Hybridizer Michael Sutton

Star, Idaho, USA


Arilbred: 'Eye Of The Storm', 'Runway',

Border Bearded: 'Below Radar', 'Broken Link', 'Calming Effect', 'Cowboy Coffee', 'Enlightened', 'From Within', 'Fruit Stripe', 'Grapenut', 'Neuline', 'Ridgecrest', 'Rome', 'Roseberry Ridge','Sicilian Orange', 'Special Blend', 'Stegosaurus', 'Winning Streak'.

Intermediate Bearded: 'Animated', 'Bahama Blues', 'Break It Up', 'Butter Rum', 'Country Home', 'Dark Avenger', 'Deep Burgundy', 'Deep Conviction', 'Deep Cover', 'Dijonnaise', 'Dreamy Night', 'Easy Peasy', 'Faded Glory', 'Fall Line', 'Hold On', 'Intermediary', 'Line Drive', 'Mediate', 'Midway Point', 'Mulligan', 'Orange Blossom Junction', 'Power WIthin', 'Red Hot Chili', 'Ruby Sands', 'Spiked', 'Sunny Cove', 'Toe The Line', 'Touch of Tuscany', 'Tripod', 'Vintage Vibe',

´╗┐Miniature Dwarf Bearded: ´╗┐ 'Little Green Meanie', 'Smiley Pie',

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Aquatini', 'Be Bold', 'Black and Blueberry', 'Blackberry Cordial', 'Blessed', 'Bluebeard's Gold', 'Blueberry Wine', 'Bright Blue Eyes', 'Bright Point', 'Cass', 'Cassady Anne', 'Cheerful Chipmunk', 'Chili Powder', 'Citrus Blast', 'Clementine', 'Compact', 'Dilly Dally', 'Dots and Spots', 'Dwarf Star', 'Golden Apricot', 'Golden Folly', 'Grandma's Joy', 'Grape Cocktail', 'Grapette', 'Gunny Sack', 'Hey Y'all', 'Kids Drink', 'Lavender Cream', 'Lemon Lime', 'Lemon Pop Drop', 'Let Loose', 'Little Streaker', 'Loop De Loop', 'Mauve Mistress', 'Minor Love', 'Minor Point', 'Morning Person', 'My Heart's Desire', 'Pepi', 'Pinkster', 'Plugged In', 'Prickles', 'Props', 'Pumpkin Tart', 'Purple Flood', 'Purple People Pleaser', 'Purple Pop', 'Reddy Freddie', 'Rounded Up', 'Short Line', 'Small Galaxy', 'Small Miracle', 'Small Voice', 'Stone Ground', 'Sweet and Simple', 'Sweet Magenta', 'Tealime', 'Tuppence', 'Two Thumbs Up', 'Tyrian Treasure', 'Umm', 'Under My Thumb', 'Violet Intrigue', 'White Heart', 'You See Me',

Tall Bearded (A-L): 'Above It All', 'Above The Rim', 'Adventurous', 'Aleutian Islands', 'All Smiles', 'Almond Berry', 'Amaze', 'Anchor Bay', 'Angel Soft', 'Antler Road', 'Apricot Brulee', 'Apricot Cocktail', 'Apricot Ice', 'Australian Rose', 'Autumn Breeze', 'Autumn Colors', 'Autumn Rain', 'Autumn Ring', 'Bahia Cooler', 'Baja Orange', 'Bandwidth', 'Barely Blushed', 'Battle Of The Bands', 'Bering Straight', 'Bermuda Beach', 'Berry Blast', 'Berry Blend', 'Berry Fusion', 'Blackberry Torte', 'Blame It On Rio', 'Blender', 'Blondie's Blush', 'Blushed', 'Bold Move', 'Bold Pattern', 'Bold Splash', 'Boston Harbor', 'Bottle Rocket', 'Bottled Lightning', 'Bottoms Up', 'Bounce Back', 'Boundary Lines', 'Boundless', 'Breaking Point', 'Bride's Blush', 'Brightline', 'Brighton Beach', 'Brisk', 'Broad Appeal', 'Broad Minded', 'Broken Record', 'Bronzer', 'Bruce', 'Burst Of Sunshine', 'Butterscotch Latte', 'By Your Side', 'Cajun Flare', 'Candy Fruit', 'Caramel Dream', 'Caribbean Sunset', 'Carrot Cake', 'Cascadia', 'Castle Peak', 'Casual Comfort', 'Caution Zone', 'Cherish The Moment', 'Citrus Burst', 'Citrus Medley', 'Claim Jumper', 'Classical', 'Coastal Blues', 'Cold Creek', 'Cold Fusion', 'Cold Shoulder', 'Color Shift', 'Cool Drink', 'Cool Operator', 'Connie Sue', 'Controlled Chaos', 'Coral Cove', 'Coral Passion', 'Cordoban Leather', 'Cowboy Boots', 'Cozy Cotton', 'Creative Confusion', 'Crossed The Line', 'Custom Rim', 'Daylight Savings', 'Debutante's Lace', 'Decanter', 'Deep Dark Space', 'Deep Pockets', 'Definition', Divergence', 'Doctor Strange', 'Don't Judge Me', 'Dots And Splashes', 'Double Down', 'Double Exposure', 'Double Kick', 'Dual Function', 'Dueling Bands', 'Edge Of Eternity', 'Edge Of The World', 'Edged Out', 'Elderberry Pie', 'Elderberry Swirl', 'Electric', 'Electric Burst', 'Electric Dance', 'Electrified', 'Electromagnetic', 'Faithful', 'Fall Enterprise', 'Fiery Echo', 'Fiery Glow', 'Fine Mess', 'Finish Line', 'First Class', 'Fizzed Out', 'Flash Flare', 'Flirtini', 'Focused Energy', 'Fragrant Breeze', 'Framed', 'Freckled Frenzy', 'Fresh Flavor', 'Frill Seeker', 'Friller', 'Fruit Burst', 'Fruited Plain', 'Fruit Works', 'Fully Charged', 'Fuse', 'Fusion', 'George's Legacy', 'Gilty', 'Gilty Pleasure', 'Glacier Park', 'Good Point', 'Good Prospects', 'Gossip Column', 'Grape Groove', 'Grapeful', 'Greatest Showman', 'Gypsy Band', 'Hawaiian Sunrise', 'Heavenly Valley', 'Hidden Point', 'Home Again', 'Huckleberry Pie', 'Icefall', 'Idaho Campfire', 'In Focus', 'In The Spotlight', 'Incredible', 'Infusion', 'Inside Out', 'Intense', 'Interstellar', 'Into The Wild', 'Island Nights', 'Just A Touch', 'Keep In Mind', 'Kyla Rose', 'Lace Point', 'Laced Up', 'Lavender Butter', 'Lavender Fizz', 'Lavender Lemon Cake', 'Leader Of The Pack', 'Legendary', 'Lemon Berry Burst', 'Lemon Bubbly', 'Lemon Cheesecake', 'Lemon Frappucino', 'Lemon Froth', 'Lemon Supreme', 'License To Frill', 'Life In Color', 'Light Ring', 'Lightsaber', 'Light The Way', 'Lingering Lilac', 'Louisiana Lemonade', 'Luau Punch', 'Lucky Streak', 'Luminate',

