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Standard Dwarf Bearded By Year (under construction)




'Affidavit' 'Alfama' 'Algorithm' 'All Natural'
'All Of Me' 'As Time Goes By' 'Astral Projection' 'Atomic'
'Baby Charger' 'Baiyueguang' 'Berry Band It' 'Berry Latte'
'Blackberry Cordial' 'Born To Boogie' 'Bright Point' 'Bursting Flames'
'Busy As A Bee' 'Cass' 'Catch My Eye' 'Child'
'Conquest Of Paradise' 'Contemplate' 'Cool Jerk' 'Criss Cross'
'Curly Fries' 'Cutie Patootie' 'Czeresienka' 'Dancehall Melody'
'Dare You' 'Decoupage Artistry' 'Deszczyk' 'Diewu'
'Disoriented' 'Easter Chick' 'Elron’s Cloak' 'Endiablé'
'Esperluette' 'Finding Peace' 'Five And Dime' 'Flirty Dancing'
'Frosted Dawn' 'Furry Puppy In Grass' 'Get Inked' 'Gilt Talk'
'Ginny’s Chocolate' 'Girl Power' 'Glitter Bomb' 'Golden Ringlets'
'Gopher' 'Grandma’s Joy' 'Grape Moon' 'Green Jeans'
'Gunny Sack' 'Hana' 'Happy Feet' 'Hasta Pronto'
'Heidrolepp' 'Hold On Tight' 'Hoochie Coochie' 'I’m In Love'
'Irish Crown' 'Jan Jessenius' 'Josef Suk' 'Keromasin'
'Kitty Cat' 'Kohlabrink' 'Landrynka' 'Lavender Zebra'
'Lavendina' 'Lemon Kitty' 'Life Lesson' 'Lightning Burst'
'Lilac Blush' 'Lilly Dilly' 'Little Peacock' 'Little Piggy'
'Living Dangerously' 'Looking So Fine' 'Loppahippso' 'Master The Flame'
'Mi-milena' 'Minimango' 'Mister Sparky' 'Mixed Nuts'
'Modraszka' 'Monster’s Peach' 'Morning Person' 'Mulberry Whip'
'My Guy' 'My Heart’s Desire' 'My Sweetness' 'Nicolina'
'Nordynka' 'Oibò' 'On A Lark' 'Or En Barre'
'Orange Peel' 'Party On' 'Petite Woman' 'Pin Prick'
'Pipi Lotta' 'Purple Pop' 'Quicksmart' 'Quigley'
'Radagast’s Loving Rabbit' 'Rally Cat' 'Red Norma' 'Roman Fresco'
'Roman Numerals' 'Rosy Lassie' 'Rush To Glory' 'Sapphire Spark'
'Sassy Salsa' 'Say Boo' 'Secret Password' 'Sharp Dressed Boy'
'She Sells Sea Shells' 'Siostra Alina' 'Siostra Balladyna' 'Sissy Pants'
'Slightly Confused' 'Small Town Gal' 'Spiked Lemon' 'Story Of Love'
'Such A Delight' 'Sunbeams Forever' 'Sweet And Simple' 'Sweet Magenta'
'Tender Loving Care' 'Together Forever' 'Try Me' 'Two Hearts'
'Umm' 'Vaniliana' 'Vernal Sunrise' 'Virginia Burgundy'
'Where’s The Beard' 'Whoa!' 'Wide Eyed' 'Wise Guy'
'You See Me' 'You’re Annoying' 'You’re Early' 'Yumsome Wonder'
'Ziserongyao' 'Zonk'




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