Difference: VirtualIrisShowSchedule (r3 vs. r2)


During 2014 Entries may be made between January and the June 15th; (How to Enter)

Show is open June 15th, 2014, but judging will not finish until July 15Th, 2014

Anyone may enter so long as they follow the simple rules.

Entries will be displayed on Show site as they are placed by Show chair.

Advantages of Virtual Show

In recent years too many iris shows have had to be cancelled because the climate has not been behaving. Your chosen group of Irises may never even be seen in any large numbers even when the weather is perfect. So we are going to attempt the first international virtual iris show. It is an answer to the following complaints:

  1. I do not want to pick the flowers in my garden (3-4 images of each entry taken in the garden means you do not have to cut your flowers.)

  2. My irises are never at their peak on the date of the show (entries will be accepted between NOW through June 15th. Displayed and judged June15-July 15, Winners announced in July ASAP.)

  3. I hate traveling to the show. (the show will be on your computer screen)

  4. My seedlings are never seen and evaluated by many judges (With over 6 miilion views a year chances are high that thousands of people will see your seedlings, and probably 60% of AIS Judges are online, Every section has a place for seedlings)
  5. Tall-beardeds are all that are considered at my show (ALL Iris groups will be judged and compete equally)

Prizes will be offered for the best entries in each group. I am hoping that each section will help donate prizes for their group. Suggestion, why not a membership in your section or a membership extension!! Since we will be accepting entries from around the globe, plants would be nice to donate but difficult for global dispersion.

If you are proud of your group of Iris this is your big chance to show them off.


-- BobPries - 2014-01-13

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