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William Mohr Medal

William Mohr Medal

The highest award given by the American Iris Society strictly to Arilbred Irises with less than 1/2 Aril content.

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This medal is restricted to irises of one-quarter or more aril content that do not meet the more restrictive requirements of the Clarence G. White Medal. It is named in honor of William A. Mohr (1871-1923).

William Mohr was born on a 400-acre ranch near Mount Eden, California. He lived and worked on the ranch all, his life. Mohr's interest in plants began in his childhood, and he not only imported many plants but also grew different many plants from seed. He hybridized almost everything he grew. He developed hybrid strains of wheat and his neighbors bought their seed from Mohr. He developed new strains of polyanthus, tulips, clematis, lilies, and many bulbous plants.

About ten years before his death, Mohr began working with irises. He obtained the tetraploid Asiatic species, as well as regelia and oncocyclus irises, and communicated with other iris hybridizers such as Grace Sturtevant and Samuel Stillman Berry. He grew thousands of seedlings, including reglio-cyclus, regalia, and oncocyclus crosses with pogonirises, and all classes of bearded irises. He also hybridized spuria irises and made crosses between Siberian irises and Pacific Coast native irises.

William and Frieda Mohr

William Mohr and his wife were killed in 1923, when an express train hit their car. He never knew the fame his irises would ultimately achieve. His wonderful new irises could have been lost had it not been for his friend, Professor Sydney B. Mitchell, who saved his irises and continued his work. Only a few of Mohr's irises were registered at the time of his death, including 'Balboa' and the arilbreds 'Bellorio' and 'Carmelo'. After Mohr's death, Sydney Mitchell introduced a number of Mohr's most outstanding seedlings; these are shown in the 1939 Check List as "MohrMitchell" introductions. Some of these outstanding cultivars are 'Purissima', 'Santa Barbara', 'Conquistador' and 'Marian Mohr'.

The two greatest achievements of William Mohr's hybridizing programs are probably his plicatas and his innovative and beautiful arilbreds. His great plicatas are 'Los Angeles' and the iris that won the first American Dykes Medal, 'San Francisco'. Mohr's most important arilbred iris is the magnificent 'William Mohr'.

From Aril Society International (ASI):

Since 1993, the William Mohr Memorial Medal has been awarded to the best arilbred iris with less than 1/2 aril ancestry. (Before 1993, it was the William Mohr award, equivalent to an award of merit. Arilbreds must now earn an award of merit before they can qualify for the William Mohr medal.)

The medal honors William Mohr, one of the first experimenters in arilbred breeding during the early decades of the 1900s.

List of William Mohr Medal winners - Arilbred (Ab) Irises:
  152 ‘Perry Dyer’
2023 - Paul Black
2022 - No Winner 'Heart Of Hearts'
2021 - Paul Black
2021 - Thomas Johnson
'Desert Snow'
2019 - Paul Black
'Sri Lanka'
2018 - Thomas Johnson
'Eye To Eye'
2017 - Keith Keppel'
'Brash And Bold'
2016 - Paul Black
'Prince of Egypt'
2015 - Perry Dyer
2014 - Thomas Johnson
'Egyptian Queen'
2013 - Thomas Johnson
Egyptian Queen
2012 - Thomas Johnson
'Persian Sapphire'
2011 - Lowell Baumunk
2010 - George Sutton
'Sue Bee'
2009 - Susie Kammer
Sue Bee
2008 - George Sutton
'Hakuna Matata'
2007 - Anna & David Cadd
Hakuna Matata
'Walker Ross'
2006 - Ross by Chapman
Walker Ross
'Desert Jubilee'
2005 - Flanagan
Desert Jubilee
'Desert Celebration'
2004 - Flanagan
Desert Celebration
'She Devil'
2003 - Paul Black
She Devil
'Omar's Gold'
2002 - Carl Boswell
Omar’s Gold
'Kalifa's Horn'
2001 - Robert Annand
Kalifa’s Horn
'Silent Tears'
2000 - Petersonn
Silent Tears
'Patriot's Gem'
1999 - Fred Gadd
Patriot’s Gem
1998 Tie - Fred Gadd
'Prairie Thunder'
1998 Tie - Paul Black
'Omar The Tentmaker'
1997 - Carl Boswell
Omar The Tentmaker
'Solomon's Glory'
1996 - Nichols
Solomon’s Glory
'Smoke With Wine'
1995 - Carl Boswell
Smoke With Wine
'Omar's Torch'
1994 - Carl Boswell
Omar’s Torch
'Jewel Of Omar'
1993 - Carl Boswell
Jewl Of Omar

List of William Mohr Award winners - Arilbred (Ab) Irises:
(Prior to 1993 ; was equivalent to Award of Merit)
'Omar's Torch'
1992 - Carl Boswell
Omar’s Torch
'Jewel Of Omar'
1991 - Carl Boswell
Jewel Of Omar
'Bold Sentry'
1990 - Les Peterson
Bold Sentry
'Green Eyed Sheba'
1989 - Carl Boswell
Green Eyed Sheba
1988 - Ben Hager
'Sultan's Jewelry'
1987 - Ben Hager
Sultan’s Jewelry
'Smoke With Wine'
1986 - Carl Boswell
Smoke With Wine
1985 - Ben Hager
'Cairo Love Song'
1984 - Hooker Nichols
1983 - Fred Gadd
'Aril Lady'
1982 - Henry Danielson
'Byzantine Beauty'
1981 - Hooker Nichols
1980 - Henry Danielson
'Pogo Doll'
1979 - Leda Christlieb
'Little Orchid Annie'
1978 - Doris Foster
Little Orchid Annie
'Girl Watcher'
1977 - Stanley Street
Girl Watcher
1976 - Doris Foster
'Mint Parfait'
1975 - Doris Foster
1974 - Harry Tate
'Fairy Goblin'
1973 - Doris Foster
Fairy Goblin
1972 - Stanley Street
'Saffron Jewel'
1971 - Abell
Saffron Jewel
'Aspen Country'
1970 - McClure
No image
1969 - Keith Keppel


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