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Hybridizer Jim Hedgecock

Gower, Missouri, USA


Border Bearded: 'Abilene', 'Code Black', 'Making Small Talk', 'Methuselah', 'Whoopsidaisy',

Louisiana: 'Bayou Buckskin', 'Cajun Copper Baby'.

Spuria: 'Alien Nebula', 'Annihilator', 'Apache Butte', 'Backlit', 'Black Stetson', 'Blood of Eden', 'Caribbean Blue', 'Catalina Bay', 'Cheyenne Sun', 'Classified', 'Clueless', 'Crepe Demeanor', 'Detour', 'Evangelist', 'Follow the Lines', 'Four Way Stop', 'Glitters Like Gold', 'Good Intentions', 'July In Cheyenne', 'Lemon Tea', 'Leprechaun Fantasy', 'Lines Form Here', 'Midnight Assasin', 'Missouri Gold Mine', 'Mohican Sun', 'Mythical Nights', 'Neptune's Treasure', 'Neurotic', 'Nubian Warrior', 'One Hundredth Anniversary', 'Pepe Le Blue', 'Prosecutor', 'Reaper', 'Saturn's RIngs', 'Shenandoah Skies', 'Should I', 'Sky Dancer', 'Small Endeavor', 'Snow And Sunshine', 'Solar Pinstripes', 'Sugar Plum Fantasy', 'Summer Break', 'Tahonta's Shadow', 'Tasmanian Tiger', 'Twenty First Century', 'Walk The Line', 'Walkin After Midnight', 'Wichita Lineman',

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Blue Eyes Crying', 'Erin Go Braugh', 'Green With Envy', 'Little Liza Jane'.

Tall Bearded (A-E): 'Age Of Miracles', 'Alice's Dream', 'Alpine Song', 'Annorah Lynn', 'Antebellum Lady', 'Apache Ruffles', 'Apricot Ensemble', 'Arapahoe Autumn', 'Asteroid Belt', 'Asteroid Shower', 'Atlantic Mist', 'Aunt Hawk', 'Avalanche Moon', 'Aw Shucks', 'Aztec Lace', 'Baja Breeze', 'Barbara's Vision', 'Bee Dancer', 'Big and Rich', 'Bitter Butter', 'Black Attack', 'Blackberry Ripples', 'Black N Decker', 'Blue Ambiance', 'Blue Chandelier', 'Bluetiful', 'Boot Scootin' Boogie', 'Boy Howdy', 'Bring It', 'Bugaty Bugaty', 'Butter Please', 'Buttermilk Blush', 'Butterscotch Roundup', 'Cactus Rio', 'Calypso Music', 'Cantrell's Raiders', 'Cardiac Encounter', 'Carel Dean', 'Cecelia's Purple Band', 'Celestial Invasion', 'Celtic Thunder', 'Cha Ching', 'Cherokee Nation', 'Cherry Blossom Special', 'Cheyenne Summer', Cheyenne Sunset', 'Chingalata', 'Chippewa Maiden', 'Chiricahua Canyon', 'Choreography', 'Citrus Smoothie', 'Clean Cut', 'Comanche Blizzard', 'Comanche Gold', 'Comanche Tribunal', 'Comanche Winter', 'Council Fire', 'Count Dracula', 'Courtney Nicole', 'Cowboy Casanova', 'Cowboy Cool', 'Cowboy Cut', 'Cowboy In Black', 'Cowboy Up', Cowgirl In Black', Crazy Horse', 'Cree Lady', Crop Circles', 'Crystal Blue Persuasion', 'Crystal Elegance', 'Crystal Falls', 'Cyberspace', 'Dancing Thunder', 'Dark Dancer', 'Dark Past', 'Dark Watch', 'Darnella', 'Dat's Da One', Devita Marie', 'Discriminator', 'Dixie Thunder', 'Doctor Norlan Henderson', 'Double Trouble', 'Dracula's Shadow', 'Dreamsicle Soda', 'Drop Dead Diva', 'Edge Of Destiny', 'Eliminator', 'Emily Kay', 'Epic Saga', 'Epiphany', 'Eskimo Ice', 'Everything Plus Horns', 'Excess Energy',