Tall Bearded (M-Z): ´╗┐'Makenna Rae', 'Malibu Mango', 'Mama Quel', 'Mammoth Orange', 'Mango Dream', 'Mango Meltdown', 'Mango Mixer', 'Master's Touch', 'Meteorite', 'Midnight Seas', 'Midnight Thunder', 'Midnight Voyage', 'Mighty Power', 'Mimosa', 'Mimosa Punch', 'Mixes Well', 'Molokini', 'Morgan Elizabeth', 'Mountain Laurel', 'Mountain Sunrise', 'Mountain Waters', 'New Path', 'New Start', 'Night's Edge', 'Not A Clue', 'Nudge', 'Object Of Affection', 'Ocean Sunset', 'Ocean's Edge', 'On A Wire', 'Optimistic', 'Orange Breeze' 'Orange Crinkle', 'Orange Dreamsicle', 'Orange Juice', 'Orange Toffee', 'Orangelo', 'Outer Rings', 'Over The Edge', 'Pacific Crest', 'Paradise Cove', 'Parisian', 'Parisian Lace', 'Pastel Lace', 'Pastel Point', 'Pattern Play', 'Perfect Pick', 'Perimeter', 'Pink Sugar', 'Pink Wave', 'Placerville', 'Pleasantly Surprised', 'Point Of No Return', 'Pointed Remark', 'Porcelain Art', 'Positive Attitude', 'Positively Pink', 'Powdered Sugar', 'Power Ballad', 'Power Of Suggestion', 'Power Up', 'Prom Dress', 'Pumpkin Spice', 'Pure Innocence', 'Purple Marble', 'Quiet Beauty', 'Respberry Lemonade', 'Raspberry Swirl', 'Razzleberry Pie', 'Recharge', 'Red Cliffs', 'Red Rock Canyon', 'Return To Bayberry', 'Reversal Of Fortune', 'Reversi', 'Revitalize', 'Rim Of Fire', 'Rim of the World', 'Ring Pop', 'Rise Up', 'Rock Band', 'Rocket Fuel', 'Rosy Smile', 'Royal Icing', 'Royal Thunder', 'Ruby Moon', 'Ruby Fusion', 'Second Helping', 'Seismic Zone', 'Seize The Day', 'Shelby Lynne', 'Shell Beach', 'Silver Streak', 'Simple Wish', 'Singularity', 'Sky Ruler', 'Snow Creek Falls', 'Snow Day', 'Snow Melt', 'Snowfalls', 'Social Blush', 'Soft Elegance', 'Soft Side', 'Solar Blast', 'Solar Burst', 'Solar Surge', 'Sorano', 'South Point', 'Southern Sweet', 'Sparks', 'Spiced Up', 'Spot On', 'Spring Celebration', 'Static Electricity', 'Stephanie Nicole', 'Straight Laced', 'Straight Up', 'Strata', 'Strawberry Frosting', 'Strawberry Sorbet', 'Style And Substance', 'Style Maker', 'Subtle Smile', 'Summer Rain', 'Sunset Beauty', 'Sunset Punch', 'Sunshine On My Shoulders', 'Tahitian Treat', 'Thrill Ride', 'Tiger Stripe', 'Time Bandit', 'Top Line', 'Topped Off', 'Top Shot', 'Triad', 'Trifecta', 'Tropical Delight', 'Tropicana Cabana', 'Trumpeter Swan', 'Tuscan Style', 'Twin Cities', 'Unfailing Love', 'Uplifting', 'Upper Crust', 'Vanilla Berry', 'Vanilla Frappe', 'Variations', 'Variety Show', 'Vein Nation', 'Viking Lore', 'Warming Trend', 'Waves of Amber', 'Well Balanced', 'Whoa Nelly', 'Wide Blue Sea', 'Wine Region' 'Wired', 'Work Around', 'World View', 'Wright Wings', 'X Factor', 'You Make Me Blush', 'Zoned In', 'Zoned Out'.
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