and the AIS to the world
    • To encourage use and contributions by Garden Writers
    • To encourage use and contributions by Research Scientists
    • To encourage use and contributions by Public Gardens, Botanical, display, etc.
  8. To promote education around the genus Iris


  1. The manager has the authority and responsibility to remove undesirable material, spam, etc. should it appear. Note Spam filters have worked well and only two incidents occurred early on.
  2. The manager has the authority to remove a user if they violate the Encyclopedia code of Ethics
  3. The Encyclopedia being a wiki allows for an enormous volume of data exchange and the manager may restructure this to allow better presention and/or comprehension.
  4. The manager may set standards and formats for information


The Encyclopedia contained 32,000 files in January and had to be totally restructured because it was not known that the platform on which it had been placed had a 32,000 file limit. This restructuring costs us 7 months of hard work but is practically complete. It is expected that at our present rate of contribution the available historic data will be uploaded by the end of 2012 or sooner.

Iris Encyclopedia Mission Statement

The mission of the Iris Encyclopedia is to provide freely to the world a comprehensive, illustrative, information resource on the Genus Iris, its species and cultivars. It attempts to make identification or verification possible with a large collection of images tied to the official descriptions. It hopes to make botanical and horticultural knowledge available in an understandable way and to unite the botanical and horticultural knowledge bases and by doing so help The American Iris Society disseminate correct Iris information.

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