Tall Bearded (F-O): 'Farr's Fortune', 'Fear Factor', 'Flash Bang', 'Flat Broke', 'Foamy Waters', 'Forever Night', 'Fright Night', 'Fringed Apricot', 'Galactic Burst', 'Galactic Gold', 'Galactic Warrior, 'Gayle Ellen', 'Gold Exchange', 'Gringo Honeymoon', 'Hail Storm', 'Hazel Jean', 'Headed for Stardom', 'Heavenly Horns', 'Heaven's Outskirts', 'Hee Bee Gee Bee', 'High Alert', 'High Plains Drifter', 'Hopi Brave', 'Hopi Trails', 'Horns And Blues', 'Hornz', 'Hot Ginger', 'Howdy Clouds', 'I Reckon', 'I See Stars', 'Ice Cream and Caramel', 'Indian Maize', 'Indicator', 'Iroquois Scout', 'Isabel Marie', 'Janet Sue', 'Jim's Gem', 'Jungle Dancer', 'Justified', 'Kansas City Star', 'Kickapoo Spears', 'Kimosabe', 'Kiowa Rose', 'Kranitz's Alibi', 'La Di Da', 'Lady Lavendale', 'Lakota Wind', 'Lamoyne', 'Lamoyne Elizabeth', 'Lani Hoko', 'Laredo Blues', 'Lauren Elizabeth', 'Lavender Lullaby', 'Lavender Troubadour', 'Lavender Warrior', 'Lemonella', 'Let the Games Begin', 'Linda Darnell', 'Line of Fire', 'Maggie Sharp', 'Major Distraction', 'Manitou Maiden', 'Manitou Skies', 'Marilyn Ashley', 'Mescalero Chief', 'Miami Heat', 'Midnight Garnet', 'Midnight Idol', 'Midnight Serenade', 'Millennium Meltdown', 'Miss Butterworth', 'Missouri Meteor', 'Missouri Rose', 'Mistie's Audience', Misty May', 'Mohawk Brave', 'Mohican Tears', 'Mojo', 'Moonlit Winter Night', 'Moroccan Interlude', 'Navajo Gold', 'Navajo Night', 'New Beginning', 'Night Stalker', 'Nightmare', 'Nitro', 'North Pole', 'Ola Amigos', 'Orange Ensemble', 'Orange Sunburst', 'Ordination', 'Oriental Silk',

´╗┐Tall Bearded (P-Z): Pawnee Pink', 'Peach Vision', 'Pepper Upper', 'Perfect Storm', 'Petticoats and Lace', 'Phantom Mist', 'Pink Dot Com', 'Pink Nectar', 'Pinktastic', 'Plaza Lights', 'Plum Picasso', 'Pretty Boy Blue', 'Professor Plum', 'Putting On the Ritz', 'Pumpkinfest', 'Queen of Dreams', 'Quinky Dink', 'Raspberry Sorbet', 'Rated R', 'Red Heat', 'Renee Lynn', 'Reverse Psychology', 'Robe of Royalty', 'Rose Sensation', 'Ruffled Sunshine', 'Sarah Beth', 'Scarlet Arrow', 'Scarlet Whisper', 'Sea Billows Roll', 'Secretary of Soul', 'Seminole Secret', 'Seven Thunders', 'Sew It Up', 'Shadow Dot Com', 'Shoofly Blues', 'Shoshone Moon', 'Shot In the Dark', 'Show Me Blues', 'Simply Sunshine', Sioux Uprising', 'Sisters Three', 'Sitting Bull', 'Skeedaddle', 'Snow On The Mountain', 'Son of Dracula', 'Spiritual Harmony', 'Splattermania', 'Spotted Fever', 'Spring Collage', 'Spurs And Latigo', 'Star Voyager', 'Stetson Country', 'Stone Washed Blue','Storm Watch', 'Stormy Wings', 'Summer Sonata', 'Sunkist Wheat', 'Tammy Sue', 'Tanya Lynn', 'Terminator', 'Thrilling Experience', 'Thumper Snook', 'Tie Dyed', 'Timeless Love', 'Tina Joyce', 'Tina Marie', 'Titan's Horn', 'Twilight Wonder'. 'Twister', 'Unicorn Wonder', 'Unsolved Mystery', 'Venue', 'Voice of Glory', 'Wall's Glory', 'Wave of Emotion', 'Western Dawn', What's Up Doc', 'Whipstitch', 'Whispering Waters', 'White Buffalo', 'Wicked Cool', 'Wild Discovery', 'Wild Disposition', 'Willow', 'Witch's Cape', 'Wampanog Warrior', 'Wild Disposition', 'Zippity Dot Dot', 'Zombie Zoo'.

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